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Hi guys,.

I need some help with my whois info. Some domains I registered over the years I did not do private. Totally stupid, from this point. But back then I guess I just had no clue.

What's the best way to get your info out of DomainTools ? I now made all the domains that were not private before private, but if people search my name still a lot of shit comes up.

Some help would be greatly appreciated.


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That's a good question because DomainTools has the "history" feature to let you look back in time on domain registrations. If anyone has the answer post it here. But I have a feeling it's going to be out there for the historical record for all to see...

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Vin, I'm sorry to say that I think you are SOL unless you can sell them to to a friend and buy them back with privacy. The internet is permanent...

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Yeah, the double transfer (previously mentioned) is probably your best bet. But since you made it private now, it's not going to throw everyone off your trail.

They could still look at your history and see your real info, then see when you changed it to private, then sold it, then mysteriously changed hands again to a private owner..

You could do a few additional things if you use this procedure:.

-Change the host and content shortly after each change of ownership. Let it sit on a parking page or something long enough to get archived somewhere..

-Wait a year or so before buying it back so it looks like the previous owner bought it, tried to run it for a few months and forgot about it..

-Go post on some messageboards like sitepoint trying to sell it. Get your friend to be the one who ends up buying it, and do it semi-publicly (meaning don't go overboard making every little detail of the sale public)...

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Forget all the flip flopping just say that you sold them and no longer have anything to do with them if you are ever asked...

Comment #4

Change the domain..

I bought a domain with namecheap and immediately enabled the whoisguard but there must of been a glitch because a couple weeks later I find my info is public even though the whoisguard was enabled. It was a glitch namecheap was apparently aware of on many domains. I just had to buy a new domain for that project...

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Sounds like a great business plan.

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That sucks man...

I feel totally retarded, I've been doing the internet thing for almost three years now, and only just a month ago I find out (..just like you) that a lot of the domains which I purchased were not whoisguarded, even though I'm sure I ordered it for 90% of them.

I guess it's just one of those lessons you learn 'the hard way'.

@ Art Deco:It's my understanding that DomainTools caches all the stuff, my name shows up for names that I've already sold of years ago. So buying back-and-forth is not an option, unfortunately...

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I am just wondering what are the reasons it's so important to have a domain on private?.



Comment #8

In my case, so I don't get the cl flagger nazis up my ass..

Edit: but there could be many other reasons...some people may not want to get if you're looking at fb ad and you look up the domain and it's cake's domain you may think , cool this is cake's domain and OMG HE ROCKS AND I SUBSCRIBE TO HIS BLOG AND I HAVE ALL HIS RECORDS AND MAYBE I'LL GO VISIT HIM AT HOME AND WE CAN HANG OUT AND HAVE A BEER AND HE WILL LOVE ME AND TELL ME ALL HIS TRAFFIC SECRETS AND WE WILL BE BROS in this case, he would go for the privacy..

Comment #9

+ So idiots can't find info on you when they think you're the one who directly sold them their snake oil weight loss product..

It is always better to stay under the radar...

Comment #10 sentiments exactly.

In my case I promote two products in the same niche - I don't want the people from company B to see that I'm also promoting company A..

Just like Matt says, under the radar is always better...

Comment #11

But it doesn't look like there's a lot of hope for us to get this info out....

Comment #12

Contact Name tools. Ask them kindly to remove your data. Quote UK and French laws...

Comment #13

I already e-mailed them, they won't budge.

How come you mention UK and French laws ? That sounds interesting, but they're US based...

Comment #14

French Law and some European Laws state that an individual must be given the right to update or remove his information on certain databases.

This might take some researching though...

Comment #15

Well, it's not "some European Laws", it's actually an EU regulation. Meaning that is automatically a law in every EU member state..

One could argue that since DomainTools is doing business in the EU (selling information about EU citizens to other EU citizens) they have to abide by those laws. But that's a long shot..

Comment #16

"since DomainTools is doing business in the EU (selling information about EU citizens to other EU citizens) they have to abide by ... laws" sounds pretty solid to me, but I'm NOT a lawyer...

Comment #17

Absolutely, and I don't have the budget for a lawsuit a.t.m.

I Just got reply from their support (after 6 weeks..not kidding).

Here's what is says:.

So I looked at their history block tool, will cost you 10 bucks a day.

Or in other words 3650 USD a Year, per DOMAIN !.

Those foks are crazy.....

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