GoDaddy reviews : Good idea to use GoDaddy?? - transaction complete- WTF!

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I just checked my email to see there was a message from right away to request a cancelation of this but I feel something is amiss here?.

Has this happened to anyone else??..

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It is probably just some type of billing error. I am sure they will figure out what happened and fix it.


Comment #1

Something similar to this happened to me with the domain, I do use pool from time to time. But I did not remember clicking anything in the interface which would of had me back order the domain name. Fortunately in my case I actually like the domain, so I decided to keep it! If you have never used pool before I would definitely contact them and let them know you had no intentions in back ordering the domain nor do you even use there service...

Comment #2

This morning I checked my email to find one from "NameScout" titled, "Congratulations! Your domain(s) are registered with".

Perfect! This is seeming like it has gone too far already to get it reversed and seems like I am going to have some serious resistance from about this!.

I have only ever used pool once for the backorder system to try and get the domain recuk(dot)com and I also used snapnames to try and aquire the domain, snapnames won the domain for me. So this is just very strange...

Comment #3

It happened to me too when last week they told me that I had 'won' a domain which did not look good from it's appearance. But I am happy with it because it gets 150+ daily visits and has so far made $9.47 in six days at nd. not bad in my case...

Comment #4

Can you please tell me from where did you get this revenue? From adsense? Right?..

Comment #5

Of course, make sure to cite specifics. But any word from pool yet?..

Comment #6

I have had some replies from pool, after having to phone them to give them a bit of a kick to reply to me.

Heres how the convos have gone so far;..

Comment #7

Neither word is spelled wrong. Emigration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Emigration means leaving a country, immigration means entering a country...

Comment #8

Yes I realise that, I did't get my point across properly there. What I meant is that the obvious domain name people would be searching for is immigration. I don't believe emigration lawyers are too in need...

Comment #9

Does Pool's domain listing interface use lots of javascript / ajax? ... perhaps, there's a flaw in their interface that sometimes causes random domains to be checkmarked. Or do they have a confirmation screen? If they don't, they should, if they're using ajax / heavy javascript, because such interfaces can sometimes get very wonky - ie. if a person's browser is running low on memory and/or ISP connection is flaky.

Another possibility is an internal database problem at Pool that sometimes causes random domains to be marked as purchased for some Pool account holders, unknowingly. In my view, based on what I've read in this thread, Pool db issues is probably the more likely scenerio.

Regardless of the possible reasons, Pool should look into this matter further, especially, if there are many other reports of people getting billed for domains they don't remember buying.

As far as the domain goes - imho, you made the right move not buying it, since it probably gets little to no traffic anyways, and no obvious end user possibilites.


Comment #10

Your next letter should read;.

To whom it may concern,.

I have no more time for your ignorance and mistakes. Please provide evidence that this bid was placed by me, including the time, date, IP address and any other information available. Alternatively, please provide a complete refund for this invoice or I will be forced to do a credit card charge back. Knobs.

Best regards,.


Comment #11

Wow, this level of customer dis-service by pool support almost rivals that of GoDaddy...

Comment #12

I had the same problem a while ago.

They successfully secured a domain for me that I'm CERTAIN I didn't backorder.

I received the pretty much the same replies that you did when I emailed them. I eventually just gave up and took the $60 loss.

In retrospect I should have persued it and have them close my account in exchange for a refund.

I haven't used them since anyway...

Comment #13

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