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These are some very beautiful pictures. The detail, contrast, shadows, are stunning for.

Digicam. Such detail! I very much appreciated the flash photos. Indoor photos put most cameras to shame; I liked that there was no odd color cast to indoor photos as I see with many other cameras the whites remain very white. I think people really underestimate what a difference a full size flash can make like was used in these photos.Unfortunately, color reproduction goes beyond subdued, to fairly dead in particular the blues are totally unacceptable.I'm eager for a comparison with the new minolta 1500, which looks to have competitive image quality, inferior ergonomics, half the cost, size, and weight..

Anonymously contributed on November 15, 1998..

No doubt about it folks: THE RACE IS ON!!!We've got the big players (Nikon, Canon, Sony).We've got the demand (joe public).From now on, it's going to be a game of "one-upmanship", with one major player after.

Another trying to outdo each other.The winner? You and I?! Get ready for 2megCCD,.

3megCCD...on and on, as prices fall lower and lower!I am so glad to be living in such exciting times...

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I'd like to see the outdoor portrait with automatic fill-flash with the add-on flash. Canon's 35mm cameras do a great job with fill-.

Flash and would like to see how well this set-up worked.Also would like to know about attaching accessory lenses to go beyond 28mm wide to at least 24mm. Also how is the PSP70 at manual/exposure-lock photos so it can be used for QuickTime VR images which require consitent exposure for all..

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The unfortunate thing about owning a Cannon product is the inferior product support the consumer receives once he owns a Cannon product.Should any problem develop, you are left to fend for yourself in dealing with some remote repair shop.....which in most cases can't competently repair the item to begin with.For the kind of money Cannon will be expecting from the Pro70, consumers had better get detailed information on exactly how service will be handled...

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I hav been playing with the pro70 for 3 days. Somehow I didn't feel as good when I use the camera compared to my expectation after reading about the review hear before. Maybe this is really a camera for the "Pro". For sure you need some skills to get good picture out of this solid camera. See some of my pro70 photos at

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The raw image from the ccd in this camera is incredible! Better then a Kodak DCS 420. Even the time it takes to download a 1.9 megabyte file over a serial connection is worth the wait! I could not open the file produced in this "raw" format other then using the Photoshop plug in (from Canon's Websight) with a serial connection to the camera. I am hoping this is only a temporary condition...

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Although, the Pro Shot 70 picture quality is remarkable. the camera itself is more "point and shoot" rather tan "Pro". The video out ONLY works in playback, the Raw (best quality image) previews at a dot on the lcd screen!!! ( 1/2 " at the most!!!, the exposure compensation does not work on AE!! It's not possible to turn off the LCD in AE mode , even though the screen is uselessly dark! You cannot delete from record mode!, anytime you do anything on AE, ( even close the LCD the camera resets to auto! It need s manual focus for tripod use, I'm disappointed none of these import defects were in the review...

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The camera takes beautiful pictures, much better than my Kodak DC260. Does anyone one if you can use an adapter to the hotshoe to PC connection to triger studio lighting.Its drawbacks are previews in raw format are too small to make any kind of decision, the video out works only on playback and not in shoot mode, you can not delete pictures in shoot mode...

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The Canon Pro70 has by far (and far) the best imaging lens/software combination.I know that without good software the transfer of an image to a digital file can seriously harm and change what the lens saw.There is no need to boast about quality (though some do)if the images derived cannot support it.If a lens has barrel or pincussion distortion it may be that had to be small and trade-offs were to be made. I accept that! If you put pro-features on a camera this is no longer acceptable. The canon is remarkable in the lens department. No distortion wide and tele and sharp to the far corners. The trade off? To keep the lens small enough the range had to be limited. They chose a wider and shorter 2.5 times zoom range.

The lower color saturation is very similar to Kodak's new color negative film for professionals "Portra 160/400 NC". Higher saturation often hides focussing and sharpness defects but not so on the Pro70. No halo or other sharpening effects that cannot be removed by any software. Image file storage is truly proffessional like their bigger brothers. My wish list includes manual white balance, manual focus, a longer zoom (for products and full face portraits) a 1600 x 1200 CCD.

Kudos to Canon for being willing to produce such a high quality camera. I noticed that Canon stuff in general has been designed by photographers/designers not just engineers that tell you what you should have but have never taken a picture in their lives.To the editor:.

This I get from looking at the pics in this web-site. I like to point out how much weight a bad, rushed review can do. Do not post reviews of New prototypes beside established cameras.Like most, I may not be reading the fine print.Make a new page with previews/prototypes.Also tests for distortion should be done at intermediate settings on the zoom. Often a small twist away from full wide and tele makes the lens sharper and distortion free. Also completely uncompressed or the higest possible picture mode should be used to compare the resolution tests on wideand tele. Other resolutions are essentially inferior an d therefore useless...

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I am considering purchasing the Canon PowerShotPro70. I have not seen anyone comment on the FlashCard support. Has anyone tried using the ATA Flash III high capacity storage cards with this puppy yet? I have seen the Series C3 Flash ATA PC cards listed at really competitive prices.Also, has anyone figured out how to use USB to transfer images from the camera to the PC?Thanks,Shannon Clyde.


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You guys have to check out this site.It has reviews and images of cameras I haven't even heard about:.


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