GoDaddy testimonials : Suggest I sign up for GoDaddy?? Customer Support Staff tell End User to walk away from our domain deal!

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5 Days of discussion with End User, she agrees to purchase my domain name. She requests for me to allow her to transfer domain name to - I agree and invoice her for $250 US, she get's on the phone with Customer Support and I receive an email that she no longer interested. Not only did their staff kill my sale, they also offered her the un-registered extensions of my .com!.

I'm disappointed with their staff for stealing my sale to only get themselves an extra Reg Fee domain name!. you are lame for stealing my customer to make yourself a dollar!..

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Wow, this is atrocious; one bunch of folks never to work with again...

Comment #1

How did you find out they offered her the un-registered extensions of your .com?..

Comment #2

She told me so! after I complaint about her wasting my time!..

Comment #3

Look at the bright side. You will get some traffic from her [developed] non-com domain and you can use this fact to get a higher price from her competitor(s). Or sell it to her for $2500 once she realizes her mistake.....

Comment #4

I dont think so dude, it's a total loss for me!..

Comment #5

Ha ha .....there's a good potential he will get some of her traffic, but the fact that she agreed to $250 after 5 days of negotiating probably means she won't be paying $2500...

24hrdomainer-what did is very disgusting...i can't believe they wrecked your chance there...

Comment #6

She may have just gotten cold feet and used the thing as an excuse to get out of the deal. I seriously doubt that was trying to screw you out of a sale.

They would have still made money on the transfer and future renewals of your domain. JMO...

Comment #7

I have similar assumptions..

She must have just given excuses...

Sorry for your loss.

You will certainly get something out of it sooner or later.

All the best..

Comment #8

I don't think so bud,don't make your own assumptions, as mentioned - went forward with their sales pitch and stole my customer.

Trust me!..

Comment #9

I agree with Microguy on this, sounds like she changed her mind, thats all. Unfortunately, it's not something you can really prove, it's just an assuption. (or her word versus yours??)..

Comment #10

You are a joker... agree with yourself... their is nothing you can say that will change the fact here, don't even try to protect from this lame action!..

Comment #11

Lol, trying to protect, you're having a laugh...

Still got the anger issues I see, try posting something positive for a change would ya!!!!..

Comment #12

By making a public thread about this you would appear to be inviting members to offer views/advice etc. Members have just IMO tried to give you another outlook on what may have happened.

If what you say is true then it sucks but it just may be that this buyer did get cold feet and felt it easier to blame the company then take blame themself...

Comment #13

She already registered the .net of my .com - what part of this story don't you people get? WoW..

Comment #14

When in any of your above posts did you mention the .net.

Could she just have searched found the .net avail and decided herself to take that ext instead of the .com for xxx ?

Comment #15

As mentioned in my previous post's - she was told the un-registered extensions were only $10 to register! She was minutes from paying me using paypal, when she said, I'll talk to about transfer fee... she then explained she had a discussion with them about my asking price and that she then noticed that she could own the same keywords in my domain name in other extensions for Reg Fee......

Comment #16

It sounds to me that she was looking for an overall picture of what to do with her money before she made a purchase. If she asks them questions they are not about to lie to her as they are middle people with no interest in either you or her personally. They would make no less $ if she had purchased your name and transferred it there paying renewal fees or as she did a new reg. I am sorry you lost a sale and many hours/days of neg to result in a non-sale but I cant blame her either for wanting to do the best with her $...

Comment #17

While you can be angry about (no proof mind you) you need to also take some blame for not closing the sale. should not have been involved. I am sure in the future you will be more convincing about transfers. It's very rare that I allow a transfer to another registrar in a sale. I think it's a bad practice for domainers to allow a buyer to initiate a transfer. You can do a free push and allow them to transfer on their own time.

$250 isn't a huge loss. Is that the professionalism you use in sales too?..

Comment #18

I think this decision was made by that lady only and she was throwing the blame on register. She must had changed her mind...

Comment #19

A simple whois search also shows other available extensions get over it bro..

Comment #20

Sounds a little like you're "dwelling in the past". Lol Not very Buddha like (see sig). IMO...

Comment #21

The more threads I read the more I hear about shady operators in the industry. Not good. I have my software setup so that if a domain is not available it will show other extensions of the domain that are. Quite a few hosts are like this I think...

Comment #22

How can this be a total loss, if you still own the .com?..

Comment #23

I have had a few dot coms I owned made into websites by endusers with net and org and made more from there traffic then selling a name for 250.00 I do beleive especially if they are a real enduser you will profit much more with this then in a sale, not defending just saying it may turn out in your favor...

Comment #24

Some people argue under opportunity cost: Opportunity cost - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Then a question there is what's it worth to that person to pursue, if ever.

The OP posted what they feel, opine, etc. to be the situation. Just like we all do in our own issues.

The next question will be what to do after.....

Comment #25

Even though you feel you had a loss in this deal, I don't really see where comes out as cruel and mean as you make them sound.

I will side with you on the fact that it was probably wrong for the customer to back out of the domain purchase agreement with you. However maybe you should have made the purchase more legally binding in some way such as a signed contract being faxed, etc.

I have used before and still use them to this day for some of my domains due to the special pricing they give me. Please keep in mind that even if they did tell the customer about the .NET version being available, they were looking out for the best interest of the customer. Not for you. This is actually their job. If a customer came to which is my site and was sad that a domain was not available, I would suggest other names that ARE available. Any registration provider will help customers find domain names that are available.

Nothing more than that.

In the future I would suggest making sure your clients sign a purchase agreement of some sort to lock them into the transaction or make it more legally binding. Seeing that you did not do this, it shows you shouldn't be all that concerned about your so called loss. Perhaps this is a lesson to be learned. But that is just my opinion.

Also keep in mind that you still have the domain. Perhaps you lost the sale for a reason. You wouldn't be complaining right now if you just got a new offer for twice as much as the last offer. Right? If you get a better offer, you'll probably be happy the other person backed out. Not only that but with the other extension being taken, I think that actually helps boost the value of your .com version of the name. Doesn't it?..

Comment #26

I don't understand why everyone says she changed her mind, easy solution check the tlds on the domain, if there is a fresh reg on the .net or whatever, Godaddy is ever so aggressive on the phone as well, anytime you call them for anything, it's business, they are trained to sell, if you think about it if a sales person mentioned well the .net is avaliable for $10, they are making a suggestion, and offering their customers advice, upto the customer to take that advice.... Sorry about the loss of sale, People say it is not a huge amount of money, but sometimes when you sell a domain for $250, you also get rid of yearly liability from your account, and reinvest funds and so forth.................. it happens what can you do............

Comment #27

I lost a $300 sale once and got the same bs comment " it's not a big loss " well $250-$300 comes in handy when your a bit strapped for cash. I guess to some it's not a big loss but to others who are perhaps not as well off it can make a big difference.

Sorry for your loss of a sale, for whatever reason the person backed out it still sucks either way especially when you think it's a done deal...

Comment #28

Thank you very much, these people have no clue how hard it is to get an end user to reply back!..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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