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I was doing work for a member here. I told him for $150, he would get:.

Full tech support from me for one year.

Modifications installed on his site.

New theme.

Banner made.

And a few more things.

For an extra $75 I would transfer his hosting.

Now, here's the thing:.

He messaged me today at 10AM, while I was in school, telling me I had until noon to get 3 modifications he had asked for on the site. We never set a deadline.

This is what all I had done:.

Transfered the site.

Made a new skin.

Cleaned up forums.

Updated forums.


About 4/5 of what I was going to do. I never recieved the additional $75. He did a paypal dispute a few hours ago and took out the $150. He didn't pay me for the custom skin or banner edits or anything, nor the transfer. So I did all that work, and got nothing out of it. He is part of a PM he had sent me on the site:.

Any attempt to disrupt my site or the refund via paypal will be met with criminal charges. I am a former state trooper and understand cyber crime and fraud laws in KY (where you and I both live).

Is he allowed to do that? Tell me that all the work I had done already is not going to get refunded for, and also, if I attempt to take it back, I will get sued? Let me know where I need to go from here...

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He can sue you whenever he feels like. The questions is "Will he win?". Do you think he will sue you for $100-200? I think you should respond to the PayPal dispute. The founds are now held temporarily in custody by PayPal... It hasn't been returned to him just yet. I think you should definitely contact PayPal through the dispute process and prove your point (with any proof you have)...

Comment #1

Hi Jacob,.

Paypal is a bad way to accept payment for the most part try using Moneybookers, e-gold, or one of the freelancer websites in the future when doing service work for clients.

It doesn't sound like you ever agreed the modifications needed to be completed by a certain date/time..

Anyone can make threats like he made it's a whole lot more expensive to actually go about suing you than this service you provided appears to be worth. I'm not a lawyer, however based on the information presented, I really don't see how he would have a case even if he did follow through with that threat.

I would contact Paypal by phone (their email support is utterly incompetent) and explain to them the situation.

Best of luck and I hope this can be resolved amicably...

Comment #2

He can take some of the money back if he feels like being an idiot about it - I am more worried about the money for the work I have done already - can he legally keep it on the site after taking the money back?..

Comment #3

I would contact Paypal present any evidence you have that you did the work you did, any emails he sent you, invoices, receipts, etc basically, gather any and all information related to this dispute and offer it to Paypal when they ask for it to help you prove your case.

He can do whatever he wants at present because you haven't yet proved he did anything wrong...

Comment #4

You've been scammed definitely I agree. so in other words he get what he wanted without even paying you a cent, and even bullies you from the looks of it, he's expert in internet bullying.

File a complaint in paypal about those stuff that he has "stolen" from you...

Comment #5

He was on here, but got banned.

I want to see proof of where I "said" I'd have the mods done by today at noon. He can't give me a deadline 2 hours ahead of time and expect me to meet them - especially if I am at a place with no access to FTP.

My paypal funds are now at -$100 and I owe my dad $60, so basically, I am $200 in the hole - this is bad >.<..

Comment #6

You're most certainly right unless you had a contract stipulating such a deadline, he can't just decide to enforce that.

Contact Paypal and I mean ASAP. They're the only ones who can possibly help this get resolved and help you get your money back and the longer you wait to do so, the less likely your chance of recovering the money will be.

I wish I could say or do more to help but Paypal really is the only one who can reverse this decision. I wouldn't worry about the lawsuit threat it's a common scammer technique to scare honest people like you away from taking action...

Comment #7

Too many con artist nowadays and huge company like paypal are confused don't know where to side in doing this they helped more frequently the con artists to escape...

Comment #8

You know...if he really was a state trooper, I doubt he'd threaten you like that. One look at your picture and someone can tell you are young. He was trying to scare you and it worked.

Get your money back and don't use paypal for any amount you can't afford to lose. There is always a risk with web/domain stuff...

Comment #9

I would definitely agree! Go ahead, call Paypal and do what REECE told you...

Comment #10


He told me today he was going to go to small claims court and sue me for $1,500. He said he would have made that much money had I gotten the ads up.

I highly doubt a site with less than 1,000 active members and less than 20,000 can make $1,500 in 2 weeks.

Should I be worried?.

I also gave him his $150 back so he would quit whining about that. But how far can he get with sueing a minor for such a large amount?.

Also, he said IM chats and PM chats are legally binding contracts - is this true?.

I told him I would have a skin up by November 28th, which I did. He apparently thought that was the dead line for the entire site...

Comment #11

The guy is blowing hot air. It sounds like a scammer who wants something for nothing, then will just throw out threats.

In general people who intend to file a lawsuit would just do it. People who threaten lawsuits are full of #*&$. Not to mention so are people claiming to be law enforcement. If I was you I would just call his bluff.

First of all it would make no sense to sue for such a small amount. Second, I would welcome it if I was you. You have plenty of evidence against him regarding this scam, as well as potential threats.


Comment #12

Don't be afraid of him mate. If you're sure to your self that you did every work he asked for, he has no way to win against you. Get all your proofs and chats and so as the invoice you have so you can fight him back if he tries again to sue you...

Comment #13

I wouldn't worry about him suing you, but i'm not sure what more you can really do about this guy. perhaps you can post his info up so others can be aware and stay away from doing business with him?..

Comment #14

If your profile is correct it appears you are 17?.

I'm no lawyer but I believe you have to be 18 or a legal adult to enter into a legally binding contract and if you are 17 you can't be held accountable for any contracts you enter. I would also print the state trooper email and if he decides to pursue this then you have evidence of attempting to intimidate a minor when no promise of completion time existed and possibly impersonating a police officer in case he never was one, print all messages back and forth just in case you do need them at a later date, good luck...

Comment #15

He is full of BS.....If he was a former State Trooper he would probably know very little about cybercrime, this is a specialist department in most districts and would certainly not be something a regular trooper dealt with..

Do you know his name? If you do then call the Kentucky State Police Headquarters and tell them what has happened and that this person is claiming to have previously been a trooper. They will be interested to know if he is falsely claiming to be an officer.

Kentucky State Police Headquarters.

919 Versailles Road.

Frankfort, KY 40601.


You say he has been banned from this forum, maybe you should post his username as there may be others who have had similar dealings with him...

Comment #16

His username was JohnDeer:

He must be an officer of some sort, or know someone.

He had emailed me yesterday and asked if it would be better to call and speak to Janice and Russell, my parents, and had my old phone number listed. But he hasn't said anything else. I told him to go ahead and call, that they'd tell him what was going on too and that they know... They aren't too happy with this bully..

Comment #17

Well according to his profile he states his DOB as Sept 1981. This would make him as only just 27yrs old! He cannot have been a cop for long, if he ever was one in the first place..

It is easy enough to get a phone number, interesting that he only came up with your old one, sounds like Detective material! Lol, probably got it from an online directory.

You were right to call his bluff, let him contact your parents and he can deal with them. Just ignore any future emails and he will eventually go away..

If he starts to threaten violence etc then you should inform the police so they can deal with him...

Comment #18

He is a Scammer!.

Let everyone know what work you done on what site- Lets make sure no one ever deals with him again.



Comment #19

Since he wasn't satisfied and has paid you nothing, you owe him nothing. End of story.

As far as PayPal - it's better to let have his money back then being his slave.

In the future, don't over-promise, because people will take advantage.

Good luck.


Comment #20

Paypal was taking the $150 from my bank account. I don't want this guy to have a penny. I cancelled my bank account and un hooked it from my Paypal and will be closing my Paypal A.S.A.P.

I called him on his bluff of sueing me and he hasn't done anything about it I think I scared him by showing him I wasn't scared...

Comment #21

You have an iTrader here of 24, of which it appears in the majority of them, you are the seller...

Hope you don't rely on PayPal for payment, because selling here without PayPal, especially for low dollar domains, is very difficult...

You will lose sales. Is that worth $100?.

While I dislike PayPal, this is one those situations, IMHO, in which PayPal is doing you a favor - let the guy have his money back and be done with him.

If PayPal can't refund him, you're going to owe both him money and PayPal money. What a mess!.

My suggestion is to unclose your bank account; create a new one. And get the PayPal balance settled and back into good standing - otherwise, in the longrun, you'll likely lose way more than $100 in future sales.

Good luck.


Comment #22

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