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Your review of the Canon S10 is very accurate. I have wavered for a long time before chosing any digital camera - and now wonder how I ever mnaged without.This thing is so small it fits in your pocket. And, surprisingly for a novice, I find that the picture quality is so good that I very rarely use the superfine hi-res mode. Despite many years with SLs.Just go and buy it - this is what cameras should have been years ago...

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I came, I saw, I brought it!The European model comes complete with the power supply mentioned so obviously the consumer here doesn't need the "choice".

However, I've just got the nifty 340Mb microdrive from IBM and the camera doesn't want to know about itThe drive works fine on my laptop, so it has been moan to canon support time.The camera is great and I would strongly recommend it to anyone...

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I'm not sure I would consider the "auto-locking" battery cover to be a feature. In fact, I might pull the back off to find and remove the spring. You see, I found my A5 and A5 Zoom being powered on when I slid them into their sip case and the knob was rotated. By reaching under and sliding the battery case to unlock, I have elmininated that problem. I consider the manual lock to be the real "feature"...

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Got mine yesterday. I was also considering the Kodak DC280, but the Canon has some manual feautures and can also shoot in low light situations.It also has a CompactFlash II card socket, which means it will be able to read more of the upcomming Memory cards.Picture quality is great.The thing I don't like is that it's an unusual battery type (here in Europe you get a wharger and a rechargeable battery, though) an it only comes with an 8 MB card standard. (the store I bought it from gave me a free 6MB card though, so that compensates it somewhat)..

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I've been an avid follower of the reviews and sample images for well over a year. Great site - only objective, consistent source I've seen. Anyway, I finally found and bought the perfect digicam for me - quality picture, CF I & II, USB, zoom, small yet comfortable shooting and great point and shoot. Only had the S10 a couple of days, but am VERY pleased with results. I do think it is cheap of Canon to make US customers buy the DK110 separately and to only include 8mb cf. Wake up Canon, I almost bought Kodak because they include a respectable size cf and charger w/batteries...

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The S10 is a really great camera !There are only two problems:.

-The auto white balance is completely wrong when you take pictures indoors with flash (yellow skin tones).

-When you use the flash indoors and you have ambient light the S10 uses always 1/15 s shutter speed !! This causes lots of motion blur. I took photos on a party and 30% of them had motion blur.Hope that Canon will fix this... This time they don't acknowledge it is a problem.....

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I have noticed that many of the more recent digital cameras are being shipped with re-.

Chargeable battery systems. My problem is that I regularly travel internationally, and the re-.

Chargers (unlike laptop computers) don't accept different voltages.

Anonymously contributed on January 6, 2000..

The Canon charger accepts volatages from 100 to 240.

Anonymously contributed on January 17, 2000..

The quality of the optics and the mechanical design and construction of the S10 are superb and what I would expect from Canon. The user interface is slick and fast and the small size of the camera itself is impressive. The sharpness of the images is the best I have seen, even compared to the Kodak DC290. Now the problem: The color saturation is weak and color balance is poor, especially when taking pictures of subjects indoors with a flash. I purchased this camera to replace my Kodak DC290, but ended up returning the S10 after the images it yielded made my family members skin tones look sickly pale and all of their clothes look like they had been faded in a bleaching accident. I hope Canon can address this problem and fix it in a firmware update. If they do, I will be the first in line to buy another S10 (or S20?) and keep it!..

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As a long time user of digital cameras, I found the features and controls of the S10 to be superb. Its ability to accurately focus, even in low light, was excellent. My benchmark for digital camera image performance has been the Kodak DC290, as I have yet to find a non-.

Professional digital camera that can match it in overall picture quality.The Canon S10 DOES beat it in image sharpness and in the user features department, but falls short in the color balance area. The reviews for the S10 stated that it had "excellent" color and was good at reproducing skin tones. I beg to differ. Under just the right ambient light and distance from the subject, decent skin tones could be acheived, but they never matched those of the DC290.I found the "AUTO" mode to be useless as it consistently shot overexposed, washed-out images indoors. The MANUAL mode, with the flash always on, and White Balance set to "DAY" helped, but it still did not produce skin tones or colors that were what I would call acceptable. All the images seem to have a buish or redish cast to them, and skin tones were either too redish, pale, or somewhere in between with strange yellowish/orange patches in the shadowed areas.Although the review did admit that the S10 was a little "weak" in reproducing greens and blues, I also found that it was weak in reproducing reds and oranges, too (what colors are left?).

Canon only ships an 8mb CF with their 2mpix S10, and does not include a case, an a/c adapter or even a rechargeable battery in the kit. I realize they probably did this to keep the price low, but this is rediculous. An 8mb CF for a 2mpix camera?Come on Canon, show a little more common sense and courtesy to you customers!.

Anonymously contributed on January 20, 2000..

I bought the S10 mostly for it's small size. It was the European version with the charger. During the Xmas holidays I found the TV interface useful for showing photos on family visits. It is true that it is difficult to get good results with flash indoors. The flash is a bit weak and the color balance gets affected by any artificial lights.After using it for just one day, an internal sealing ring came loose and hung out between the camera and lens cylinder. In spite of what Canon say in the documentation, they do not accept returns for repairs directly, only through dealers.

I tried some other dealers as well before I found one who would take it in for repair. He said it normally takes 2 or 3 weeks, which is rather a long time for a relatively expensive piece of kit.Mine still had the original firmware that gives problems with the MicroDrive...

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Great sharp pictures, but the color problem is really noticeable and annoying, especially indoors with a flash. It seems the flash is either too hot in some cases and too weak in others. Using the "+" contrast setting only seems to magnify the color problem. I tried just about every combination of contrast, white balance, and exposure settings, but I could not find one combination that consistently worked for flash photos indoors.I can't undestand how the review can say color was "excellent", as even the outdoor photo taken with the S10 of the house shows the sky to have a false violet tone. Indoors it would routinely turn bright and medium reds to browns, yellows to oranges, oranges to reds, dark blues to light blues, and medium and light blues to even lighter violet blues. You can imagine what it did to skin tones.

Anonymously contributed on January 23, 2000..

Hmmm... - I went back and looked at the test images, and "anonymous" above is right: I'd stand by the "excellent" rating overall, as the color is much more natural than the general run of cameras we've tested. He's correct though, that it seems to lighten blues quite a bit. Looking at the MacBeth(tm) chart in the Davebox target, it looks like it also shifted a light brown toward orange a fair bit. Odd I didn't notice that the first time around: I guess I was more reacting to a general sense that the color looked good overall, particularly against some of my previous favorites. I'll put on the endless "to do" list to go back and edit in something about these quirks. (Likely to not happen for a few weeks though, as we're in a crunch mode right now, clearing the decks to get ready for PMA and the raft of 3 megapixel cameras we'll be testing.) Thanks for the note & observations, exactly what we like to see happen with these comments!..

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