School Play
My daughter has a school play next week. As a hobbist phototog would it be.

Appropriate and set two speedlights, walk about. I have a feeling some parents will get PO with some man with camera and flashes all over the place..

D40/D7017-55mm EDII50mm D 1.855-200mm EDSB-600 x2manfrotto tri 718b, mono 681b..

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I think you'r right - and the performers might be evn more annoyed!.

You have to do it with available light, so I was going to say use the D40 with the ISO dialled right up - though the snag there is as fast lenses required you won't be able to AF with the 50mm, or even an 85mm f/1.8 if you got one..

Is the D70 high ISO performance comparable?.

Sadly the 55-200 won't do it. Maybe rent a 70-200 VR f/2.8?.

Here in the UK there'd be issues with permission to photograph the other kids....



Comment #1

Its not a proper stage. I'd imagine light isn't all that great..

I think just arriving early to sit up front and snap a few would do..

The D70 meters better than the D40 but ISO end I'm still in the learn phase trying to see the limitations..

D40/D7017-55mm EDII50mm D 1.855-200mm EDSB-600 x2manfrotto tri 718b, mono 681b..

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I agree - walking around with a flash during a school play would probably annoy people and/or distract the actors. Get there early, find a seat at the front, and use the 50 f/1.8 lens with the camera on ISO 1600.Best wishesMike..

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In our local schools, they typically did performances for assemblies for the student body that were often open to parents as well - they may well accept the interference and flashes if they can get some shots for internal uses. Dress rehearsals also may be a possibility..

Night public performances were typically crowded and parents with cameras (of all kinds) were a huge problem to the non-camera toting viewers. Setting up extra flashes and wandering about during a performance will almost certainly not be acceptable to the school or the other parents...

Comment #4

"Dress rehearsals also may be a possibility.".

Yes! go to the dress rehearsals. You can often even be on the stage. Get photos of every kid including the backstage help and donate them to the school and teacher. But of course you'll have more shots of your kid";^)A member of the rabble in good standing..

Comment #5

Dress rehearsals also may be a possibility..

Of course - Craig nailed it. When I used to take photos of school plays for my school magazine (a looong time ago) I used to go to the dress rehearsals and wander around wherever I wanted, within reason..

Best wishesMike..

Comment #6

Very good point! Early during the day her class is performing for the younger grades. Candid shots before performance is a great idea too..

I am glad we have some consideration for others..

Thanks for all you help guys!.

D40/D7017-55mm EDII50mm D 1.855-200mm EDSB-600 x2manfrotto tri 718b, mono 681b..

Comment #7

Mike703 wrote:.

I agree - walking around with a flash during a school play wouldprobably annoy people and/or distract the actors. Get there early,find a seat at the front, and use the 50 f/1.8 lens with the cameraon ISO 1600.Best wishes.

Completely agree. As someone who has shot a number of school productions featuring my daughter, I definitely agree that you will P.O. other parents..

I've always been polite, shot from my seat, and never used a flash. And I would still get looked at. Another point to remember: The kids up there are already nervous enough. Seeing some ape jumping around with a camera will not help their composure. Worse, your own kid may be mortified beyond belief in front of her friends at seeing her own dad doing this. Never mind that probably nobody else would know that you are her dad the kid will.

Dpreview & pbase supporter

Comment #8

In my school I take a photo of every child during dress rehearsal. We then sell these to parents and make a nice profit for the school because everyone buys the photo of their child (we blu tak them to the foyer wall). The school might be happy for you to attend dress rehearsals if you offer this?..

Comment #9

Agree with others about remaining seated, but....

Every other parent will be there with their P&S flashing away. Some will even have their P&S set to Red-eye reductions. I think if you pick-and-choose your shots so that you are only taking quality shots (2-3 of each actor) rather than hundreds of shots, you should be fine..

On a seperate note, however, I don't like to use flash for stage productions because you tend to get that deer-in-the-headlight look. You might consider a mono-pod and ISO 800 with a slow shutter to capture a little more ambient lightWarm regards,DOF..

Comment #10

Besides the annoyance factor, it will destroy whatever "lighting" or ambience may have been created by special lighting and while that may not show to the watchers too much, it will show in the pictures by looking like no special effects were used...

Comment #11

(Our eyeballs that is).

When I was envisioning the performance, I saw the 4th-grade play my daughter did last year. In the Gym, with all the Lights on, no special lighting, etc..

What I should have though of was a high-school play in a darkened school theater with special lighting. In that case, y'all are correct, get a fast lens, and shoot high ISO.

Warm regards,DOF..

Comment #12

If you are talking about a primary school play, do not use flash or walk about - the kids are so easily distracted it could well throw them off big time. I have seen so many school productions ruined by flash guns going off or a parent trying to get a good shot, it's the kiss of death honest..

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