Pre-Packaged Medifast Variety Packages VS Customized Menus??

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Hi everyone, I am totally new on this. I will order my Medifast on Wednesday, so before I do, I have a question:.

What is best to start the Medifast plan? Pre-Packaged or Customized Menus?.

Thanks in advance for all the help you can give me..


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I chose to customize my plan. I ordered enough to last 4-5 weeks...

Comment #1

I chose to customize because, after I looked at the prepackaged meals I decided that there were things that I didn't particularly want. Initially I ordered enough for 2 weeks then ordered enough for a month. It worked out well for me and still does...

Comment #2

If you customize, you will need twenty boxes of food for the month. I'd order 21 or 22 so you don't run out if your order is late for some reason. If I had to do it over again, I would custom order. You can also order single packets of things that you want to try if you don't want to order the whole box...

Comment #3

I ordered the variety pack because I didn't know what to order. So glad I did. And now the variety pack comes with brownies, choc chip pancakes, and soft serve so that's very cool..

Good luck on your new lifestyle. You'll do great...

Comment #4

Nice that they changed it I did a variety the first month, and then have customized since. You'll quickly figure out what you like better, and regardless of how you do it, getting a variety is nice..

If you have thyroid issues, I would definitely customize, so that you can add in enough breakfast-like non-soy products. I had to up my second order by 2 weeks so that I could have enough to survive (since I'm not a fan of soup at 10 in the morning )..

Comment #5

I custom ordered. When it came time for my second month, I eliminated what I didn't care for and added in some new foods to try. I'm preparing my third month, and I pretty much know what I like, so I'm ordering more of that, and I'm trying just one or two new things for variety...

Comment #6

Whatever you do, order a few extra boxes each order, so you can build up a bit of a stock pile. That way if there's bad weather at the warehouse you won't be caught short due to a shipping delay like we had early this year - or was it last December? In any case, it's never a bad idea to have a few extras on hand...

Comment #7

I customized the first order but I could of gone with a variety pack because it's all very different and something you think you won't like you might. Either way you go you'll end up making a list of re-orderable items vs never agains after your first couple of weeks. Your taste will also be forever changing so just because you don't like the first pack don't worry put it aside and try again in a week or two...

Comment #8

Like everyone said already, I customize. It's more expensive, but many of the things in the pre-packaged deals I don't like much. I love love love the crunch bars and pretzel sticks and since I'm always on the go during the week, they're very convenient for me...

Comment #9

CUSTOMIZE! Many people order the variety pack to start, and it seems the majority wish they had customized. IF you sign up for the VIP program, you do get an extra free week of food for the first two months, so it actually becomes less expensive. And shipping is free..

You can order a box of anything that sounds good (you'll need 20 for a month) and create your own variety pack. You can change it each order, too. Personally? I love the hot cocoa, the chocolate and chocolate mint bars, the coffee flavored soft serve and the beef stew. NONE of which are in the variety pack. But again, you will find which things you like over others.

What ever you decide. Stick with it! You'll love the results!..

Comment #10

I'll be the oddball. I liked the variety package for the first month. It kinda gives you a good overhaul of all the different kinds of food - and I just read that they have brownies and soft-serve in it now? That seems even better!.

I liked that I could sort of go back to things and try them as my tastebuds adjusted. Not only that, but you can't really say what you will and won't like on this plan - not right away at least. Things you like in real life may not exactly translate when doing it Medifast style for example, I love strawberry milkshakes.... but the strawberry Medifast shakes are gross to me. I never ate oatmeal before MF, but I love my Medifast oatmeal. Do you see what I mean?.

Either way, dive right in and commit to the program 100%. =)..

Comment #11

Wow, I hadn't even thought about the weather delaying my shipment - guess I'm going to order a few extras on my next order. Given the winter that the mid-Atlantic states had last year, it's probably a good idea to have a backup plan, huh?..

Comment #12

Dear friends:.

Tabgar, thanks for the tip on ordering more..

Goldenfishie, I understand perfect, since I don't know what it tastes like. Thanks!.

Atransformation, you say we need 20 boxes per month? In the Medifast website it says 40? Thanks!.

Dolphin888 thanks. I might customize since I have a sweet tooth.

Kittykat718, what do you mean with my taste buds changing please? Thanks!.

Godesslynne, I most definitely will, thanks!.

WeightyThougts, thanks. I might customize because I can't have soy..

Aerielle, I'm thinking I'll customize, thanks!.

Norilee, thanks so much for your input. I need all the luck in the world!.

Cellis, what food do you like the most? Thanks!.


Comment #13

I ordered the variety pack for my fist order and have been choosing my own ever since..

Everyone has different tastes, so what I like you may not..

My order contains lots of Cappachino's, dutch chocolate shakes, brownies, hot chocolate, plain pancakes & oatmeals. Have several boxes of soup. I like the Beef Stew and Chili...a lot of people don't. You'll have to play it by your taste buds. Best wishes!..

Comment #14

Abby09 thanks a lot. This really helps. Tell me something please: The hot chocolate, the iced tea drinks, crackers and snacks count as a meal?.

So far my shopping cart is pending, but I ordered suppressing hunger shakes, bars, soups, chilli and beef stew for all month, but I'm stuck w/ the snacks and drinks, bc I don't know if they count as a meal or not. Thanks! Glo..

Comment #15

I hear ya Isha. I am going to customize and I will order for 5 weeks. I've read that the shipping is somewhat slow?.


Comment #16

I've always received my order within 2 or 3 business days, but one should always plan for unexpected delays.

The drinks (hot choc and iced tea) do count as a meal..

The crackers and soy crisps are an OPTIONAL snack, and do not count as a meal...

Comment #17

If you can't have soy, you MUST customize! Most Medifast products contain soy. Page 9 lists which ones don't.


Unfortunately, it doesn't leave you with a whole lot.

MF Meals:.


Cappuccino (both the Calorie Burner and the Regular are fine).

Hot Cocoa.

Chai Tea.

Soft Serve - Chocolate Mint.

Soft Serve - Peanut Butter.

Soft Serve - Coffee.

Cream of Tomato Soup.

If you can have soy sauce:.

Cream of Chicken Soup.

Cream of Broccoli Soup.



Cranberry Mango.

Tropical Punch.








Cherry Pomegranate Shake.

Dark Chocolate Shake.

Also, the Infusers are not meals. They are extras that can be added to water for flavor and either antioxidants or a calorie-burning caffeine boost..

Hope that helps!..

Comment #18

Thanks Aerielle, that page is very helpful. It's not that I am allergic to soy. It's that when I took soy about a couple of years ago, I started having horrible pain and leg cramps. Maybe this soy is better and It won't happen...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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