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I won auction over sedo yesterday for 7kseller refuse to sell.

This is the 2nd time happend to me over sedo !.

Sedo can't take any legal actionthey will just give me seller info and say " You can take legal action " !.

Litigation will cost alot , ranging from $20k- on up.

My question is how to protect buyers from something like this ?

Seller auction the nameand refuse to sell after auction end !!..

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Yeah I hate that.... happened to me once, and I've barely used Sedo...

Comment #1

Happened to me on a few occasions as well.. I'm sorry that happened to you. There is no way to protect against this unfortunately aside from maybe suing a few people and making a name for yourself as someone not to mess with...

Comment #2

Don't use Sedo.

Maybe I don't understand the question, but there is no way a buyer can do anything more than what Sedo provides.

There are registrars who conduct domain auctions of names which are at that registrar, and thus can enforce the terms of the auction...

Comment #3

$20k+ to litigate a $7k auction? I guess it depends on jurisdictions of buyer and seller, but if both in the same country that sounds pretty steep.

In some states that amount would qualify for small claims court with no attorney needed.

I would at least insist that sedo ban the seller from future listings and sales...

Comment #4

Can you harass Sedo into restricting the seller's rights? Yes, but they seem to only do such things on a temporary basis so it's not a great deterrent. Maybe you can ban the domain from the Sedo marketplace permanently, I would try that route.

Are the seller and buyer both in the US and will small claims serve your needs? Might be a nice inexpensive route to pursue. At the very least you could claim that you are entitled to damages. Be sure to document:Time spent researching the value of the domain Time and resources spent in the bidding process (lines of credit, Sedo application process, etc) Development expenditures for marketing, etc, after you had "won" the domain If small claims is the right place for this action, you can file these damages and seek reimbursement. Seller will be forced to respond and then has to decide is it worth losing time and money or should I take what I have already received as a valid offer in an auction marketplace?.

I do not know of precedents for such action and their likely outcomes but it would certainly be worth your time to investigate.

Also, my disclaimer is that I am not a lawyer, but I am a consultant for a number of respectable legal firms so I can only offer advice within my small area of experience...

Comment #5

I'm sorry to hear that. Apart from being poor sales practice and extremely annoying to the buyer, this could be costly if the transaction involved a currency exchange (as it would for me if the transaction is in USD). Sedo should somehow protect legitimate buyers against unscrupulous sellers, maybe debiting the seller a % of the sales price and awarding it to the buyer...

Comment #6

While I agree that this is unethical and the seller should be banned (and give up the name) I believe the courts would have a hard time forcing the name to be transferred, particularly if SEDO won't. Because you would not be out much $ and most of it time, your "Injury" is nominal. As a rule, they do not like to punish but rather "make you whole" so court would be speculative in my opinion.

Contact the seller and see what they would take for it, they obviously wanted to sell it, so maybe you are not far off. If you really want the name and are willing to pay a little more for it, mybe you can come to terms.

That still does not mean this person is not a D-Bag. Why not name him here and warn others not to do business with him?..

Comment #7

This has also happened to me, I have found Sedo does nto take engough action to protect sellers. I guess it's one of them. We have to just take greate care when we sell. Not much else we can do..

Comment #8

It's bad to hear and as in e bay a person can do file is a Non-Performing-Seller report and leave a negative feedback for the seller.If it is possible here then hope they will be restricted from selling or their account will be suspended...

Comment #9

To pay more for the name after winning it fair and square would be rewarding the deadbeat for unethical behavior. Perhaps call him on the phone or email to demand he follow through. If not, there is a lot to be said for the "name & shame" route. This happened to me in one of my Sedo buys as well, and Sedo claims to have banned the perpetrator and he was later kicked off Namepros as well (for unrelated obnoxious behavior). Maybe the threat of publicly exposing him will encourage him to fulfill his obligation.

You should at least confirm with Sedo that he has been permanantly banned from their marketplace/parking and make sure they aren't letting him continue listing the name there. People need to understand that when they list a name w/o reserve (or with a very low one), they are taking a risk that it will sell for a low price...

Comment #10

Don't assume it's the seller. Sedo continues to list one of my domains for sale at a price I never.

Authorized and won't correct the problem...

Comment #11

I'm sorry to hear that.. Yes I do agree...

At least you can help other people by putting his name here..

Comment #12

Seller info.

Namepros user name : Qlbe.

Nasser Mohammed.



P Sultan.

Riyadh, 127.


Comment #13

I'm sure I read an article somewhere and I don't remember exactly from where, but that some sellers do that just to get an idea of how much they would get for their domain. It's totally wrong and worse that the companies they do it thru don't punish them...

Comment #14

And as long as people carry on using services like Sedo, even after they have been badly treated by them, things will not improve. Look up their history. Even the highly revered g00gle has a chequered past...

Comment #15

I think I will have to hurry up and finish developing a level of domain selling service, be it an auction platform or available domains for sale database just like Sedo.. so that we can give an edge to such uncaring platforms.

And obviously developing & maintaining such services demands alot of effort!!..

Comment #16

I think it would be nice for a person to create a auction site. That knows that the most important thing is the people and that they would honestly care about how they do business with them...

Comment #17

I'm with you on this one and trust me, working wit my development team on such, an easy to use auction platform but the most toughest part will be securing it to minimize customer aggravation about any such issues....

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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