GoDaddy reviews : Should I invest in GoDaddy?? SEDO doesn't refund me and kept ignoring my emails, what should I do?

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This is really annoying.

I won 2 domains in SEDO's premium auction on 5th March, 2009.

I sent the payment ($850 + $800 plus 3% paypal fee) right after winning the domains. But the seller refused to sell the domain after a long waiting. Finally SEDO notified me the transaction was canceled on 20th March and my refund has been processed.

I waited for days, still haven't received the refund, so I left them a message in SEDO's transfer centre. Then I received a reply said "According to our account departments the payment was sent to you paypal account". But actually I haven't received the refund via paypal. Then I waited for more days, still no refund shown up in my paypal account. I have to sent SEDO another email regarding this issue, no reply too. I sent total 3 emails and the last email was in early May, NO REPLY! I also checked with my bank, there's no refund shown in my statement as well.

I really have no idea how could I get my refund? It seems SEDO just kept ignoring my emails and how should I reach them? Thanks...

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Have you tried phoning your Sedo rep? I've never called in before but I've heard Sedo reps usually answer their phones and offer good live assistance...

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Yes, I called SEDO and I was told to leave message in transfer centre or email the rep which didn't work so far. Post added at 12:37 PM Previous post was at 12:32 PM This is the screenshot of paypal refund history, none was from SEDO...

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Two domains, $1650 plus 3% paypal fee in total.

I wonder should I ask for 2 months interest!..

Comment #3

Hi owntype'.

That's outrageous, if you PM me some more details, I will get it back for you pronto, co2...

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Maybe you could at least try from the PayPal end. A little bit clutching at straws, I know, but it may help...

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Thanks, I just had a contact email of a SEDO field manager and sent an email. Will see how he responses. Thanks again...

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I gave SEDO a call today. They checked the case, admitted and apologized as this is their mistake. They told me the payment will be refunded tomorrow BUT WITHOUT the 3% paypal fee I paid.

I'm very unhappy with this decision since if they had refunded me on time as they told me back to March, I should have been fully refunded inc paypal fee when there's a 'refund' option in their paypal account. Apparently after more than two months, the paypal 'refund' option is gone by their mistake. I'm very frustrated and questioned their decision. The SEDO rep told me she will let the decision team know my requests and get back to me tomorrow.

They have hold my $1,650 + 3% fee for almost three months now..

I will wait and see how they deal with my case!.

Thanks again for all the suggestions...

Comment #7

I would be very unhappy also that sucks another case of their terrible customer service..

Hope you get it sorted.. for sedo.. again..

Comment #8

IMHO, Sedo owes you the 3% (approx $50) and an apology, since by their own admission, they waited too long to refund through PayPal.

On the bright side, be glad you weren't an international buyer - they get stuck with the cost of wiring and/or lose some to currency conversions.


Comment #9

That is terrible. I am shocked by how many of these stories you hear about Sedo. They seem like a very greedy company...

Comment #10

Thanks for the supports guys!.

Will see how SEDO solve it...

Comment #11

Sigh... the refund didn't arrive as they promised yesterday...

Comment #12

No, I still haven't got the refund so far.

Two working days now...

Comment #13

It's amazing SEDO doing this to anyone..

Perhaps contact BBB?..

Comment #14

You can also pm a the member here that is official Representative of sedo, his user name is "sedo"..

Comment #15

This is TERRIBLE!.

I gave SEDO another call this afternoon, and this time the SEDO rep did help me contacted the finance department, and they sent me refund via paypal plus 3% in 2 hours. BUT, SEDO didn't process with Paypal mass pay and they send the refund via normal way hence paypal charged me $66.88 in total.


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Unbelievable! They can't even get the refund right.

Anyways, is there a Refund button shown? If so, I'd suggest refunding the payment asap.

And then calling Sedo again and demand they use the mass-pay option or alternatively, sending you $1720, which, if my math is correct, after PayPal takes their cut, should leave you with at least $1650 plus, maybe, a couple of extra dollars.


Comment #17

Thanks, L2 and Ron, I'm very appreciated.

I have opened another ticket in SEDO support centre and will give them a call again tomorrow...

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I apologize you have had difficulty with this refund. Please feel free to PM me personally with the domains involved and your Sedo username. I would be happy to assist you in getting this matter resolved. As I am located in our Cambridge, MA, USA office, if your account is located overseas, I will contact the appropriate parties in that office to have the rest of your refund issued to you ASAP.


Comment #19

Thank you, Stephanie.

All details PMed. Please check...

Comment #20

Last update:.

Finally SEDO sent me $66.88 today which covered my paypal fee. The issue is solved. Thanks for all your supports and suggestions. I do appreciate it. Also thanks for the SEDO reps who really looked into this case and helped me to find this solution...

Comment #21

Better late than never, but, took them long enough...

Comment #22

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