GoDaddy review : Should I go GoDaddy?? Reseller Hosting Vs. Hosting Affiliate

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I've got a new campaign I've just launched that's doing incredibly well. I've been promoting the Hostgator affiliate program, but it's kind of a pain because they hold all payments for 60 days, and as of right now I need the cash a little faster. (Not a balla yet).

So, I was thinking about getting a reseller plan. I figure I can get the money quicker, and probably make as much or more per sale than I can just being an affiliate. I'm wondering how much extra work being a reseller is over being an affiliate.

I don't know shit about hosting and servers. And I wouldn't want to put up with clients bitching all the time, so I may just stay on the affiliate side of it..

Just wondering how "hands on" you need to be with your reseller hosting, if I'd have to deal with technical issues myself, all that jazz..

Anyone have experience here? Thanks..


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No, I don't have a clue about reseller plans, sorry..

Just googled "Hostgator Affiliate Program" to see what the pay out was and the first page I got was someone bitching to dp about getting screwed $16.000 by them..


There's a follow up by hostgator too, so who knows. I associate myself with the poor cunt who never got paid...

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Yeah, I've heard of Hostgator fucking affiliates over in the past as well. That worries me. I've also talked with people who make great money with Hostgator, so who the hell knows..

The only reason I promote them is that the payouts are decent (if they pay) and I host with them. If anyone has other affiliate programs to suggest looking into I'd be all ears...

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On second thought I just read that thread and it seems pretty obvious to me that those where actually fraudulant sign ups. I'm not going to worry too much about it, my signups are legit...

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I sell yahoo web space. They might not have illimitate domain names and all that crap but I have some sites that stream out video with them and they just do not get overloaded. Stable as you can be..

I had some problems installings scripts and the help people have been quick but useless, so, no help..

I get paid via CJ every month via bank transfer. So far I have had no problems getting money from CJ, touch wood...

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You want to do customer service for web hosting that you provide? Sounds like a pain in the ass to me..

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With a reseller package your will need to spend money in order to make money. It sounds like your in a pinch for cash, or just impatient, so I don't foresee you wanting to spend cash..

Most if not all affiliate programs hold your payments for two months just to avoid fraud...

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Thanks for the input Rasher. By spending money to make money, are you just referring to the reseller plan, setting up a site and payment system, and marketing? If that's the investment, I can handle that..

Here's my situation. I work like a fuckin' dog at a commission based sales job, like 6 days a week 60+ hours a week. Sometimes the money is okay, sometimes it's not. It's enough to pay the bills, but not much more..

So, I've stumbled into a market where I think I could easily get 5-6 new hosting sign ups per day with very little marketing costs, no pay per click..

I want to get the hell out of my day job, and right now I don't have the time required to get the said 5-6 sign ups a day because of my job. So I could do it part time and get maybe 2-3 sign ups a week if I keep the affiliate thing going. If I set up a reseller account, I figure I could take a couple of days off of work, hustle this like a dog, get a quick 10 signups for the hosting (prepaid yearly) with the money going strait into my paypal account. Get paid instantly, make a quick few grand, quit the day job and start doing this shit full time..

So on one hand yeah, I guess I'm impatient. But I also feel like by not having this money ASAP I'm losing out on much more profitable ventures than I'd have access to as opposed to being stuck at my regular job..

I see this as a stepping stone to getting where I want to be, and the sooner I can put a full time effort into it and get a return to reinvest, the sooner I'll be where doing what I want to do..

Now, my main concern is dealing with customer service issues, that's the only reason I haven't made a decision on this yet. If it's only a few questions a day, helping install scripts, stuff that would only take me an hour or two max per day to do, than that'd be fine. Any more and I feel like I should just be an affiliate and not worry about the BS..

I've been researching like crazy since I started this thread. All of the stuff on the net that I've found just talks about how great it is to be a reseller, obviously reseller affiliates, so I'd be interested in hearing about the negative aspects as well...

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True reseller hosts must have anonymous DNS server and anonymous support for your account..

If you want to go big, get a fully managed server. The host will take care of everything from maintainance to security, even installing script for you. Support can get outsourced too...

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I dont know much about reselling, but yes, you will get money faster. If you were hostgator affiliate try finding other partners with CJ, fat is that with J you will receive money faster and youll receive more money, for example, if you sell BlueHost hosting package as a private affiliate ull get 65$ and thru CJ youll get 90$!..

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You might want to check out Reseller Cluster - seems like somewhere in between reseller and affiliate. You set up hosting plans, pricing etc - they take care of support and technical stuff..

Here's a site I threw up with them, just playing with it the other day:.

:::Web Hosting:::..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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