Products like Medifast with no soy?

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I'd like to lose some weight again, but I'm rather leery subsisting on GMO soy again. Last time I used Medifast, I lost lots of weight and generally felt great, but my periods went from 7 days to 9, and they were heavier. Interestingly, that is exactly what a Mercola article about GMO soy said would happen. From the article: "Dr. Ewen also pointed out that the changes in the rats, if extrapolated to humans, might lead to abnormally heavy or longer menstrual periods (menorrhagia)." The article is at

Does anyone know of any great products like Medifast that are made from organic soy?..

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What about the non-soy products, like the whey protein ones? Or is it that you definitely want soy, but just organic?.

Good luck!!..

Comment #1

Use the non-soy list of Medifast foods. It's available on the Medifast website..

As for organic, well, you're pretty close to a healthy weight already. Maybe South Beach is a better diet for you. For those of us who are at or started at life-threatening levels of obesity, 5&1 is boot camp to get out of the danger zone. When we get our eating habits under control and our weight into a manageable range, then we can stop eating space food and switch to more fresh organic foods if that's our thing..

This diet works. When your obesity has sucked most of the joy out of your life, crippled your ability to do fun things that "normal people" can do, and is giving you dangerous health conditions - then, it's best not to obsess too much about what's in the packets. They work, they keep our bodies healthier than they were on junk food, and they work.

Have a great day!..

Comment #2

This is very true. I see Medifast as my boot camp. I wasn't always heavy, so I know what proper nutrition and food management entail. I just need to get my butt back where I had always been, up until 4 years ago.

If you are interested in a healthy organic diet, you may want to consider going vegetarian or vegan. I was a vegetarian for 15 years...the healthiest, slimmest years of my life. Until, out of the blue, I started eating meat and other fatty animal products four years ago. I am seriously considering going back to that lifestyle once I reach goal on MF. But, I do love my cheese and chicken, so it will be tough at first. Also, I am diabetic, so a vegan diet was suggested to me.

You may find something that suits you. Good luck!..

Comment #3

You know that's weird. This month, mine was probably 2-3 days longer than usual. Not bad, just longer. It never occurred to me that it was the food...

Comment #4

High intake of milk protein (casein) is correlated with increased cancer risk, so that's out. After reading The China Study, I've decided to pursue a plant based diet for health reasons. I'm doing well with it, but I'm still gaining weight when I'm not "dieting.".

Apparently, from the article, soy is fine if it's not GMO, so organic soy would be ideal. The scientists aren't sure if the real problem is the genetic modification of the soy or the Round Up that is sprayed on the GMO crops. Neither of these would be problems with organic soy..

I was maintaining my weight fairly well after my last round of Medifast last year. Then I tried something called the Master Cleanse at the beginning of the year. I have had serious problems maintaining my weight without "dieting" since then. Seriously, the Master Cleanse broke my metabolism. As for whether Medifast works, I would be the first to tell you that it does. I even set up a site to show my results at

I could not in good conscience sell a product that I suspected of causing me health problems...

Comment #5

Sounds like you need a naturopath. I have never seen an organic "weight loss" product even similar to MF..

I'm sure I'll get blasted for this, but I find it completely inappropriate that you post on the Medifast site how much you dislike the products and ask Medifast users to suggest other products to use in their place...

Comment #6

DITTO! For what it's worth, my daughter is a Naturpathic Dr and is HUGE into clean eating (5 ingredients or less) and eats almost strictly organic.

That said, SHE told me to go on MF. Why? Uhm, die of obesity-pretty much a given or one of it's side effects OR go on Medifast for a few months and get healthy. No one dies, IMHO, from GMO Soy. ANd 2 days extra period? SMALL PRICE!.

I am now 128 and FEEL FAN-SLIM-TASTIC!..

Comment #7

It's also kind of the most pointless question ever asked. "Hey, all you people who are gathered here using this product that is working for you, could you tell me about some other better product you're all not using because I'm just assuming you're too stupid to stop eating poisons even when you know about other better options?".

Not really a great place to start from...

Comment #8

I just read the link you posted and your story. Maybe you need to read it! Look at what you say Medifast did for you! Your OFF BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS!!! HELLLOOOOO! Your quoting some research about Casien "may" increase cancer-HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE FOR SURE KILLS! NO DOUBTS! And as far as Medifast "causing" your hormone problems? Your in your 40's! That is normal for this age to have some "hormonal stuff" going on! You state you never felt better than when on MF, so I am CONFUSED???!!!!.

Not trying to pick on you, but seriously, you need to read your posts AND your story. They just totally conflict..

Maybe you should call your coaches and get on a call with Nutritional Support. I think your questions are WAY more than any of us are qualified to handle. You may also ask your coaches to contact Dr Anderson to address your concerns...

Comment #9

And, one more thing to perhaps think about. It sounds from your posting and story, your looking for the "perfect pill". Sorry honey, there isnt one! MF, by your own words in your story, was the best thing and only thing you said worked best/easiet/fastest..

I say, get on Medifast again, GET SERIOUS, STOP FLIPPING AROUND TO DIFFERENT PROGRAMS AND GET THE WEIGHT OFF. THEN, go eat your clean, organic food. If you are so serious about "eating clean/organic" you wont gain the weight back...

Comment #10

I'm sorry. This post sounded too familiar. Yes I was right. I read back though your previous posts. I have heard this before from you. Seems to me you have been questioning the Medifast program since day one.

I don't understand what you want from us. Quite frankly, I don't think there is an answer here for you and hasn't been in the 2 years you've been asking for one. Sorry. Medifast is Medifast as Medifast is. That is not going to change no matter how much research you post about organic, GMO & whatever else..

Take a look thru previous posts:..

Comment #11

Other products produce both a conventional and an organic version. I think it's time Medifast did the same, especially with more and more research coming in saying there are serious problems with the GMO soy. I like everything about the product EXCEPT what happened to my reproductive system while I was using the products. It would be so easy for Medifast to correct the problem. All they'd have to do is change the sourcing of the beans...

Comment #12

I should probably update the story. Since it was written, I tried another diet and lost 20.8# in 6 weeks on it. The best I did with Medifast was 13.6# in 6 weeks, which is still pretty good. And I should probably update my siggy. The pink bar is my progress on the other diet. Progress on the diet was good, but I've had trouble getting the results to hold...

Comment #13

I ALWAYS LOVE reading your remarks...I am not that functionally pointed until well into the morning!..

Comment #14

Ani Phylo has some great raw foods cookbooks, she also has a website. I am going through her books looking for some great green recipes. Their are many good raw food sites that may give you some information. I have tried some of her recipes before and I think they are great along with drinking coconut water and making my own milk mix with water, almonds and figs or dates. I think it is a great program to follow if you are eating alone but none of my family would even try the things I made. After medifast I hope to use a lot of her ideas in my new eating plan..

As for soy and the side effects for me I figure I can mix up my meals so they are not all soy and after all the junk food and sugar I abused my body with soy is the least of my worries..


Comment #15

Remember that losing FAT can release stored estrogen which can also impact your cycle. Also, as one nears menopause, cycles can change. It might be the GMO soy, but it also might be one of these factors.

If you are that worried, EAT CLEAN, exercise five hours per week (including lifting moderately heavy) and stay away from fads like master cleanse...

Comment #16

This exactly. There are 2 excellent points in here that may have more to do with it than a particular diet or program. I suggest reading some of Dr. Lee's books about premenopause and perimenopause. It provides alot of information regarding estrogen's role in all different physical and emotional symptoms.

As for me, since I've been on program, my cycle has been consistent as it was before I started. The difference is that I have not been using supplemental progesterone for the past 2 months to counterbalance the extra estrogen in my system...

Comment #17

Hi All,.

I'd like to offer a perspective from the grower/farmer. I grew up on an organic farm/ranch and have been a part of my family business for 30+ years. We grow many organic grains, seeds, beans etc. for commercial use.

To grow anything organically takes an incredible amount of time, attention, patience, money and guts. It is hard to do, period. The farmers biggest culprits are weeds. It's a never ending battle to keep them down so that the crop can flourish and yields will be high. This is done through field rotation, strategically timed planting and friendly insect placement. This is why the majority of farmers opt for an easier way to grow crops.

OK, on to the rest of the story. Soy did not find widespread favor with the American public until 15-20 years ago. Other than vegetarians or the 'granola' types, not many of us cared about it. Why? Because they were hard to grow, not many farmers grew them and supplies were limiteduntil they found a way to protect the beanGMO. So today, there is virtually no prepared food product that has not been touched by soy, either GMO or organicit's everywhere.

Without it, would there even be a Medifast? The prevalence of soy has allowed Medifast to bring this program to many of us who would otherwise struggle, stumble and still be fat. You know my background; does it bother me? No, not for a minute, because I know what great things soy can do and for the relatively short amount of time I'll spend with this GMO product, and the great results it has produced, it's a very small concern. If given the choice, I'll still pick organic every time, but the good the program has brought to many of us far outweighs the bad..

Now for some more good news! Researchers have produced an organic, non-GMO soybean that is much hardier, resistant to weeds and produces higher yields. Field tests have proved favorable with farmers and within 2-3 years, THIS will be the bean of choice and will find it's way into our food supplies. I have no reason to believe Medifast won't jump on board if given the opportunity..

Also, one last thing. If you are overly concerned about GMO soy in your body, there is some research (I'm not a doctor, but I know some), that the lignans in ground flax seed have properties which bind to toxins and carry them out of your body.

I encourage you all to do your own researchit is important. Wishing you all good health and success...

Comment #18

God Bless you for what you are doing and for sticking with the family farming business. So many of the young people opt out.

I was going to post to this thread, (troll maybe) about the flax seeds. I see you added that, too..

Cowgirl, thanks for all your help keeping us all honest here..

Hershey, your research and wisdom with specific health issues continues to amaze me..

Freya - You know what I think of you, nuff said!.

Adlele, Honey YOU rock!.

MT Bagging up the food now, and will stop the feeding. bhwhaaaaaa!.

Hugs and Peace out (copyright CallofDuty)..

Comment #19

I think it is totally inappropriate to try to sway medifast customers to go to a naturopath on the medifast board. It is totally inappropriate to push people away from the medifast support when they are on the program in my opinion. If medifast isnt working for someonei still think it is still inappropriate to try and talk others away from medifast and toward a naturopath. It Why are posters selling naturopath to customers of medifast. I think that is irresponsible...just my opinion..

Comment #20

Go medifast I think you are great anyway.

Stay with it it works..

Comment #21

First margarine was good for you, then margarine is the devil. First coffee is evil, then it has health benefits. First no one cared what was in eggs, they just thanked the good Lord for providing them (and chickens too!) and then some scientist came along and determined that eggs were bad for you (cholesterol). Then a study proved no, eggs aren't bad for you as long as you eat the whole thing, because there are elements in the whites that counteract any negative aspect from the yolks, which in essence really just make it a perfect food. Then wine is good for you because of the reservatrol (so they think) so now you can eat reservatrol capsules with as much reservatrol as you would find in 100 glasses of wine.

All science has a bias. Everyone who does a study wants to prove something. Then the media gets involved and skews the findings through their own filter. The bottom line is you could be running in circles your whole life worrying about what the latest greatest study just said about such and so, and stay obese, or you can throw your lot in with 20 years of proven track record and a happier healthier you..

Your choice...

Comment #22


It is my opinion you are giving medical advise on here. In my opinion that is not responsible. Hormones area a doctor's issue. Hard to disagree..

Comment #23

Thank you, De. I was holding back from the very first post. Completely inappropriate to use Medifast boards in this manner.

Blast away, folks. I do not care. Judging by the amount of gas people are experiencing (according to other threads) hopefully they will find some relief...

Comment #24

The use of a naturopath is in no way inconsistent with using Medifast. A naturopath is a type of health care practitioner, not a product. I didn't tell you not to use Medifast. I just had a problem with it and was looking for an alternative. I suspect the vast majority of you have tried other things...

Comment #25

Then by all means do your research. But you will need to go OUTSIDE these boards for that. I know of a GREAT search engine that will help you find what you are looking for. It's called GOOGLE...

Comment #26

Yes, you do have a problem, but you're looking for it at the wrong place!.

Insanity is repeating the same behavior expecting different results...

Comment #27

I hear theres a study that suggests everything is bad for rats.....

Comment #28

Chemotherapy is bad for you too, but if you've got cancer, you suck it up and take the medicine. Same here. Most of us have a serious disease, partly physical, partly mental, but a true disease. Would you go on a board for cancer patients and ask them to help you find some drug that won't burn your hair out by the roots? I really think the original poster needs to find some other forum for the discussion she wants to have.

We haven't drunk the Kool Aide (too many carbs maybe), and we are able to think for ourselves. But for this moment in our lives, we've chosen a therapy to help us redefine our relationships with food and drop the pounds that are killing us. I'd venture to say that those of us who do make it to the other side of obesity will eat clean and healthy for the rest of our lives. But for now, we're on this MFing drug and doing very well with it thank you...

Comment #29

Well, to play devil's advocate, what other forum should she go to?.

Is there a forum for "former MFers that found something they liked better"? I kind of doubt it.

I don't have a problem with people posting on this forum in search of alternatives to MF. This crowd knows more about Medifast than anybody else in the world. I'm sure there are *plenty* of folks here that have experimented with alternatives.

I guess I just don't get taking it personally if somebody else isn't 100% "I love every single thing about MF" who cares? If you like it, eat it. What somebody else says on a message board isn't going to affect your weight loss journey...

Comment #30

I wasn't going to comment but at this one I had to put my two cents in!.

I LOVE IT!!!!!..

Comment #31

Is that a generic low carb site or a recovering MFers site? lol...

Comment #32

LOL!! No, it's a really broad low carb site. It is owned/run by an internet nutrition company. The Low Carb Lobby is the general area, and then there are specific forums for things like Atkins, Organic Eating, Exercise...along with some off-topic areas for just chatting. They also have challenges and picture threads and other fun stuff...

Comment #33

Thanks, I'll check it out. Should be helpful for maintenance...

Comment #34

Hey! Goddesslynne! glad to "see" ya!.

Miss your posts here on the ole Medifast boards..


Comment #35

Hi Jeanne!!! I'm baaaaaack, after a brief hiatus, to finish this out!!..

Comment #36

To play devil's advocate, why would someone come to a Medifast based forum to ask about alternatives to Medifast? Wouldn't it make more sense to go to any other general diet forum and ask that question? Aren't they more likely to find people there who have used Medifast, and for a multitide of possible reasons, are no longer, but have found similar alternatives? While it may not be a forum called "former MFers that found something they liked better", I am sure that if you search any one of the many other diet forums you will find those people..

I don't know about anyelse, but I hang out on the Medifast forums because...well I use Medifast! Not because I use something else as an alternative. So guess what? I could not tell you about an alternative. And if could, I wouldn't be here because I would probably be using that alternative, not Medifast...

Comment #37

I'm guessing that for every person here that does Medifast 100%, there is somebody here that does a combination of Medifast and some other weight loss program. How many programs did you try before you found MF? This might be the *ultimate* program for many people, but for many others I'm sure that Medifast is just one more step in the journey to find a weight loss program that fits on all levels.

I like MF, and there are more items in the "pro" column (easy, convenient, mindless) than there are in the "con" column (processed foods, costly) for me, so I do it. But if somebody has a lot of cons and is trying to balance them out with the pros, I see no problem with asking "hey, what's similar to this diet, but with X?".

It's a discussion board, after all. Let's discuss. We don't all have to agree with each other, and as long as everybody keeps the tone polite, I don't see a problem with discussing things we wish Medifast had, or alternatives that work just as well or better.

I know I'm in the minority here. Then again, I've spent a lot of time on boards where nobody agrees with anybody about anything, so maybe I just tolerate dissenting opinions in cyberspace better that the average poster here...

Comment #38

Huh? Where did I say anything about the age old 100% or not debate? Whole different topic that I said nothing about so please do not bring it into this..

Also - it doesn't matter how many programs I tried before MF. I'm here not there, so for me Medifast was obviously the alternative to all of them. And that is all I was trying to say. If someone is here then they obviously are not using anything else because Medifast is working for them & there is no need to worry about an alternative.

An example: You ride a horse Western but want to see about riding English instead. Would you go to a Western riding forum and ask questions on how to ride English or would you go searching for an English forum? Or - you don't know yet if you want to ride Western or English - wouldn't you go find a forum that has riders of both disciplines and asked questions of both to see which may be the discipline you want to try and then go to a forum that is more specialized for the discipline you want to concentrate on?.

I don't know how to make myself any clearer than to say: If someone wants to search for an alternative to Medifast, then go to inquire & look at websites that offer information about possible alternatives. Someone should not expect to find out information about something at a source that has nothing to apply to what they are searching for. However, if someone wants to know about Medifast, then this is the right place to find the desired information...

Comment #39

One can know a great deal about one topic, without precluding a high level of knowledge in other categories.

People that have done their research on Medifast will likely have a greater body of knowledge to draw from about other weight loss topics. Particularly in relation toMF.

Who else could provide a definitive answer to the OP ("No, there is not an organic alternative to MF.") than the folks on this forum? Perhaps she just wanted to cross that option off her list now that she's come to the experts, she can stop her search for an organic soy based version. Because you guys KNOW that there isn't one.

I'm just saying that there is nothing wrong, IMO, with exhibiting an intellectual curiosity here about other plans and how they compare to MF, or if a fantasy MF-other plan hybrid even exists, as long as the poster asks in a non-inflammatory and courteous manner.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one...

Comment #40

Ok enough's enough. You & I know we could unnecessarily go back and forth on this all day long. You have your thoughts, I have mine, we both had the opportunity to express them. Now how about we both go have a great Friday! Have a great day...

Comment #41

Mercola believes that everything is bad for us..

The China Study has been debunked.

They don't exist. Anyone using meal replacements makes concessions. There are no organic meal replacements. You have a choice of whey protein or soy protein and a choice between lesser known sources or well-researched ones like MF.

If clean eating is of great importance to you, check out paleo sites or The Weston A Price Foundation. For further exploration on meal replacements, try lowcarbfriends or 3fatchicks...

Comment #42

Do you know what MOST rats die from? Cancer. The average life expectancy of rats is 2 or 3 years. So ANY study that lasts longer than several months will most likely find cancerous cells in a rat.

Completely off topic- but I had to share...

Comment #43

Troll: any poster that disagrees with the posters that answer EVERY post and their groupies!.

It is sickening to see the name calling in here when one poster cant force another to share their opinion..

In my opinion, when troll is used it means the person calling a poster"troll" has run out of facts to exert their point, so they say troll to insult and stop the opposing debate.

Debating and discussing have no name calling. When there is name calling it is called bullying!..

Comment #44

You felt the need to bump a thread that died off 8 days ago just to continue an argument? Really?.

Would you prefer "instigator" over "troll?"..

Comment #45

I dont have your time to be on here every day.

Your response proves my point 1000 times better than I could have ever done..

Have a great day...

Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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