Regarding the Nikon D300

I have been using my Canon 30d with the following lenses:.

- Tokina 10-22mm (not sure the number but is widelenses)- Sigma 24-70mm.

And they do pretty good with me for the year as I learned to overcome my 'camera shyness' in public and get to know more about photography..

Now lot of my friends rave about the Nikon and I got to hold it for a while. I am getting the shopping impulse. Does this camera has anything besides megapixels that benefit me? I ask since if I get it , I have to start all over again on the camera lenses..


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Does this camera has.

Anything besides megapixels that benefit me? I ask since if I get it, I have to start all over again on the camera lenses..


Sure there is : better, faster autofucus. Better low light capabability, etc..

But you are comparing a two year old model with a brand new one. Before making any decision, I would wait for the canon 50d (they will surely announce it soon). Then you will have 3 choices :- stick with your 30d.

- upgrade to the 50d (probably less expensive than going to the Nikon D300, if you consider you lens investments)- Change to Nikon 300d..

Claude Carrier..

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Maybe consider the full-frame Canon 5D. It won't be able to use your 10-20, but it should make great use of your 24-70. Just a little more than a D300. Different kind of camera really. Better for landscapes. The D300 (and presumably the 50D) is faster for sports...

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I usually take scenery and casual pics of ppl and street pics. On kids, I incresase the shutter speed. But on the canon I have I used it most on street photos...

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Nothing too crazy there. If you were wanting to work with multiple flashes (Nikon's flash system has a good reputation), wanted very fast C-AF and didn't trust that Canon's worked out the issues from the module in the 1D Mk III, or so forth... but I don't see what you shoot as putting major demands on the body or allowing much of anything that you couldn't get staying w/n the Canon system...

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The D300 is a wonderful camera and a joy to use. It's the first camera I've ever owned that I can actually claim has helped me to become a better photographer. If you wish to come over to the dark side, we'll welcome you..

That said, your 30D is a superb camera. You might consider upgrading to a 40D. It's also a great camera..

IMO, it will be quite a while before any 50D is announced. It's been less than a year since the 40D was announced. I don't think any maker works that fast. I suspect a 50D in one to two years; not worth the wait..

Cheers, Craig..

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Say are the menus user friendly?.

How about the controls?.

I am on the middle of the crossroads; If I stay with the Canon I may get the 70-200 IS 2.8 lenses, if I got to Nikon I get the 24-70 and 70-200...

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Well, now there you have me..

To me Nikon's ergonomics beat Canon's hands down, but I've been using them since 1968. When I'm forced to use my brother's 40D, I feel like I can't find anything. That's normal and not a fair test for the Canon. I'm too biased..

From what I understand, here's how it seems to be. Canon is more menu driven. Nikon is more tactile driven. What this means is that Nikon has more buttons and wheels and such so that you can make quick changes while looking through the viewfinder, while you must go to menus to make many of those changes with Canon. Different people like it different ways..

One more thing I can say about Nikon. IMO, Nikon glass is overall superior to Canon glass, especially with respects to consumer glass. I think that Nkon also has less quality variation. This is not to say that Canon is bad glass. It isn't, but there are more stinkers in the pile. There are very few, almost no, stinkers in the Nikon line of lenses, even the kit and consumer glass lines..

Cheers, Craig..

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Is there anything your 30D is not doing for you?.

D300 is a better camera overall (opinion) but if you're not being limited by your current body why would you change?.

Off the top of my head, if you NEED the following get the D30051 AF points 15 crosshatch AFfocus tuning900k+ pixel 3" LCDwireless flash control built in100% viewfinderSome lens that has no canon equivalent.

Don't get it because your friend has one, or because it has more megapixels..

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window..

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