Please see this photo..what causes this.
Hi.. I'm not real knowledgeable about cameras,and lenses.Hence me posting this link below.This is a photo taken at night,and zoomed in..You can see the particulars,when you go take a look..

You'll see the moon,and my question is about the ring around the (lower left quadrant) of the moon...You'll notice the (upper right quadrant) is fairly clean of this distortion..

I'm not asking about a particular camera,it's the image distortion (if you will) that I want to know about...I'm trying to find out,what causes this distortion to happen...Also why the distortion only is around a certain area..

I think it's caused by the lens.......hence this could happen with any camera,but I don't know what causes this,and I want to know...

Is this distortion,something that is dealt with by the term "ED" added to some llenses?Or is this caused by some element of the lens,being misaligned...

It's the way the distortion (around the edge) is only in a particular area of the moon that I am asking about....

It would be a different question,if the yellow glow around the moon was the same all the way around,but you'll see that one portion(the edge I ask about) is sharp,the other isn't. Thanks for any help here........


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It isn't a full Moon, so you're seeing the sharp edge at upper right and the shadowy portion at lower left...

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... the moon looks normal for a not-quite-full moon with a shadowy edge.Best wishesMike..

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It looks like you focused the branch, not the moon, so that's one reason. Secondly, I've taken photos of the moon and I would recommend that you use a faster exposure, unless you purposefully want the moon to be a bright spot...

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Ok....Firstly I didnt do the shot...This is one from the Review Photo sample archives of the camera.The review from DP.I had just gone to check the samples,and happened to notice this shot..I went to it first just for the purpose of contrast,and resolution.Mentioning this .... there isn't any contrast detail of the moon surface at all..

I suppose that is mainly due to either focus,or too much exposure for contrast detail.....

I also considered that the camera maybe focused on the branch......

However if the branch was focused on,the moon would have the same depth in it's entirety,not just on one edge.......So the focus issue was dismissed..

My first thought was it appeared as if the lighting was directional in it's source..

So to cause the moon to be brighter on one edge,and causing the photo to have contrast resolving issues...on one edge...Actually I guess thats whats actually in occurrence,in the photo....I suppose the sun light is from the left and lower over the horizon.....

Causing an intensity fluctuation.......being brighter on the lower left corner......

The lower left being the on coming lighted side,and the upper right being the less reflected side,making it appear much sharper in contrast edge wise.......I guess maybe you guys have more experience with astronomy than I.I don't have the equipment to do moon viewing up close... No telescope..

However I do have 40x spotting scope,and with open air viewing,I don't ever remember noticing this visual effect before.........Sharper to one side verses the other.Thats why I thought this may be caused by the lens......

I'll have to pay closer attention the next time I get a hair,and go out viewing the moon.Even at 40x .... I ought to be able to see this anomaly..

I can see your point,as to moon fullness,and at which time it would be more equally lighted on all sides.In which case I suppose it would never be totally equally lighted.... The closest that would be,would be during an eclipse..

So to sum up this point.... I guess total equal lighting from Earths view point,would equate to "no light at all".....???Yep.......I can see that. Or could I see that???? Maybe I wouldn't see that...

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Hamx15 wrote:.

I can see your point,as to moon fullness,and at which time it wouldbe more equally lighted on all sides.In which case I suppose it wouldnever be totally equally lighted.... The closest that would be,wouldbe during an eclipse..

Correct. You'd get a crisp edge all the way around just before or just after an eclipse. Thanks to the relative tilts of the orbits, the Earth's shadow narrowly misses the moon (passing over or under it) on most full moon occasions..

However, you get the worst crater definition at full moon time. Craters become more visible when there is some shadowing. At full-moon time, the crater edges cast no shadows. At half-moon time, the shadows of crater edges can fill the whole crater. The moderate times, a quarter moon or third-quarter moon, should give a "pleasing" definition of craters by casting nice crescent-shaped half-rims..

[ e d @ h a l l e yc c ]

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Ed Halley ????Are you of the "Halley" telescope reign.With a name like Ed .... and Halley ....... whats up???I guess it's been nearly 350 years sense,ya named any Comets.Thanks for the reply...........

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Hamx15 wrote:.

I can see your point,as to moon fullness,and at which time it wouldbe more equally lighted on all sides.In which case I suppose it wouldnever be totally equally lighted.... The closest that would be,wouldbe during an eclipse..

If we believe the EXIF data in the photo, it was taken on January 6th 2007. Acoording to this site, the date of the full moon was January 3rd. Those three days make quite a big difference, even though at a glance the moon still looks full, it definitely isn't. (Actually more like 2.5 days if you include the time of day).,Peter..

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