GoDaddy testimonials : Should I try GoDaddy?? serious help! can I find back my domain?

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Dear all, all my domain in my account at godaddy and dotster is stolen by some one yesterdayHe stolen my email password and change it,then he transfer out all my domain names. I lost about 500 top .com domain names.I had retrive back my email password and sent mail to the two registor. Can I find back my domains. Is there anything more I can do?..

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Give proofs like screen shots that you're the owner before it happened.

They will request your i.d. and other pertinent data and other contact information. be sure to include your contact number/or mobile phone as well...

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Thanks.I make a mistake that the other register is dotster. I think he now transfer my domain to his dotster account and he need servral days to transfer them out.but now is weekend and there no worker on the phone. I fear he will finish the transfer these days.Do I have method to prevent him?..

Comment #2

Use this page to submit report

And phone them right away

Comment #3

If you hadn't received any emails about this then you should probably change your email account's password to be safe...

Comment #4

I would list the stolen domain names, so others are aware not to buy them...

Comment #5

Thanks,I have contact the register, thanks god they are working now. they have help to lock the account domains moved to...

Comment #6

Tianruoyou - since you say that he is trying to transfer the domains from your GoDaddy account (which he highjacked after highjacking your email account) to his Dotster account and that the transfer has not been completed yet (you said you are worried that "he will finish the transfer these days") ... then call GoDaddy by phone on the support phone number they have on the homepage (001 480 505 8877) , explain the situation and ask them to freeze the domains or at least cancel the transfer request before they go to Dotster ... GoDaddy support is 24/7 (which means weekends also).

In case some domains get transferred to Dotster , then try to contact Dotster with the phone numbers on their site and again explain the situation so that they initially freeze/lock the domains and afterwards (with the proper documentation) give them back to you don't delay ... call GoDaddy now ... it would be a lot easier if they cancel the transfer and maintain the domains at GoDaddy where your account is and where you are a customer.

If you have gained access to your GoDaddy account , there probably is an option to deny the transfer request manually ... it should be somewhere in the Domain Control Panel ... but if you haven't got access to your account yet , don't delay , call GoDaddy on the phone right now and explain the situation..

Comment #7

Strange ... when I posted my previous post , tianruoyou's last post (posted 2 hours before mine according to the timestamp) was not there.

That's why I said to contact GoDaddy , I didn't know that the domains had already arrived at Dotster and that tianruoyou had already contacted Dotster (as mentioned in his last post).

Hmmm , I actually previewed my post before I posted it and Spade's post was the last post at the time that I posted.

10 hours later I got an email that there was a reply to the thread (to which thread I actually was automatically subscribed when I posted) and the post referenced in the email was tianruoyou's (which was according to timestamp posted 2 hours before mine ?!?!?) and therefore before I subscribed to the thread ?!?!?.

Anyways , probably just a glitch that delayed tianruoyou' post to appear lol.

Tianruoyou - did you manage to get your domains back ? did the thief pay for transfers to Dotster for all 500 domains ?

Comment #8

Infact the thief do not pay for any domain.He just move my domain at dotster to his dotstor account and mov mydomain at godaddy to his godaddy account.

I have contact dotster supporter online and they had help to lock the thief's account.I also send email to ,they have reply and asked for my detail info.but when I call them,they say nothing will be done util monday.because the thief changed my godaddy account password and contact email,I can not login it and dont know hwo many domain is moved...

Comment #9

Ah , I see , there were domains at both GoDaddy and Dotster (I thought they were only at GoDaddy and he was trying to transfer them to Dotster).

Since the domains are locked in the 2 registrars , I think you will manage to get them back.

Don't forget to change your passwords in other sites that might have been in old emails in your email account , since the thief might have searched around in the email account for other things to highjack (eg. PayPal , SEDO , other parking accounts , etc)..

Comment #10

Thanks,the thief is selling my domain on the web,it seems he want to cheap money from others.

Godaddy reply and ask me for detail and do nothing more.why they so slow?..

Comment #11

I'm extremely confused. So are those domains still in your account? GoDaddy's support is open 24/7 including holidays. I don't think you ever called...

Comment #12

Later I called them second time. I am in china and my english is very poor. I spend a lot of time to let him understand my meaning. but he told me he can do nothing, his collegue will deal this probelm moday.

I feel their service is not good...

Comment #13

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