How can I stay disciplined on Medifast?

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The past month has been a time for me to re-evaluate why I can't (or won't) stay on any type of weight loss program even when the results are great. I'm not really sure if I have come up with any answers but I do know that I am determined to start once more and begin my journey to a healthier me..

One of the things I have noticed about myself is that I tend to convince myself that I look just fine the way I am. And really I do. But that's not the true reason I want (and need) to lose weight. I have to lose weight before I fall into the same trap that my mother did, overweight & unhealthy. Which caused her to die one week after her 55th birthday. Too young and too vibrant to leave this earth.

And I refuse to hand my life over and not see my great great grandchildren one day..

I am sharing this as a plea for accountability & support (not condemnation). Please understand when I say that I don't need anyone to tell me that if I would just set my mind to it I could accomplish my goal. This I already know and realize. On the other hand I don't want to be babied and condoled either. So, if you are so inclined please check in on me from time to time. I would really appreciate it..

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I know you can do this! Bravo for trying to figure it all out!.

You have great hair, btw!.

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I relate. It took a lot of self reflection and analysis on my part to get over the fears I had of losing weight, the why's of stalling and binge eating, etc. Sometimes it takes awhile to work through that stuff but losing weight in the meantime is possible. You have my support!.

Comment #2

I believe in you. You have all the reasons in the world to make this work. We CAN do this!.

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I really can relate to you as well. I believe that what Freedom99 says is true. We can work through the tough stuff and lose weight at the same time. Maybe they have to go together to be successful in both..

I don't know if you or I will win this battle. I do know one thing, and that the choice is ours. We have the power in us to make the right choices. We make smart choices all the time, even about food. I know that if I stay honest with myself, use a support system, and make choices from a state of consciousness I will have a much better chance of beating these demons! The journey will not be easy, but I know in the end it will be worth it..

Hang in there! I and a lot of people are here for support or a kick in the butt!.

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I hear you, friend. Last time I did this, I made it to 160 lbs (40 lb loss). Everyone told me how great I was looking. Well I was feeling so good about my weight loss that I went off plan "just for a few weeks", thinking I would get back on and finish. Well here I am, 2 years later, back where I was to start with. Now this time I will not be swayed by others opinions or my own justifications. I will get to my goal and maybe more..

Dress in a sports bra and bike shorts, or a two piece swimsuit, or some such outfit in which you would never leave the house, stand against a plain white wall and have someone take the most honest photo of your overweight self from both the front and side. Tape this sucker up on the fridge or bedroom mirror and honestly tell yourself if this look is okay for you. Is this person healthy? Do they look fit and an appropriate weight for their height? If the photo did look fit and healthy, you wouldn't have started this program..

You can do this, I can do this. Let's just stay on plan one day at a time. I have 4 more months to go. It sounds like forever, but I can do this for one day at a time. That's easy. You can do it..

Comment #5

You can do this!!!!.

Comment #6

I can totally relate... What worked for me is to find what truly motivated me. It wasn't about looks for me - Sure I was/am fat, but at this stage of my life, how I looked really wasn't enough of a motivator for me. So, I'd diet and then say, 'I look fine' and stop.

It also sounds like you may be trying to scare yourself a little bit to get motivated... I used to do that when I was trying to quit smoking. I'd used the health aspects of it, and try and tell myself I needed to stop because I was killing myself - it only made me want to smoke more..

This time I'm sticking to my plan because I've framed this as something I'm doing for me, taking time for myself to eat better and take care of myself (not just so I'll look better in the mirror), this is my time for me before we have another baby, now that my first is a little older and doesn't need mama all the time. This doesn't sound like it's more important than other reasons like my health, but boy is it helping me stay on track..

Maybe the information you have is that what you are using to motivate yourself (the way you look and fear about your family health history) are not strong enough for you (and that's absolutely fine), and you need to find something that really does motivate you..

Comment #7

You can definitely do this and you have great reasons to reach out for success. Do you have access to daily support...someone who has done this before or is doing it now? If you have a health coach...connect with him/her and share your need for accountability. If you don't have oneI suggest you access that benefit through Take Shape for Life. I have a number of clients who also need the accountability. They text/email/facebook with me on tough days to help them stay focused. I send out 2 pdfs each week, every Wed and Sat, to help them "keep their head in the game".

I had 2 sisters and a few friends doing it with me, so I'm a FIRM believer in getting support for this journey..

I have a few pdfs that might be helpful to you as you commit to your journey to optimal health...if you email me I'll send them out to you. When I began, I was 44 and I weighed 280 lbs and wore size 24. I KNEW I had to do something. I committed to 6 months on plan...NO MATTER WHAT! I took it one packet, one pound, one day at a time and the pounds came off....and yours will too! Now, I wear size 10, weigh 165 and am running 3-5 miles, 4 or 5 days per week! At 45, I'm a much better "ME" than I've ever been!.

I'm wishing you well and hope to hear from you for those pdfs....

Peace & good health,.


Comment #8

Wish ya luck!.

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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