Powershot S1 IS vs Olympus C-765
I can't decide which one to go with, anyone intrested in telling me which one and why? C-765 seems faster, got live histogram, 4mp, better macro but the S1 got image stabilizer. Any other cameras I should look at? The Fuji S7000 got the same price but bad picture quality...

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About resolution: that 4Mpx is just 3.9, while that 3 is 3.14. Not really that big difference. Image quality is more important.

I haven't seen any samples for the Olympus yet - couldn't compare image quality.

Life histogram is something I really do miss from Canon cameras - though it's not that necessary after some experience with the camera.

Note that if you're going to make videos, that image stabilizer is almost necessary. You can zoom during filming, that's good as well.

S7000 is worth nothing compared to those two.

Minolta's Z1 and Z2 is worth considering: good low-light performance. As for me, I will buy the Canon in a few days...

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I've seen a few c-765/c-770 images now and they look rather noisy.

S1 indoor images are quite noice aswell but I almost think the c-765 is even worse, hopefully af works ok.. but I don't know which camera I should have choosen..

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A user review of the canon S1 I recently traded my beloved A80 for the S1&. And here are the differences, which I feel make the transition worthwhile. This may be useful for those considering buying an S1 or the A80, etc. First, for approximately an extra $120 more in price than the A80, you get these additional features not present on the A80; 1. Sharpness, contrast and saturation adjustments in camera.

2. Exposure bracketing.

3. Focus bracketing.

4. Higher resolution LCD (118K versus 67K) with brightness adjustment.

5. Intervalometer.

6. Ability to move the auto focus point anywhere in the frame, manually.

7. In review mode  Overexposed highlights blink as a warning.

8. Metal tripod socket versus plastic on A80.

9. Diopter adjustment.

10. CF2 and micro drive compatibility.

11. 640 X 480 VGA movies versus 320 X 240 on A80.

12. Optional Remote control available.

13. Longer voice memos can be added to photos.

14. EVF rather than optical viewfinder (better when using Teleconvertors).

15. Shortcut button  User selectable as to function.

16. Flash selection button  Instead of menu control.

17. Better volume from internal speaker  For movie audio playback.

18. Leica SNAP mode  That works with LCD off (e.g. manual focus is keep).

19. 1st and 2nd curtain settings on flash.

20. No problem with external slave flash synchro.

21. Full time Macro  No need to push Macro button as on A80.

22. And of course that brilliant 10 X image stabilized Zoom lens. Dont be stayed away from getting the S1 because it is only 3.2MP versus the 4MP of the A80. In real terms (printing photos up to 8 X 10) shows very little difference. When you print a 4MP image at 8 X 10, the print resolution is approx. 230 dpi.

Only about 10% difference in print resolution! The lens on this camera, is the lens Canon should have put on the Pro1 at twice the price!.

It is simply fantastic. The F2.8 at wide angle maybe the same as the F2.8 on an A80, but the IS allows you to shoot at least 2 stops lower in shutter speed, thus making it a very fast lens. In fact, I have no problem shooting hand held, at full 10 X zoom at shutter speeds of 1/8 second for razor sharp pictures& The IS system is exceptional. The digital zoom is also quite useable. I was quite surprised to see the optical type quality even at full 32X zoom. Digital zoom on smaller lens cameras such as the A70, A80 is simply a marketing ploy and looks like a 640 X 480 crop.

On thing I was never happy about, was the poor viewing on the A80s LCD in bright sunlight&. Very hard to see. On the S1 however, it is a delight, and I no longer need to use my home made LCD hood. The ability to adjust the LCD brightness and it's higher pixel count certainly makes a huge difference. Movie mode on the S1, is simply the best on any digicam to date, howver be warned, you will need either a microdrive or a fast CF card to record at 640 X 480 at 30fps.

I also feel that the metering and exposure control may be slightly better on the S1, and compensating for this, somehow. The main complaint leveled at the S1 in this forum has been low-light focusing and the omission of an AF focus lamp. However, maybe I have a newer batch or something, but I have not had this problem. Low light focusing is exellent! After having used both cameras, my feeling is that while the A80 has a larger CCD sensor, 800K more pixels and is far more pocketable or compact&.. The S1 feels like a real camera in terms of looks (looks like a mini DSLR).

In my opinion, for approximately $120 more, the S1 offers so much more for the serious prosumer, wanting a great long zoom cam in a small package. Kind Regards Richard Higgs.




Pbase Supporter..

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The Canon S1 is realy is gods gift to photography. It's my third digital in two years and I hope to grow with it for several more. Everything that you read above by Richard is spot on. Go with the S1 is and go with god........................

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Re: Number 18 in your SI IS review on the Imaging Resource Forum. 18. Leica SNAP mode  That works with LCD off (e.g. manual focus >is keep) Can you clarify this? I don't see any documentation of the "snap" mode on the powershot site for the S1 (I don't own an S1 yet). Is this a Custom function setting using hyperfocal and manual focusing?.


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Does anyone use the S1 for action/sports photography?.

I'm looking to upgrade, but have read bad things about the image quality, and also the lack of resolution. I'm coming from a 2MP camera, and was looking towards at least 4mp in the form of the Olympus C770 or the Panasonic FZ10. But I do like the idea of still using my stack of rechargeable AA batteries!..

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A question to Richard Higgs or anyone who has used the S1-IS. Item 20 in Richard's list mentioned "No problem with external slave flash synchro", but camera doesn't have a 'hot shoe' and I have not see any mention of a pc outlet for an external flash (like the Kodak 6490). I am concerned about the weak flash range of most of these digital cameras and would like to be able to use my existing flash when the internal flash comes up short...

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How does one use the macro mode with the Canon S1 IS ? So far I have had no luck with focus up close. What am I missing ? Please help. Thank you, Carl..

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Hi Carl,Try this .Use wide angle setting and get lens front as close as camera will focus 40 or so mm min dist'. Using the smallest possible aperture will increase depth of field and assist with focus.Some users like to use manual focus as image in center the is magnified.Some times esp if using tripod it's easier to move camera for focus than to fiddle with manual shifting focus(turn off IS if using tripod).


To see some lovely S1 macros see Richards Higgs site on Pbase.

(search for him on in canon forum and a link is on his posts).

Here is one of mine, nowhere near as good as Richards. Attachments:.


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Thank you Brendon for the information about the Canon S1 IS and the great pictures. I will try your suggestions and see what happens. I looked up and found Richards Higgs sites and enjoyed them much. They are beautiful. That makes me think that I too can capture some great images...

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