Setting weight goals during Medifast program?

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I have lost about 35 lbs since starting Medifast at 222 lbs. My goal was to get down to around 140 lbs (what I was about 15 years ago..... I just turned 41 this month). Someone has mentioned that I might need to reconsider my goal because I am starting to look skeletal. I was told that I am looking aged because my face is more narrow now. Even only losing 35 lbs, there are certain parts of my body that look much smaller. Have any of you experienced this situation and if so did it cause you to adjust your goal?..

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I am having the same struggle with setting my goal. I wanted to get to 140, which was my weight in my 20's and I felt great. I have a large frame and tend to carry weight in my boot-ay! I guess I am blessed to be well proportioned, I can hide weight. Now at 182 I am finding size 12 jeans loose on me, so wondering if 140 will have me too thin..

I adjusted my goal to 150 and at this point will play it by ear. Basically getting my BMI to a healthy range is more my focus, and how I feel. I do NOT want to look skeletal.....

Good luck..

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You need to remember that your face may look much thinner, but that's really only in comparison to what you're used to seeing. As for the aging issue, extra fat does plump up the wrinkles. When you lose that fat, you may well see more of the wrinkles. You have to decide what's most important to you, and it's a balancing act between how you want to look and what's healthy for you..

Don't assume, though, that just because your weight came off your face first, that that will continue. My first 35 pounds all came off my face and boobs. The most recent 35 has come off my stomach and hips. At this point I look very proportional, but that wasn't the case early on...

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I think in the end our bodies will tell us what the right weight is. I've known a few people who had weight loss surgery and hit a really low weight. Then they ended up maintaining about 10-15 pounds heavier than that weight.

I approached my goal weight differently. I have a higher weight than I should for my height but I think it is the weight I can maintain. The lowest I was as an adult was in my early 20's and I hit 140 for about a week. But I was starving myself and I smoked back then. I just don't think now that I'm 14 years older that I can be 140 and maintain it. I will say, I hope I'm wrong and I can get there. But for now, I'm shooting for 160 and then I'll readjust...

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Me too....... for my height I should be 140 to hit the healthy range on the BMI chart. But when I look at myself in the mirror I'm wondering where another 26 pounds is going to come from. I'm in a very comfortable size 12 pants, and I'm thinking another 10 pounds will put me comfortably in a size 10 pants and loose medium tops. But, at 155ish I'm still considered obese medically. What to do? I'm 50 years old, have very little muscle tone left due to having fibromyalgia.

I guess I should talk it over with my doctor. But I don't want to look sickly......... 10 years ago I was 140, but had just been diagnosed with the fibro, so still had a nice firm body..... no so much now. 150 isn't bad....

I think the BMI charts are messed up! I think I've talked myself into stopping at 150...... thanks for letting me think outloud here!..

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I set a goal weight that I knew I could maintain, that I felt good at and that I could easily find nice clothing that fit. My goal is in the healthy BMI but still 20 pounds heavier than I was when I got married 33 years ago. (At this age, I think I'd look like a bag of bones if I ever got that low). I also asked a friend to tell me if I ever started looking "gaunt". So far so good. Setting your goal is such a personal/individual thing...

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Thanks to all for responding. You have all given me something to think about. I know that the most important factor is for me to be at a healthy weight. I think that I will have a target weight of 160 right now and see how I feel. I have noticed that my chest area is a LOT smaller, so I am praying that I lose in other areas now.....the stomach area would be very nice. I am also going to start some weight training to tighten up..

Thanks again and good Blessings to all! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!..

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I went to my doctor and she did a full body composition on me. I am 29, 5'6" tall & consider myself big boned. My first goal weight that I decided was 140 lbs. My doctor told me (before the results of the full body composition) that it was too low and wanted it at 150 lbs until we saw the results of the tests..

After receiving the results of my full body composition this is what she gave me:.

(this test was done about a month ago).

Height: 65.5 inches.

Total Body Weight: 295 lbs.

Lean Body Mass: 134 lbs.

Fat Mass: 161 lbs.

Fat Percentage: 55%.

Ideal Body Weight: 165-181 lbs.

Ideal Body Fat Mass: 31-47 lbs.

So my goal range is now 165-181 lbs! And that does seem rather high for my height!.

HOWEVER, if you just look at percentages, it does make sense. I have 134 lbs of lean body mass and recommended body fat percentages for a women 20-34 is 19-26%. So add 19% body fat to my lean body mass and it has me at 165 lbs and 26% body fat would put me at 181.

I want to minimize losing lean body mass, but this will be re-evaluated when I hit 200 lbs - but she didn't think it was going to change dramatically..

This really goes to show how different a healthy weight can be and can vary person by person. If you have the ability to have a full body composition done, I highly recommend it. It gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing that I am working towards a goal that is attainable for me - and that I have numbers to back that up. I am kinda of a data nerd anyway..

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I also don't really want to look gaunt and wrinkly. I'm told I look very youthful for an almost-44-year-old and I'd like to keep it that way..

My goal is 142, which is the middle of the healthy BMI range. However, when I get into the upper end of the healthy BMI of 165 I will see how I look and feel. I plan to have transition take 16 weeks (suggested for those that have more than 100 to lose). If I still feel gaunt after that time I will maintain until my loose skin/jowls catch up, if they can, then reassess where I want to be to see if I need to go back on Medifast again..

I do think I'll look my best at 140 as when I weighed that in my young 20s , I felt a little chunky (felt my best at 123-25), but at 44 the 140s might be just right...

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