GoDaddy review : Should I sign up for GoDaddy?? Recommended Hosting?

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I probably need to clarify that:.

I am looking for shared US hosting, not a dedicated server (not enough pocket money - yet)..

Which company do you recommend?.

I am looking at dreamhost right now..



PS: Spam me with your referrer links. Might as well make you some dough for your help..

PPS: I have a referrer for dreamhost, so no point in shariong that one...

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I'm with Bluehost. Happy with them so far. I'm running a tutorial site with upto 3k uniques a day and haven't had any problems yet. I had a quick scan at Web hosting talk before I signed up, and they seemed to have a good rep at that time. Here's my link if you want to check them out: bluehost..

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Code "777" for Dreamhost, a year of hosting plus one domain name for $9..

That's not a referral code, that's a promotion Dreamhost is running...

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Hi ::emp::,.

Try - you'll find some good reviews there on many hosts...

Comment #3

I use

Been using it for a week, no downtime or slowness..

Comment #4

I use myself. The owner can come off as a dick but the service has been great the 4-5 years i've been with them...

Comment #5

Webair is my host of choice, they have great support and speed.

#1 in my books!..

Comment #6

Lunarpages They are the best. Excellent service, support like no other (and fast). Very reliable. Uses the industry leading CPanel. Fantastico script library - has some nice blog scripts (I like fantastico, even though I rarely use it). Unlimited subdomains, unlimited MySQL DB's, unlimited PostgreSQL DB's, up to 5 gig storage (start with 1, but if you need more just ask, no charge for extra up to 5), 400 gig transfer, can have up to 10 AddOn domains. And so on, and so forth.....

Comment #7 only $9.95 a YEAR but don't let the price turn you off. I have been very pleased and have not had any problems. In fact I am happier with this hosting then my dreamhost account thats 119.00 a year.

Customer service is top notch too...

Comment #8

Wiredhub rocks. It's hard to beat. Fast servers and great customer support. 400 gigs of bandwidth and 12 gigs of space for $9.95...

Comment #9

The host with the most is Lunarpages! They have tons of space, bandwidth, a free domain for life, tons of free scripts, $700 worth of free CoffeeCup Software for everything you could ever need on your site...

Comment #10

Oh, cool. Glad I saw this thread. I've been looking for some good hosting recommendations lately...

Comment #11

I host with with and and am happy with both, however, i'd go with

You can multiple dommains on one account for the same monthly price.

Supports php. up to about 20 at the moment.

Uptime has never been an issue.

I can contact them through online chat 24/7.

If you go over your bandwidth limit, they don't just cancel your account. they email you first to ask if you want your account upgraded.

The only negative is that all of the domains on that account are on the same ip class. but you can get another account under a different ip class later..

Any other questions, just send a pm.

My affiliate link.

HOSTGATOR WEB HOSTING - cPanel, Reseller, and Dedicated Website Hosting..

Comment #12

I would suggest looking at metrics vs suggestions. RealMetrics - Performance reviews of online service providers..

Comment #13

Globat offer a free year of hosting if you know where to look:.

Web Hosting Diary: Discover Globat's hidden hosting deal.

I haven't had any problems with them at all..


Comment #14

I am with hostgator. Satistfy with their customer service...

Comment #15

I third LunarPages - Coupon lunar26 for $26 off 12 mo plans..

I also recommend HostICan - Coupon 30off-12 also for the 12 month plan..

If you want to use my referral code, PM me, otherwise, fuck it. Enjoy...

Comment #16

I have sites hosted on,, and Actually, I moved everything off Pair awhile ago and forgot to cancel. Need to go find some new domains and set them up there again. Been with Pair since 1996, but wanted some cheaper hosting for some testing. Love the $1/IP though!..

Comment #17

I signed up with Devoted Host - Main a few weeks ago.

They got stellar reviews by everyone on

They have been tracked on a website that checks downtime,etc. in 1+ years there uptime % is 99.76% or some shit....

Good prices too, their support department is responsive and always around to help.....

Comment #18

Hostexcellence and Godaddy obviously.

Lunarpages are okay.

Id steer well clear of hostgator....

Comment #19

On devoted do you use the $3.95 plan or the $10.95 plan?..

Comment #20

Check some host reviews before you buy. I had a terrible experience with (for example) and it could save me a headache to read other opinions before..

Good Luck..

/edit by SEO_Mike/ diegoid, don't try that link bullshit again. You will be banned...

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I use (they are European host) but in my case the web hosting company location is not an issue since they have web servers in the USA and Europe as well, very good..

Comment #22

I've tried out nearlyfreespeech (sorry I can't link) and they are fairly good. They charge you on the actual bandwidth your site used, so it's great for throwing up sites which might get the odd visit or 3. They have a free $0.02 of credit account that you can test out. My $0.02 still hasn't been used up while I've made a few $ on a one page site.

I'm also using TextDrive/Joyent but they've changed a lot, and I don't recommend them. Really poor technical support and response times...

Comment #23


Read the fuckin' post dates before you resurrect an old post, will ya? It's shit like that that'll get ya's whacked with the ban stick...

Comment #24 absolutely rock. I've experienced extremely fast hosting and terrific support response times..

If you decide to go with them, PM me for my referal code.

Even if you don't use my referal code, you won't regret hosting with them...

Comment #25 is pretty good. I've been using them for about 2 years...

Comment #26

Sorry Springer, will be more careful in future about contributing to old threads. though to be fair the post I replied to was only an hour or so old...

Comment #27

I'm with eMonsterHost - Cheap Web Hosting for Personal and Small Business for a year now and they've been great..

Comment #28

Whats the best yearly hosting? like w/ discount like dreamhost?..

Comment #29

Hosting's one of those deals where you get what you pay for. The cheapy sites tend to be fine for a while as long as you don't actually generate much traffic, but they yank out the TOS concerning server load if you actually start using the resources they promised with an asterisk and they usually have some (or many) problems down the road.

Jodohost has shared hosting starting from $4.95, but I prefer reseller hosting for my personal stuff because I host a lot of domains with a private label (on shared and dedicated IPs) and I don't need shell access or the like and, as such, I've been through a few programs over the years. JodoHost is the company I'm with now and they've been fantastic for a couple of years now. You'll find a lot of praise for them on webhostingtalk as well. For about $35 a month I get an H-Sphere platform (shared Linux and Windows hosting) with a very reasonable and realistic set of features - as opposed to the complete bullshit features that most of the hosting companies offer (they basically oversell capacity on the assumption that it won't get used). Jodo's support is excellent with turnaround within minutes, they're never down and the platform itself is really flexible and powerful. I've been with Plesk and CPanel resellers in the past and I've actually worked with Plesk and CPanel's innards (CPanel particularly is a nightmare to admin, bunch of gunked of PERL).

Anyhow, if you're looking for people who promise a realistic package and then deliver exactly what they promise, give them a look..

ASP.NET Hosting, Windows Hosting, Reseller Hosting by

I don't get anything out of this by the way, I've just been in the industry for about ten years and when a hosting company actually doesn't turn to shit for two whole years in a row I consider that something worth posting about, heh...

Comment #30

Fuck the big faceless companies, go with the little guys....

Only just opened an account with them, but very very impressed by the service and support at DSB Hosting - The Solution To Your Website Hosting and Design Needs. Dirt cheap and associated with a reputable WF member too...

Comment #31

If you find a host that looks good I can help you decide if you want. I like research...

Comment #32

I second

NO BS, Good people, good uptime, super fair price..

I was skeptical, now Im slowly moving all my stuff there..


Comment #33

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