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I recently registered the domain of [BODYCOUNT.COM/.NET/.ORG/etc and BODY-COUNT.COM WERE TAKEN]. Im using the domain to host a blog and forums for horror movie [thus body count being the name]. Out of curiousity today, I went searching to see what the other Body Count domains were being used for, and I found out is being used for some rapper or something. Could this lead to any problems since my site is non profit and no related to him?..

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And plus the term 'body count' was used for the purpose that Im using it long before he used it for his site or CD or whatever it is he's doing with it... I despise rap, and hate it even more now xD..

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"Body Count" was a song by Ice-T and it was very controversial, (even I loved it :-)....)....the authorities tried to come after him I believe(correct me if I am wrong).

Ice-T is now an actor at one of the popular CSI Series....sooo ....don't mess wit Ice T!!!! :-).

"Im using it long before he used it for his site or CD or whatever it is he's doing with it... "<this statement is just wrong IMO because he has some sort of claim because he used it for his business...unless you are claiming it for your soon coming funeral business...then you should be fine :-).



Comment #2

You don't know who Ice-T is? I that old now?..

Comment #3

Hahaha. I know OF him, just dont listen to him, Im more of a Slipknot/ICP guy. But thanks guys Just wanted to check and make sure ^.^..

Comment #4

I am more of a conservative that doesn't mean I don't know who Bill Maher is. Liking a musical genre doesn't mean you should be ignorant of others. I also suggest you keep your options open when it comes to music. You never know what you might like in 10 years. I got $10 says you stop liking Slipknot by then.

As for your legal shouldn't be a problem for your usage...

Comment #5


It starts with P like p***y.

She knows she's got it, she doesn't worry, does she?.

Spendin your cash, leavin you in the trash.

While your little head's thinkin, they're gone in a dash.

They got it, know it, that's why they show it.

The power of sex, if man could overthrow it.

He'd be king in a day,.

No way.

We get rich, hard.

Give it away..

Comment #6

How sad..I know that song and actually bought the album when it came out...

Comment #7

Hahaha. I mean, I used to listen to rap, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Eminem, etc. But Ice T was never up there, none of the NWA were...

Comment #8

I Think It was IceCube in NWA not Ice T, but I may be wrong...

Comment #9

Who knows hahaha. Ive never been to big on rap till like 8th grade [2004] cause my mom tried protecting me from it T.T We used to be a HUGE church family..

Comment #10

What's 'rap'?.

I know of IceT the actor. He sang?..

Comment #11

Body Count was also the name of the band Ice T was in...

Comment #12

Both Ice-T and Ice Cube were in an awesome movie called Trespass. If you've never seen it, it's definitely worth watching. Probably the best movie either one has ever been in...

Comment #13

Yes. I can't stand much of what passes for rap now, and have found that the stuff I used to listen to in college is now designated "old school".

Eazy E - The real "G"s -

Comment #14

This is gonna be sad that I know this....

NWA was mainly Easy-E, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

Ice-T was mainly a solo artist, though he did have a heavy metal band Body Count...

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