Rationalizing going off Medifast plan?

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I was OP and doing so well for those first 35 pounds and I just can't seem to stay OP to get the last bit off. I know my weight is fluctuating between 145 and 150 and when I'm bloated I really hate how I feel. OTOH, when I'm OP I really love how I feel so whey can't I just commit!?!.

Here are my 2 biggest obstacles:.

1. My husband. He is a big time late night snacker. He is tall, has a fast metabolism and sees eating together at night as some sort of bonding experience. I could eat a Medifast meal with him but by 9:00 at night I am out of Medifast meals since I get up so early. I have asked for his support before and he gives it but then is always like "just for tonight", "just for the weekend".

2. Death. Not the stress of people dying but just that there have been so many deaths lately around me. When my grandmother was dying from cancer over 15 years ago she said to me, "if I'd known I was going to die like this (emaciated from chemo) I wouldn't have worried so much about my weight". Now my g'ma was never obese, maybe 15 pounds overweight. Every time someone dies that comes back to me.

I was never morbidly obese. I would hate to die thin and unhappy because I was worried about every bite I put in my mouth. I know this is not a healthy attitude. Someone please help me find another way of looking at this because judging by what's sadly on the horizon I have at least a couple of more deaths coming my way in the next few months (cancer sucks!)...

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Have you read the Beck Diet Solution? It contains exercises to help you keep your head and your mouth where it needs to be no matter what the situation. It's all about behavioral modification, just like Medifast is. Since it's not diet specific, it fits well with any eating plan. I read it several times for the 10 months I was on 5&1. I'm still doing the exercises daily on maintenance. It's helped me maintain my weight and it's help make it easy. I highly recommend this book to you and encourage you to do the exercises...

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When your husband snacks can you or he step out of the room? My H doesn't snack every night but when he does he stays in the kitchen. I also have started making dehydrated zuchinni chips, they are so good. Maybe make up a bunch and if you really want something when he is snacking have small bowlful..

I am really sorry you have some more losses coming your way. Death is very personal and we all need to process it in our own way. I don't have any advice for you because I don't handle it well at all...

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Hi mominVA,.

I'm so sorry for the losses you've been experiencing. I can relate - in June I lost my sister to breast cancer, and just a few weeks later my grandmother passed away (and in between the two my son got married - a happy occasion, but still stressful). It's very difficult, and almost unexplainable, the thoughts that run through your mind during times like this. But the thoughts and emotions are very real, and certainly understandable..

It could be that your husband is trying, in his guy-like way , to comfort you.

This is just my opinion, for all it's worth, but I think right now you should do try to do whatever makes you feel the best physically and mentally. If staying OP helps you feel your best, you'll be better prepared for the difficulties you're still facing if you stay OP..

For the evening ... would it be possible to save back some of your L&G? I often eat most, but not all, of my L&G at lunch or dinner, and then rewarm the last part of it in the evening for a snack. Or, at other times I eat half my L&G at lunch, and the other half at dinner, so that I can have a Medifast meal in the evening..

Praying that God's grace will see you through these upcoming months....


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Wow all of this has been going on with me too..

My dear boyfriend helped me for the first 40 pounds but now is falling into his old ways which are really tempting to me. I have been struggling with the last 20-25 pounds for the past few months..

This year I also lost one of my best friends to suicide in June and a close friend's mother died of cancer last week and about a couple months back a kid that a lot of my friends were close to died of a drug overdose. It has been really hard on my head and upsetting and confusing..

We should talk more...

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So sorry to hear of everyones' struggles. Life can be so hard.

Mom in VA - you talked in your post about how you were never really obese, and not dying of being fat, so it's hard to stay motivated. I've felt like that on other diets myself - I would lose 20 lbs., start looking and feeling better, and lose my motivation. Lately though, I've heard so much about inflammation in the body, which is exacerbated by fat. Check out this article about fat and inflammation:.


Inflammation in our bodies causes all kinds of harm. It messes with our immune systems, making us more susceptible to illnesses. It can lead to a whole bunch of diseases: heart disease, hypertension, Alzheimers, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc., etc. I'm sure you feel great after your weight loss (yay you!!) but try to remember that every extra pound of fat is more inflammation in your body. The #1 way to control inflammation is by our diets! So YOU have DIRECT CONTROL over your future health! None of us is getting any younger, right? Why not get those few extra pounds off now and be DONE with them!! Then you can go into transition, and learn to eat with your husband in a healthy way! Think of Medifast not as an annoyance, but as a GIFT you are giving to your future self - in 10 or 20 years, you want to be vibrant and healthy and you CAN be that way!!! You CAN do it and lengthen your healthy years - the choice is yours!!! Good luck and hang in there. I'm just at the start of my Medifast journey and I'm so impressed by your success!..

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What if you feed your husband? Grrrooowwwlll.

Before my mom died of cancer, she mentioned that she wished she'd eaten barbecue pork more. That really stuck with me, and it took me a long time to figure out that it wasn't about the barbecue pork. It was about living. For her, barbecue pork was one of those things she loved but she rarely treated herself to, I think probably because she didn't think she deserved it or something along those lines. In that last year, we did so many things that she'd never done in her life, from going to a circus to sitting in a hot tub. I sometimes take time to ask myself what barbecue pork is for me.

I've had all sorts of food, and food isn't what my soul yearns for. The food was just a symbol of something more. Maybe living fearlessly, with respect for myself...

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Why indeed?.

I guess my question for you is why do you even want to still BE on the reducing plan? If you are happy with where you and and your weight, and it isn't an issue for you, then why are you trying to lose those last few pounds? Why stay in the reducing phase of Medifast rather than transitioning to maintenance?.

It actually sounds like you are a great candidate to begin transition. But remember, you DO need to transition correctly to maintenance. If you just stop Medifast you WILL gain all your weight back. Don't ask me how I know that. LOL...

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Boy, can I relate to your problems.... I did SO good the first few months, felt great, had alot of energy, and then fell HARD off the Medifast wagon. Haven't gained any weight back, but it's so hard to recommit and get back to business. I know I really want to lose the rest of this weight, but just can't jump back on for some reason. One day at a time.... and today is day one for me back to Medifast and a healthy lifestyle. Good luck to you...

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I second The Beck Diet Solution. It saved me when I was in your shoes and kept me moving forward. Good luck!..

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I have many friends who have maintained weight loss after losing a LOT. They all say the losing is the easy part...and that it is, and will be, a battle for the rest of their lives. So, knowing that, can you consider this "practice" for what you will be doing once you are off the weight LOSS phase?.

Have you consdered the 4-2 plan? Since you don't have that much to lose before you reach your goal, you may want to take a look at that, and then save some of your second LG to eat with him. I like the idea of dehydrated or roasted veggies. Kale and Chard "chips" are our current favorites... but you can have sliced LF cheese and raw veggies. Save a bag of puffs. If you do the 4-2, it is pretty easy to do that. someone mentioned. Really look at what you want to set for your goal. What ever you decide, make peace with yourself. It will never be easy. You're a strong one, and if you REALLY want it, you can DO IT!..

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Thanks to all of you for your advice and kind words. I think making "chips", either zucchini or kale is the perfect solution for my DH issue! I am going to look for the Beck Diet Solution next time I am at the used book store to work on the mental part. I know my weight is now considered "normal" but I think it's important for me to reach goal so that I know I did it rather than always wondering if I could have done it. I am going right now to place an order to pick up at the grocery store tomorrow of delicious L&G items so I don't feel like I'm slogging through trying to find foods I WANT to eat every day plus that may help me gain some of the enthusiasm I had initially about picking new, healthier items. It's clear to me the problem is in my head, not on my hips and as a previous poster said it's not about "a barbecue sandwich" at all but about living life fully!.

Thanks again!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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