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Ok first, I would like to point out that it is not my intent to 'smear' or defame's name in any way. It is my sole intent to shed some light on this company's negative business practices to I have been with this company for some years now, and when I first signed-up for it's services, everything was fine, it seems that this company has been on a down-ward spiral ever since. I was happy with this company until very recently when I needed to utilize their customer support.

For those of you who are not familiar with, please read the reviews of this company on this website and others all across the internet. For those that are familiar, none of what I am saying is new to you. I am asking for two things from users of Namepros 1) Would-be customers of, please read reviews first, before taking your business there, also check this company out at and make an informed decision before you enlist into their services. 2) Past or current customers of, who have experienced problems with refunds, lost domain names, and unanswered customer service complaints, please visit:

And report in-detail of the problems that you have and/or are encountering with this company. states on their website that if they receive a 'trend' of complaints about a particular registrar, that they are inclined to take action on said company. I believe that ICANN has not yet received the 'trend' that they are looking for, so I ask that all who are familiar with this company, please report your problems at the aforementioned link. Thank you,.

Brandon White..

Comments (13)

It would be hard to besmerch their "good" name-Lol..

Theirs is a reputation that took a long time to build..

I am sure ICann is fully aware of their reputation-unless perhaps they are the only ones that aren't..

Sending ICann after regfly is like asking Boss Hog to clean up the town...

Comment #1

Wow, a Dukes of Hazzard reference!.

I agree with sdtrader, ICANN is like a shell company whose only function is to funnel money. They can't even agree on their own policies, let alone enforce any of them. Regfly will continue to do business until their reputation is so far tarnished that even someone who has never used a computer before knows how bad they are. Until that day comes, just steer clear of them and warn everyone you know...

Comment #2

I thank ya guys for your comments. But I will say that I have never been one to just be content on the way things are. If a company is being shady and that company has a direct impact on me, then I will do something about it, as much as I can, every time. I'm no 'crusader', if this company had not impacted me, I probably wouldn't care that much. I am simply asking for support on bringing down a company that not only affected me, but many others as well. This 'Enron of the internet', is simply staying alive by feeding off those who don't know any better.

If ICANN lets things go the way they are, because said company is feeding ICANN money, "fees", then I will go after ICANN. I think the reason this whole thing moves me so much, is because I have never seen a merchant of any kind, so blantantly not-give-a-shit about it's customers. It really boggles the mind. This company could be making double their profit, if only they honored their customers. I could go on and on, I will only say that there are those who sit in their lawn chairs in their front yard, watching the parade pass them by and their are those who are in it...

Comment #3

RF will continue to do business until they are bought by a better company or sued in a class action out of business. I am hoping for the later. I am tired of spending hours with support and triple checking every action I make there. I spend an incredible amount of time on the same problems. Renewals and bulk edits. Did you guys know their bulk edit doesn't work well? If you try to change DNS for a pile of writes just 1 DNS instead of both.

I would be scared out of my mind to attempt bulk edit for Contacts. And have to check them occassionally to make sure. Just this week I had a mini-nightmare renewal 1 freakin domain. It's not an important domain but that's not the point.

A domain was transferred from their old enom reseller to their new RF accredited (bullcrap) account. However RF told me it idea why. So I didn't want to lose the domain and transferred it to Moniker. That failed now too. Upon looking at whois...the domain SUCCEEDED the original transfer. In other words you can even transfer in to Registerfly without them messing it up.

In just about every possible usage of their system to control domains there are errors and problems. Support is terrible as well. Not just because they can take a couple days to respond but because sometime they seemingly don't even read the ticket. Are these English speaking support people? I sincerly doubt it.

I have attempted whole heartedly to give them a chance. Now I am just going through the expense of transferring ALL my names out. $1500 will need to be spent to get them all out but in the end it will be worth it. And if you think I have bad things to say now about RF..wait till I get my names out.

These people need to be sued...

Comment #4

I've heard of many filing class-action suits against them. I think it's safe to say RegFly will soon walk the way of the dinosaur...

Comment #5

We should all be.

My observation of ICann is that they are either crooked themselves or have no interest in acting in any means as a controlling body. If a register is bad it seems to me the only recourses available are to.

1) assist in warning others such that they no longer have customers..

2) taking legal action.

Both seem slow and not as immediate as a presiding body stepping in and taking remedial action...

Comment #6

It's sad that when I see a domain for sale I'm interested in, and see it registered there, I just move on, no matter how much I might want the domain if it were elsewhere. Even the dreaded 1&1 isn't that hard to move domains from these days, just a clunky interface with no push...

Comment #7

ICANN has ALOT of troubles with registers. They have to manage an entire database and much more. ICANN does need to look into this but do not suspect them to be fast.

RegisterFly recently introduced their $6.50 reseller account and is now offering security certificates at $8 each.

They seem to be going to despret measures to get customers.

- Steve..

Comment #8

It's actually not difficult to move domains FROM registerfly. What's difficult is transferring into registerfly from registerfly. I just moved 30 domains out without any real difficulty...

Comment #9

Biggest issue I have with registerfly is the whois, it keeps changing.

To their info (which means I get no renewal notices) after I bring it.

To their attention, they are nice enough to provide me with a link.

That shows my info is corrected. HOWEVER, if you go to ANY other whois.

Checker, it still shows them!..

Comment #10

Do you by any chances have their free whois-guard on?..

Comment #11

This is capitalism. It is very rare for a business to be a leader in both price and quality in any given industry..

As long as people choose price over quality, Registerfly is here to stay..

If not, then they will either change to lean towards quality more, or simply go out of business.

It is up to the market to decide how successful a business will be. If Registerfly is truly an awful company, the invisible hand will take care of the issue...

Comment #12

Hopefully that invisible hand will bitch-slap RegisterFly to bankruptcy. Your post made sense but you need to factor in that they are untrustworthy and sometimes use/has used unlawful (or just plain ugly) business practices. I learned about the company from a piece of spam email they sent me a few years back...

Comment #13

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