Review: Konica Minolta 5600HS D Wireless Flash
Ah, the March of the Penguins comes to Digital Imaging. Rows and rows of little wireless flashes waddling across the ice. Talk about over exposure. Actually, Konica Minolta has made it pretty painless to shoot with wireless flash. See our story for the heart warming details...

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I mainly shoot interiors and I've been using wireless flash since 1997 minolta were the pioneers of this technology. however greed/marketing has got the better of them and they decided to make older 5400hs and xi models incompatiable with the latest digital cameras. Funny how these older flashes used to work on the early digicams RD175 and RD3000! Since the wireless remote controller is also incompatiable, as is wireless control via a hotshoe mounted 5600hsd it has made my life harder. The small onboard flash is OK as a trigger when in the line sight of the flash's sensor but sometimes the flash is positioned around a corner and hence does not sense the control light pulse as it would do if Minolta still allowed the system to function like it does on the film cameras!!!! I would also like to add that the slow sync implementation of minolta cameras is realy dumb compared to every other manyfacturers method. Overall it is a good system if you can live with certain short comings...

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I got your email address off of the "Imaging Resource" website. I bought the 5600hs and it will not work with my minolta A2 camera. I works as a wireless flash, but will not work when hooked up to my hotshoe. Can you give me any advise as to how you set this thing up? Jack..

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I don't have either the 5600HS flash or an A2 here, Jack, but I do remember having to go back and forth between the two manuals to successfully change configurations. According to our A2 review ( ), "The DiMAGE A2 also includes a top-mounted hot shoe for attaching an external flash unit. The shoe design and contact arrangement are set up for Konica Minolta's own dedicated flash units, but I imagine that compatible models are available from the major third-party flash manufacturers (Sunpak et. al.). Konica Minolta's own Program Flash models 2500(D), 3600HS(D), and 5600HS(D) work with the DiMAGE A2, and two macro flashes (Macro Twin Flash 2400 and Macro Ring Flash 1200) will work with an accessory macro flash controller." The reviewer did use the 5600HS on the A2, too. You might also find this article ( ) helpful in understanding the control modes.

So the answer is in the manuals. Somewhere...

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I am trying to adapt my KM 5600 hs as wireless slave for my canon 350 xt digital cam. Is there any hope, I'd like to use the sigma 500 dg for canon as hot shoe mount to trip the km slave set up. I've tried both manuf. and the manuals, no help, I would greatly appreciate any expertice on the subject you can give.

       CLW 7145260435.

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Slave mode is your only hope. Skip the parts of the manual that talk about wireless functionality (your Canon won't know the preflash firing sequence for the KM 5600). See if you can set the 5600 to fire as a dumb slave when the main flash goes off. I don't recall if this is even possible, frankly. Sorry...

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HI Mike, Although this is addressed to Mike, anyone is welcome to answer if they think they have the answer. I am a longtime Minolta user back to the 800si. I have a 5600hs(d) I purchased when I bought my M9. Can you tell me why in the P mode (not full program mode) the aperature doesn't move off 2.8 irregardless of what or where the subject?..

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I'm sorry I can't help on that one, George. I don't have the hardware here any more nor any documentation...

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The 5600HS(D) works fantastically on my A2. All modes, manual, auto, program, and both as a slave in wireless mode and attached the the camera's hot shoe. It also works extremely well with all three of my Minolta flashes (two 3600HS(D) and one 5600HS(D)) working together wirelessly. I'm a bit of macro freak too and the A2 with some nice achromatic (AC) Kenko close-up filters and these three flashes can rival and even surpass in some cases, the quality one would expect from a $2,000 apochromatic (APO) dedicated macro lens on a DSLR body (image sensor not considered). Three samples have been included:.

The white moth: Wingspan approximately 4mm, shot using all three flashes in wireless mode with the DiMAGE A2.

The Spider: Approximately 12mm from leg-tip to leg-tip as pictured here, using one wireless flash 5600HS(D) with the A2.

The red bug: Approximately 15mm body length was shot using the 5600HS(D) on camera (A2) in auto mode through a hand-held diffuser. The above discussion leaves the wrong impression so I thought I would add this for clarification. Attachments:.


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Ah, just one more. :D This little fish is popular to keep on the door step throughout Japan (where I live). The biggest they get is about 2cm. This little guy was about 11mm to 12mm in length and the 5600HS(D) mounted on the DiMAGE A2 was superb in exposing the subject correctly even through a hand-held diffuser card I made out of a white plastic A4 paper-tray I purchased from the One-Dollar shop: The shot was 200mm with a #4 Kenko AC closeup filter, f/8, at 1/13th of a second (as I wanted to get some of the blur from his body's motion) ISO 64. My D2Xs with SB-800 AF flash fails at this shot every time - With the Nikon flash system I have to go manual or just forget it. I think this partially demonstrates just how good Minolta's (now Sony ) flash system is.


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