GoDaddy review : Advise I buy GoDaddy?? Pretty Sure I got scammed...

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I sell domains on ebay from time to time, and it's always been pretty smooth and I've never had any real problems until the other day..

I got an email from Paypal saying that $61.00 was put on hold in my account due to an unauthorized charge. I thought this was odd so I checked what sell it had come from, and It was from a domain that I regd on 9/26/08 and then sold to someone in the beginning of October. After the sell, they left me positive feedback and all was fine. I thought that they had possibly made a mistake, so I called Paypal and explained to them what happened, and they were all on my side saying that I would probably get my money back. Well, I began to grow a little irritated and impatient, so I decided to look up the whois and possibly get a phone number so I could work it out with the person directly. Well, their whois info was private, so I resorted to googling the address on the Paypal account and found that it was a business address for a travel agency in Brooklyn, along with a phone number.

They would defensively ask who it was, and once I said I was inquiring about a Paypal issue, the person would say "oh uhhh, they wont be in til later.." never specifying exactly when. It was obvious that the person was sitting right next to them...

Finally, I was forced to weasel my way into getting the right person on the phone. Once I did, I tried asking them what the deal was, and the acted like they didn't know what I was talking about and that they don't even know what Godaddy is blah blah blah...She was claiming that an employee that has since been fired had access to they're finances was the one who purchased the name and that they're the victims...

Well, then I find out from a guy I talked to at Godaddy that the /img/avatar4.jpg of the domain changed their whois info to private the EXACT same day they filed the Paypal claim! Coincidence?.

In the end, for reasons paypal says they cannot disclose, they ended up getting their money back, and my domain name is still stuck in some supposed unaccessible Godaddy account.

Any ideas on what I should do next!? This is the first time this sort of thing has occurred to me....

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Take screen shots as proof that you own the domain and file a complaint on paypal itself, that's your first place to work on. call on paypal to confirm that you've been scammed and tell your story back it up with proofs.

Are you able to record the conversation?.

After paypal, next to work on is godaddy, you can email present with proper screen shot proofs, prepare your ID and scan it back and front and email to them proving you're the first owner, they know...

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If you record the conversation just make sure you don't live in the following states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania or Washington as it's illegal without consent of both parties.

Good luck getting the domain back..

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This is always the worry with intangible goods and Paypal's current policies. I largely abandoned using Paypal in 2006 since something very similar happened to me. Considering how little money is involved, perhaps it's best to treat it as a lesson learned and move on. Moneybookers or e-gold are much better alternatives for online payment processing of domain name payments from people you don't trust (as is of course escrow service)...

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Sorry I don't know that, note to op: just stick with the screenshots just to be safe, since here all our communication provider are recording our conversations with them when you call up their respective help desk. I never thought what's accepted here could be illegal somewhere...

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Reece is dead on. Paypal is not a safe payment processor for Intangible goods. There is no protection. You should only use paypal with people you trust or are familiar with (good rep).

I might also recommend only taking Mass Pay. It requires you to have the money in the account, this means you cant do a credit card chargeback (which is why Paypal forces it onto you).

This is a lesson learned, and unfortunately theres nothing you can do about it...

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Why can't he just contact Godaddy, show them the PayPal chargeback, and get the domain recovered? This isn't much different than a domain being stolen because your email was hacked (which Godaddy will help with), so why doesn't he have any recourse?..

Comment #6

Most (if not all) registrars won't get involved in payment disputes, despite the fact I also agree with you in echoing there is little difference between a chargeback and an outright theft...

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It happened to me too some months ago..

Sold a domain+website for $3k , all transferred to the buyer GoDaddy account (the domain) and files on his FTP..

After few weeks he has opened a ticket on PayPal and these $3k has put in hold.

I had no problems to demonstrate to PayPal about the transfer (GoDaddy has helped me as well telling me who is the current owner of the domain even if the private registration had been activated few days before) and since they don't usually offer money protection on untangible goods/products, I had my money back after 1 month.

Later, I have discovered this guy uses to do similar scams often. And sometimes he has received refunds.....

Besides this kind of people use to acquire a domain and set the same administrative/billings/technical contact of the old owner. And sometimes demonstrating to escrow services the transfer has been completed would be really frustrating...

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I would say hire a lawyer.. but I'm sure that a domain only valued at 61$ is not worth the legal costs.

Honestly, I would just let this one go and try to learn from it. You could spend more money in the long run trying to get this domain back. Maybe if your lucky you can get someone at paypal to understand. The thing that sucks here is that there whois is now private, so paypal doesnt even have the ability to see if they really have ownership. Maybe there is a way around this?..

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PayPal usually always favors on the side of the buyer even in most cases where you can show proof. The last company I worked for we ran into this all the time even dealing with tangible goods. It seemed to be a big issue with international orders so much so we quit taking paypal from Canada and several other international countries. Whenever it comes to intangible items just stay far away from PayPal...

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Paypal is difficult to work through the gears to get stuff like this worked on. They probably were paid with a credit card that was stolen or chargedback. They won't do anything but take the money back out of the account. You would probably need to deal directly with this person. If you know where they are, perhaps the local police or attorney might be the way to go, although for $61, it may not be cost effective.

I sympathize with you, as we got burned the same way with a tangible item...

Comment #11

This is extremely frustrating for me, and seeing that it's happened to some of you is very disturbing. Thank you for all of your help and suggestions...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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