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Hey guys,.

I am in the processing of negotiating for selling a website. Someone made an offer and I counter offered with $10 higher with an explanation that I was not able to sell the content because it was already sold to someone but the domain was still available and instructed him to make me another counter offer.

It turned that he accepted the counter offer. After looking into it Sedo removed my instructions.

How contractually obligated would I be if the sedo knowingly interferes with the negotiation and removes critical information?..

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Sedo is a venue only. They don't enforce sales agreements - that's strictly between you and the buyer.

From what you describe, there isn't a "meeting of the minds" and thus likely no legally binding agreement...

In theory the buyer could lawyer up, but likely wouldn't prevail anyways.

At this point, in my view, the best thing to do is deal with the buyer directly (if you know who they are) - cut Sedo out of the loop ... you'll be more able to communicate and negotiate a clear agreement without interference, and as a bonus, you'll save the 10% Sedo commission.


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And get your sedo account closed permanently, cutting off a major source of sales for small and mid level domainers.

Wins my award for the stupidest advice I heard this year (actually could be a run up between this and .asia 'investors').

Inform the buyer that the content has been sold, he'll most likely cancel the transaction and sedo won't really be able to do anything as they withheld important info from the buyer (why they did this is beyond me)...

Comment #2

Agree with Samit. If you can't get your message across, contact your rep and make sure he's aware that you're unable to proceed with the sale as is explain the part about the content already having been sold and ask them if they can contact the buyer and inquire about whether he's still interested.

Sedo is very understanding of situations like this not so much understanding of people trying to go around them and profit from their platform without paying them their commission...

Comment #3

Suspension at most is more likely. Anyways creating a new Sedo account is a cinch. I have no sympathy for Sedo when it comes to such situations...

Sedo won't enforce sales, which is what many buyers / sellers mistakengly believe they do, despite changing an exorbant 10% commision, and thus when problems arise, Sedo shouldn't be surprised to see people bypassing them to get the deal done.


Comment #4

Wow, you're a real fountain of knowledge, but the lack of ethics with what you're suggesting is amazing.

I agree sedo doesn't enforce sales but they do provide you with a contract should you care to pursue this further.

I think enough said, OP would know what to do now...

Comment #5

Ethics is a two way street - Sedo doesn't enforce sales despite giving people the impression they do.

Personally, I've done sales via Sedo with Sedo getting their 10% cut in every instance.

Sedo's agreement, one supposedly agrees to when using their service, is about as worthless as a $3 bill in respect to enforcing a sale.

As far as Sedo provided contracts - what good does that do after the other party has already chosen not to pursue purchase or sale. Such contracts would be more helpful at the start of the process - but again Sedo doesn't enforce sales and thus no ironclad, binding sales agreement contract exists when it would help most.


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I haven't seen the numbers, however I'd guess the large majority of sales on Sedo are under $1000, meaning $100 or less commission for them not even enough for an hour of a lawyer's time.

There's no way they could both enforce their contract and remain profitable unless they increased that commission a whole lot higher or just didn't allow sales under a much larger number than $60.

Sedo will give a buyer/seller the contact information of the party who didn't follow through on their agreement and at that point, it's your choice whether you want to pursue legal action, let it ago, or seek some other remedy.

I've had several buyers and sellers back out on Sedo transactions with me it's frustrating, especially when they won't even get back to you and explain why they can no longer follow through.

Still, just because other people get away with it, with little to no repercussions, I don't think senior members here should be advising that members here back out of Sedo transactions "Just because they can".

If you have to for financial/personal crisis reasons is one thing - as a seller I'm very understanding when a buyer tells me that. Other than that however, I don't have a lot of respect for someone who backs out of a transaction with me...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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