Please help me decide on first DSLR !!
Hello everyone,.

This is my first post so please take it easy on me!.

After discovering that I enjoy photography but feeling limited by my Pentax optio 5si point and shoot, I have decided to make the jump to DSLR...but which one.....

I have 650 and would like to get up and running with this amount. (as in, body lens (es), memory, flash (maybe).

As I travel frequentely the type of images I like to shoot vary. From landscapes, cityscapes, sunsets, people, macro (insects etc), wildlife....So I need a good all rounder with I presume at least 2 lenses to cover the ranges required?.

Bear in mind also that I am a relative novice and have much to learn about photography...It is actually this discovering process that excites me most!!.

So, I would really appreciate some help and advice on what might be best for my needs? I am particulary interested in several cameras I have researched...Nikon d40x, canon 400d, pentax k10, olympus e-510 all seem to be around my price range....and the nikon d80 is just stretching the boat but looks pretty tasty!?.

There seem to be pros and cons for each...But, I realise I can't have them all!.

Jessops have a deal that ends tomorrow.....Canon eos 440d black, canon 18-55 kit lens, tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6 di lens, jessops 300 afd flashgun, 4 gig cf card, bag, spare battery.....634 this a good deal? or should I wait a couple of months for a drop in price when new models are released?.

There's alot here! Sorry. I just want to get over this hurdle safely and make the right choice and then I can start my photographic journey of discovery..

Any help will be genuinely appreciated. Thanks...

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I wouldn't rush into that deal - I have no problems with the 400D but the kit lens is not good, the Tamron is weaker than the Canon equivalent (which has image stabilisation), plus the CF card, bag and battery will probably all be cheap..

Have you handled all your candidates in a store, which may be the Canon, Nikon D40(x), Pentax K100D Super, plus Olympus and Sony base models?.

If not, that should be your first aim. You may enjoy the ergonomics of one camera way above the others - that should be your decision-making process..



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I'm having the same problem. I have looked at exactly the same camera's and I can't really choose. I will be getting the money for it in may, but I want to choose now. So far my favorite is the K10D, but tomorrow it will probably change. I don't really like the olympus too much. Or the Canon as I find to get the lenses for canon's costs much more and I have had dealings with them before and they arn't all that helpful.

So far I like the K10D but I would be greatful for any help from anyone.Richard..

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I bought a D40x with the kit lens only to see what else I would need thinking it would be a 18 - 200 VR lens..

To my supprise I found I came up against the wide angle end most often, so my advise is don't get a big kit, see what you need and buy it as you need it, it's more fun this way too as you get to realy consider every item in your kit..

I don't think the actual camera matters much providing it's main stream, Canon or Nikon in mho..

Richard H..

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It has only one caveat, the low light AF is a little slow by DSLR standards. Of course it will still be faster than any of the all in oneders, so unless you're coming from another DLSR you'll likely not notice it..

The inbody IS/VR/SR/AS/SSS is pretty nice and Pentax is FINALLY coming out with some nice lenses..

So K10 with the 18-250 or dual lens kit 18-55 and 55-200 or the new 55-300 would be a nice setup for general purpose photography..


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Hi just to let you know that the pentax k100d Super is on sale at Argos for 279.99.(takes AA batteries).

This would leave you about 370 to buy a zoom lens & other accessories(flash etc..).Hope you find this of help..


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As I've mentioned before. You might just buy a camera and kit lens and never anything else. Or, you might get enthusiastic about this hobby and wish to expand out..

IMO, the only companies that provide a system of equipment large enought for an expanding enthusiast is Nikon and Canon. Remember you're buying into the whole system. Pentax, Olympus and others make good cameras, but just don't have the plethora of assessories you'll find with the two big boys. Moreover, vibration reduction is much better in the lens than in the body of the camera..

I'd get the lowly D40 to start with and the 18-135 kit lens. That lens is extremely sharp and you'll have a good time with it. The reason I suggest the D40 over the D40x is for the better dynamic range on the D40. I'll trade megapixels for dynamic range any day. Moreover the D40 has a 500 flash sync while the rest has only 200 to 250. Even if you learn to love this hobby and decide to expand, that lowly D40 will still serve as an excelent backup..

The best part is that the D40 is only $479 with the excellent 18-55 Nikkor and around $775 with the great 18-135..

On the Canon front, their entry level is a little more money but an excellent camera, as well. I'd skip on Canon's 18-55, though. It's very soft and not correctable, IMO. Canon provides many great mid zooms in the EF grade that do quite nicely..

I prefer the Nikon system, but the Canon system is great too..

Good Luck...

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Thanks guys for your help..

I guess i'll go try a few of the contenders out and see which one feels right.....

I appreciate your time..

La Poderosa..

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I agree with Alex....hold the different cams in your own hands and try shooting with them. I think Olympus 510 is a very good affordable cam (and the zuiko lenses are top!)...

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