GoDaddy user reviews : Should I pay for GoDaddy?? Probable Dispute with Registrar or/and Its Reseller?

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Hi guys,.

At present I'm involved in some serious issue related to my domains.

In brief:.

For few months, I had a business with a reseller of some large domain registrar. I've spent few thousands of dollars for domain registrations, both gtlds and cctlds.

Some time ago, suddenly, my account has been locked by the registrar. Registrar notified me that they haven't received any money for my domains from the reseller. It means that they haven't received any money for the domains I've registered, say, 5 months ago. Now, the register says that, according to ICANN rules, I have to pay all the money directly to the registrar. Otherwise, the domains will be deleted. In other words, I have to pay for my domains twice.

All the domains are resolving now, the whois data reflect my current information. The expiration dates start in the middle of 2010.

I understand that I can start some legal actions against the reseller.

What is not completely clear for me, is:.

1. Is it according to the ICANN rules that I have to pay to the registrar in such a case?.

2. What kind of international/national institutions can address such issue, excluding ICANN? I'm living in the US now and the registrar has a business in the US..

3. Do I have the case if I hire a lawyer? As I said, I understand what I can do against the reseller so I'm trying to understand the registrar's responsibility in this situation.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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According to this ICANN mailing list post, rules governing resellers were updated recently (August 2009). Because the rules apply to registrars starting on their renewal date, some registrars are bound by the new rules, while many are still bound by the old rules. I haven't looked at the legalese in question, but it seems unlikely that, as your registrar said, "according to ICANN rules, [you] have to pay all the money directly to the registrar". I'm not sure what organization could resolve your dispute, though.

Who is the registrar, and who is the reseller in question?..

Comment #1

1. Not that you have to pay, but the registrar does need to be paid for something they spent costs to.


2. Other than a court of competent jurisdiction, unfortunately none.

3. Also unfortunately, only a lawyer can say.

Regarding number one: every domain registrar pays money to register a domain name. If it's reseller.

Indeed didn't pay them, they've virtually lost money.

Again unfortunately, your contract is with the reseller and not the registrar. You can go after the first,.

But the second is...sketchy.

Essentially, that registrar doesn't really have to do anything for you unless they're paid for the domain.

Names. Of course, no one wants to spend twice what they initially paid for.

Sorry to say it's a catch-22 of sorts. Only other practical solution I can think of now is if that registrar.

Is willing to offer some kind of discount, although they don't have to do that either.

Hope it works out somehow...

Comment #2

Thank you guys for your feedback.

Probably it makes sense not to disclose the name of the registrar right now. However, in my opinion, in the near future this issue will bring huge resonance because of few tens, or even hundreds of customers being involved. To my knowledge, the number of domains under dispute is over 10,000. This is just amazing.

But still I'm really confused: if the registrar may force it's indirect customers to pay twice in case the reseller fails to pay, especially during long time, do we need any resellers at all? Does it mean that the end users are absolutely unsafe if they register domains via third parties?.

My first 1000+th post..

Comment #3

Under ICANN rules, for the gTLD domains (ccTLDs are a whole different matter; they operate under differing rules), the registrar must allow the transfer outs at no cost.

Based on what you wrote regarding expiration dates, presumably your domains were paid for long ago; both the 5 day grace period and 30 day cancel period (a provision of many registrars' registrant contracts) have long since passed.

ICANN has rules regarding transfer outs (gTLD domains), and is likely your best option. Don't get drawn into the battle regarding what the reseller did or didn't do. Ignore all that extraneous stuff, and focus your resources on the registrar only - getting your domains transferred out.


Comment #4

Hi Ron,.

The problem is the registrar claims I/we cannot transfer domains out until we pay the registration fees directly to the registrar. If we pay, we can either keep domains with this registrar or transfer them out. At present, we have no access to our accounts/domains. It is the registrar that has the full access to accounts/domains right now.

Some of my gtlds have been registered in June so 5 day grace period and 30 day cancel period are in the past...

Comment #5

Those intimately familiar with the business, coupled with knowing how to manage domain names all by.

Themselves, practically don't need resellers. While end users have arguably more risks dealing with the.

Resellers rather than the registrars themselves, some manage to have good experiences with others.

The important thing, albeit no one's really required to do so, is to know what one's getting into. Easier.

Said than done, though...

Comment #6

More details on the above situation can be found here..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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