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I've used the S100 for about a month, and I can't understate the ease-of-use "fun factor". Besides the smallness and portability, there's something about the "soul" of this camera that draws you in. It's an elegant design that makes grabbing the moment very easy. I admire Imaging Resource's efforts to get an objective measure of cameras using the same posters and test patterns, but it's when you get this camera out in the real world that it begins to win you over. There were many candid "moments" I caught at a recent family gathering, mainly because it was so easy to whip out the S100, fire it up and go. What really makes it fun is the confidence you gain from the autofocus - as long as you see the focus light hit your subject, you know it's going to be locked on.

So many shots came out the first time, I often said to myself "my 950 never would have been able to focus". The S100 images may not be quite as sharp as my 950's, but like the review said, the camera that sits in the drawer doesn't get many shots. The ability to switch from record to play, and back again, is placed at your right thumb. It makes it very easy to not only review a picture, but also zoom in and look around the image. And one note on batteries...I never take my 950 without at least one backup set of four double A's, because the Nikon dies within a shot of the low battery indicator.

Once the little blinking red "low batt." light begins flashing, you can still squeeze off ten to 15 shots with a little conservation and quick power up, power downs. Not yet having a backup battery, this has saved my behind a couple times. It's the way all "low batttery" warnings SHOULD work...

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I question the comment in the review "The flash is a "single-pop" design, firing one pulse for each picture, making it compatible with normal slave strobe accessories." I have not been able to synch this camera with slaves in any of it's flash modes. The slave fires, but does not appear in the picture...

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I really loved the S100. (loved - because I don't have it anymore - I returned it) The design and the look of the camera is excellent. You just have to say COOL. It is fast, easy and light.The people and macro images were great. However as soon as there is no major object on front and you taking landscape shot, the image colors are very off. The greens tends toward dark almost black.

Some people even believe the camera is broken....The macros are excellent, with full color range. I also made few portraits with and without flash. It seems that in close-ups the camera creates the same skin tones (very real) with or without flash, which means the balance is good.I returned it because the internal batery wasn't recharging - everytime I took the main batery for charging the date and time was lost and I had to set it again. Some people also reported an Error E18 - some internal non specified error. I don't think I will buy another.It is very pitty.

Sure you can adjust the exposure on landscapes by aiming on dark place and then reframing, but this is not always possible. Let's say it loud. It is a cool camera , but you have to accept the worst image quality.I put a few untouched images here:.

Http://, these are the better images...

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I've had my S100 for about a week now. I love this little thing. It didn't come with case so I emptied out an Olympus APS camera and the S100 fits great on my belt. I recently took a short trip and the portability of the camera gave me an opportunity to take some nice shots.I've found that the "softness" of the shots are very easily improved upon by running the shots thru PhotoGenetics, which takes about a minute after downloading them. I don't find this any big hassle since I usually like to crop my pictures or enhance them in some other way anyway.By the way, the infinity option allowed me to take some nice aerial shots from the plane window of cloud formations.With a 64meg card, you can take over 100 shots in 1600x1200 fine mode.just my $.02..

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Already have an Olympus 2020Z, but wanted a small pocket-size digicam for my business trips etc, when I don't like to be seen carrying a camera.I love the camera except for two:.

First, color and sharpness not as good as Olympus 2020, even when resampled to say, 640x480 pixels or smaller (400x300). Foliages look too dark green. Second, memory settings dependent on internal lithium battery, which the manual says, will be lost, if the battery pack is taken out of the camera for about three weeks. Why can't the camera use some kind of flash memory to store the camera settings?..

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I've had the S100 for 2 months now. It had an edge on other 2MP cameras because it was far more compact and rugged, included a lithium ion battery, and had about the same selling price. The pictures are sharp and the low light capability is very good. A variable ISO would be a nice feature, as on the S10. Pictures are slightly undersaturated, but this is easily fixed in any photo editor. I generally keep it on a the manual setting to control exposure and ambient light compensation, as well as a fill in flash for outdoor shots.

Using the camera as a slideshow player directly into a TV or VCR via the RCA adapter is a big plus at parties and family gatherings, something I didn't really anticipate. The included photostitch software works very well when used with the stitch mode on the camera, which locks exposure (although this can be a problem if the brightness changes significanty across the panoramic). The fact that I can put in in a pocket without a case and take it anywhere without looking like I'm there to take pictures is far more of a bonus than I at first realized.An all weather shell (which allows use of the camera) is list $300 CDN, and an extra LiIon battery is about $70 CDN as of July 2000. Both can be very handy additions...

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I own a Digital IXUS (that is the name in Thailand where I live) since a week and I like the little thing very much. It is only 27 months after I purchased a Kodak DC210, but the progress is remarkable. Since I use the camera in bright daylight, the automatic dimming of the LCD screen allows me now to check my pictures immediately. Before I just had to hope, because the DC 210 display is not readable under Thailand's sun. What made me write this comment? I had read Peter Solmssens comment (quote 'It is a cool camera , but you have to accept the worst image quality' end quote). I visited the page he mentioned (using the name Albert32) and had a look at the relevant landscapes.

Two thoughts I would like to add: since the internal battery in his camera did not charge, there were maybe other defects in the electronics. Second: The pictures were supposedly taken in America where the sun does not shine so brightly like eg. in Asia. Maybe this camera's default exposure is more suitable for bright areas because I am perfectly happy with the colors of the shots: persons, macros and landscapes. Further I trust Canon would not have launched a camera with such a biased exposure...

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I always thought the sun was the same on both sides of the planet.. This camera is cool, my biggest complaint is the software is horrible. All I want to do is download the pictures to a folder and edit them with Photoshop. Why do they have to make this fancy, horrible, album software. It's really bad. You can't just download to a folder, you have to stick everything in an "album", and editing and deleting things from the album is slow and lame.

And there's no getting around it - if there is, someone please tell me. When you plug in the USB, windows recognizes the camera - it would be nice if the camera could just xfer to any computer by hooking up the USB, instead of having to install 50 megs of bad software. Did I mention the software sucks?..

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