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Hello. I just received several irate phone messages from a man who said I have his domain name when he thought he owned it. He wondered if it could be a technical glitch.

Whois shows I registered this domain through Go Daddy in May 2007 and it expires next May..

I need to call him back, but I'm not sure what to say (and what not to say)..

Thank you for any advice -Tess..

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How did you come to register the domain ? Auction, hand reg, private purchase ?

If it was available to register, I can't see how he thinks he has a claim to it...

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If you're the owner then you're the owner and if the guy wants it tell him to add some $$$$ to it. You are the legal owner if it's not a TM. He may be pulling the bully trick on you just to get the name ... don't do it.

2007-2009 is way too long to think he owns it. Good luck..

Comment #2

This happens many times, I have seen it, people think because they buy a domain name once, it is theirs for life, they don't consider renewal fees and what not, just tell him, you were sold the domain name by godaddy, most likely because he did not pay his renewal fees, which point he loses all ownership rights, say you are willing to sell back the domain for an $x amount of your choosing if you wish to sell it...

Comment #3

Ok it looks like you are just going to sit reading the posts and not respond.

Good luck anyway...

Comment #4

It's also possible the man might've searched the domain name in Go Daddy, got a result saying that it's.

"available" when it's really not, supposedly "registered" and paid for it, then Go Daddy found the error.

And hasn't refunded him yet. Lots of possibilities unless more info is provided.

You can "acknowledge" his feeling if you feel like it. But if you registered the domain "in good faith" up.

Until May, then tell him that fact as well.

And if he feels an error occurred, tell him to take it up with Go Daddy as you have no foolproof way of.

Determining if such indeed happened. If the man continues being irate about it, then wish him the best.

And ignore him further.

If he continues contacting you and, say, you record his messages, keep them. They can come in handy,.

If ever...

Comment #5

Did you receive the call only recently?.

May 2007 is years back. I wonder how come this guy only contacted you recently?.

If you registered the domain without fraud on your part, no TM issues involved, then you don't have to worry...

Comment #6

Thank you for all of your great responses. (Exsedo - I didn't respond right away because I just got done making dinner and wrapping Christmas gifts - only 18 more to go!) I'm a newbie but now I feel much more informed about where I stand and what I'll say tomorrow when I call him back. Ya'll are like instant courage.


Comment #7

No problem. Don't be intimidated by this guy. He should calmly tell you why he thinks he has a claim to the domain. If you dont know of a problem then he is probably just trying it on. I would keep his phone number in case you need it later...

Comment #8

I've had this happen many times for names I've picked up in drops. Some people just don't understand how the renewal process works.

Most of them are so unrealistic, they think the name should be just returned to them for free, or the cost of a year's renewal...

Comment #9


Did you talk to the guy yet?.

I had this happen to me around 2001....

But the guy emailed me a very nasty email telling me he hoped my dog died and my house blew up.

He was silly enough to email me from his work and used his company email address so I Googled the company he worked for and got their phone number. I could here the shock and surprise in his voice when I told him who I was and why I was calling.

Turns out he was just upset because he let the domain expire and not renew it and was mad at me for registering it..

Oh well..

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