Ready To Drink (RTD) Medifast Shakes vs Powder Shakes?

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Hello! I'm ready to restart Medifast after quite a few months. I remember my first day being okay, but days 2-4 were difficult. I'm wondering if anyone has used the RTD shakes instead of powder, just for a few days so that there is absolutely no thinking involved during that time..

Also, how far in advance can you make shakes/meals? I was wondering if I made five shakes the night before if they'd still be good the next day..

I'm looking for any suggestions for making it through the initial rough patch! Thanks so much, you guys are the best!..

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I take the RDT shakes to work and keep them in the refrigerator there. They are quick and easy and have a good taste. They do have quite as much volume as the powdered shakes make. I use the powdered shakes at home. I make them with diet soda and ice in the blender. I don't think they would be as good made ahead but I have never tried that.

They cost more but are very convenient. You can also buy the bars, pretzels, and puffs. They do not require any prep...

Comment #1

I use the RTDs regularly, often twice a day!.

They are SO much more convenient for me, and I think they taste better, too!..

Comment #2

I agree the RTD chocolate tastes way better than powdered. It tastes like a canned chocolate slim fast to me. But the vanilla? I did not like it AT ALL. The only way I could finish it was to dump it in the blender with ice and some sf flavorings, which defeated the whole point...

Comment #3

I like both the chocolate and the vanilla RTD shakes and keep them in the fridge at work for a quick meal.

For the powdered shakes, I mix them in the shaker jar and then freeze for about 2-3 hours to make a slushy texture and eat it with a spoon...

Comment #4

I bought the chocolate RTD shakes for a road trip recently. Love them. They are expensive as heck but you can't beat them for convenience. I think they taste better and are thicker than what you would get mixing up a powdered shake in a blender cup, which I would have had to do on the trip. They'll be nice to have in the fridge for when I am in a rush but the expense will keep me from buying them too often..

I would not make shakes in advance just because they will tend to separate if left for too long and you would just have to remix them. But for other things like soups it's fine to make them a day in advance. Medifast baked goods like oatmeal muffins keep for a few days in the fridge, or you can freeze them...

Comment #5

Make 5 shakes? Why would you do that to yourself when there are so many other things you can eat? All shakes is just making it too hard on yourself.

I like the chocolate RTDs a lot lately. I didn't try them until 5 months in, but now I have one most days. I seem to have gotten tired of working blenders.

Welcome to MF!..

Comment #6

I have tried to make shakes in advance with no success.

I was worried the RTD would taste like tin (like Slim Fast) but maybe I will try it...

Comment #7

I use the RTD chocolate shakes on my long school days for convenience. If I have a choice, I prefer the powdered ones because I add ice and they also fill me up a lot more than the RTD one...

Comment #8

I have tried the RTD chocolate shake and hated it, LOL. (goes to show you, everyone's tastes are different). I use the powdered dutch chocolate shake all the time and love it (I make it by pre-hydrating at least 6 hours and often as much as 48 hours ahead and then blending with ice in my Ninja)..

Nothing wrong with them if they are to your taste though - go for it!..

Comment #9

I like the chocolate RTD shakes too, but I do agree the powdered shakes made with ice and blended are more filling...

Comment #10

The chocolate RTDs do taste like Slim Fast, but not in that "tinny" way. They are packaged in paper containers, like juice boxes, so they don't taste like a can...

Comment #11

I make a frozen treat with the RTDs. Shake and freeze then cut off the top and eat with a spoon. Yum..

Comment #12

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