Should I scrape the sides of bowls for Medifast foods?

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I may be overthinking this but, usually when I make the oatmeal, the brownies, shakes, or other various recipes, there is always a thin layer of the meal that is left on whatever container I may be using. Is what's left after I scrape with a spoon significant in regards to getting 100% of the meals nutrition or should I be "sqeegying" (sorry about the spelling) with a scraper to get every drop? I'm a little OCD so sorry if I'm obsessing over something little like this but was just wondering. Thanks for any input.

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For example, I made a choc mint soft serve as a shake this am, and there was quite a bit left on the sides of the container and down in the bottom. I scraped as best as I could but I bet if I took a scraper there would be a tsp if not 2 tsps left??.

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Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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Not a dumb question...i've often wondered this myself! i'm a scraper because I'm worried that I might not be getting all my vitamins/nutrients. but I can tell that the longer I am on the program, the degree of my scraping has lessened! looking forward to hearing experienced MF'ers and their response..

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I use my spatulas and get every drop! Not for the vitamins but I want every bit of my food!.

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I scrape as much as I can then rinse the rest down the sink as a sacrifice to the Medifast gods..

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Lol, good one! I sometimes lick the lid just to make sure! But I do have an awesome spatula from Prepology (Q) that gets almost everything out. it's silicone, and bends just right..

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I love this so much! hahaha.

I do all that and then go as far as rinse my packet and drink that to make sure I get all of it out and in my tummy! lol Jodi.

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Scraper here! I want to get every last drop! My shed ounces and pounds are the only sacrifices I'm making to the MFing gods!.

Comment #8

For sure, scrape every last drop. I counted it as a meal, I am getting it all. LOL. But as someone else mentioned, the farther I get on the program the less anal I am about every last drop. Sometimes I hope I will lose an extra half pound if I don't scrape. LOL.... crazy thoughts, huh?.

Comment #9

Brownies You bet I scrape..

Oatmeal and soups No scrapping..

HM pretzels I tip the bag up and get ALL the crumbs..

I'm very discriminating. LOL.

Comment #10

I'm a scraper too!! If it's in the packet it's going in my belly..

Comment #11

Scraper all the way! DH gives me a "look" when I get in the scraping mode (because it goes on forever). I want it all! I agree with the others though. On some days, I don't even want the meal much less going through the trouble of scraping..

Comment #12

I love the responses. Oh yah, I've been know to lick the blades of the Magic ALWAYS, cuz the scraper won't fit. LOL.

Comment #13

Are you kidding. My family laughs at me cause I'm licking the bowls clean of the soup and brownies. Not because I what the most nutrition, but the most the pleasure I can get from eating what little there is to eat..

Comment #14

Thanks for the Sunday morning laughs......Scraping could same an arm.

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Yeah, but if all you're doing is tipping the bag, you run the risk of wasting precious, tasty crumbs when they land in your eye!.

So, obviously, what you want to do is carefully tap the bag until all the lovely bits are in one corner. Make sure the open side of the inside seam is facing down, so you don't lose the little crystals and powder that hide in the seam. Then carefully tear the bag open along one side and the bottom seam. Now you can easily lick up all the yummy little pile of crumbs without wasting a single grain! I actually think this is my favorite part of eating puffs and pretzels..

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Scrape, lick, rinse, swallow..

Comment #17

You can also use the lick and grab method in which you lick your finger to make it "sticky" and it grabs all those precious crumbs!.

Comment #18

Hysterical, since I can relate!.

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No can do! Scarred for life over here from a 9th-grade band trip bus-ride where I shared a bag of Cheetos with a girl who was a firm believer in the grab and lick method after every bite! Damp Cheetos major uggaroo!!! .

However, I know from personal experience that Medifast chocolate pudding is finger-licking good!.

Comment #20

Ha! I blogged about this not long ago, specifically in regards to the pancake batter. I go all out to get every drop, even using my finger as a "squeegee." With bars, if I drop a crumb, I look for it. I'm not so fanatical about shakes and soups..

Comment #21

I'm a scraper too.

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