Pregnant while on Medifast?

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Hello Everyone,.

I know this has probably been asked in the past, but I had great difficulty searching and finding a post with this question the results always turn up entire threads, instead of specific posts and I can't search the entire thread of all of these to try to find an answer! (Incidentally, if there's a better way to search, please let me know this tool has not been useful to me so far.).

Anyway, as the title asks, I am unsure about how to proceed because I think I *might* be pregnant (have had some symptoms, but perhaps it's just PMS?) and my period isn't due until next week. That said, I haven't told anyone about my suspicions (not even my husband) because my early pregnancy test came back negative this past Sunday it was really too early to be testing though. You're supposed to wait until you miss your period and usually there will be enough hCG hormone by then to get a more accurate result. So, I do have an appt with my dietician next week and I was going to ask her, but I feel kind of funny telling someone I think I might be pregnant even before my husband.

I am concerned that if I stay on Medifast it might harm an early-developing fetus (or even embryo), but again, I don't *know* yet if I am pregnant and wasn't sure if I should confirm this before stopping MF. Please let me know if you have any experience with this, because it's worrying me that I could possibly endanger a pregnancy by not eating enough food for a (potential) fetus. Thanks for your help!..

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Please call Nutrisystem right away, they should be there now and they can answer the question quickly..

And, congratulations if you are!!..

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Thanks for the tip, Lynne I just called and talked to a dietician and she said it should be safe (obviously that still isn't a 100% certain reply), but I'm still kind of worried, honestly. I would feel terrible if I endangered a possible pregnancy unnecessarily just to stay on a diet. I really have to wait about a week until I can test again and get an accurate result, so I'm feeling like maybe I should just eat 3 regular-size lean and green meals this week, just in case. As long as I'm maintaining my weight and am only out of ketosis briefly until I get a sure answer, perhaps this is the best option? I'm still curious to get more feedback from others. In the end, I will just do what feels right to me, so don't worry about putting in your 2 cents especially if you've encountered this yourself! Thanks again Cari..

Comment #2

While there are a lot of chemicals and artificial ingredients in Medifast products, I can't believe that there is anything in them that would hurt a fetus if you continued for a week for your definitive answer. You'd probably be giving your body more vitamins and nourishment while sticking to Medifast than if you stopped. I would contact a physician and tell them your situation and see what they think. When you think of all the preservatives and other crap that is in the food sold at the grocery store, I can't imagine that Medifast could be any more harmful than any of the products people eat on a daily basis. Then again, I am not a health care professional and this is just my opinion...

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Well, it's not really chemicals and preservatives I'm worried about (I would do lean & green still) it's the fact that ketosis is not healthy for a developing fetus, as it uses quite a bit of the mother's food intake as nutrients for growing properly...

Comment #4

I would not worry. My husband and I had a wonderful few nights drinking way to much right before I found out I was preggo with number 2. We were not trying so it was a huge suprise. I was so worried. My docotor told me there is no need to worry... there is no true blood supply between mom and fetus till 6 weeks.

Not sure if that helps you are not. Do what is best for you but I don't think staying OP would be a problem for one more week...

Comment #5

The chemicals in Medifast foods are powdered proteins, vitamins and minerals... the same as if you were drinking protein shakes as a body builder, or taking a multivitamin supplement. I'm no expert, but I wouldn't be afraid to eat Medifast foods while pregnant. I would worry about TOO FEW calories harming a fetus, but if you are "just" now pregnant the embryo is still too small to have energy demands that can't be satisfied by your body..

Remember, most people don't realize they are pregnant until much later on... and those people are eating all sorts of diets, from very healthy to drive-thru everyday type diets. :P..

Comment #6

Understood. However, Medifast puts us in a very mild state of ketosis, not like Atkins. Here's a suggestion, try the 4&2 until you get your final results. That will get both your calories and carbs up closer to 1000/100. Once you get your results, you can move forward (or back to 5&1) from there...

Comment #7

Just incase you are with CHILD Congrats!!!!!! I bet your weight loss has a lot ot do with it. WAy to GO!!!!..

Comment #8

I am definitely not a doctor (training to become one) and from what I understand the main issue with this diet and pregnancy is calorie restriction. As most people said many women do not know they are pregnant for quite some time, but a developing fetus is still sensitive to many things. I would at least go 4 and 2 until you are sure. Why risk it? If you are pregnant congratulations! That is wonderful news..

Comment #9

If I'm remembering my reproductive biology correctly, I don't think the embryo would even be getting nutrition from your body yet. Also, when I was pg with #1 I had food poisoning and didn't eat for 5 days. The hospital said it was totally fine since the baby takes what it needs before you get what you need..

I wouldn't worry about it. You could always switch to 4+2 which isn't ketosis or just eat on the high end of your calories/carbs. Going off of Medifast without transitioning somehow will not be good for you for many reasons. Your metabolism has slowed down and your body needs help ramping it back up over time..

When in doubt, call your doc. Good luck :-).


Comment #10

I don't know if this helps you or not, but my physician (who is my health coach) had his wife eat 2 or 3 medifast meals along with her regular meals while she was pregnant. He liked the fact that it has vitamins and protein in it and it seemed to "sit" better in her sensitive tummy too. She otherwise ate healthy meals; protein, veggies, fruit and whole grain. They had a very healthy little boy earlier this month...

Comment #11

I wouldn't risk it and would up my calories if I were. If anything I'd add a L & G to the day. The controlled starvation aspect to this diet would have me more concerned than what's in the meals...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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