GoDaddy testimonials : Should I go GoDaddy?? Playing arbi with

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Planning to buy traffic from hxxp://

Good? any thought?.

Got some questions here:.

1. heard a myth somewhere playing arbi with adwords -> parked will get your adwords account banned. Really?.

2. Any tips to be accepted to Heard gotta have 10 good domains, is this domains gotta have type-ins traffic or any other criteria?.

3. Ever parked your domain with if so what's your average CTR?.

Any other thoughts/tips about this plan? Please help a domainer wannabe here. Thanks..

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Here are my tips:.

1) If your traffic quality is shit (on parked) you will be told to stop arbi or account closed if serious..

2) Adwords -> Parked is perfectly fine (and actually appreciated/preferred)..

3) Depends on your traffic, my CTR on an arbi campaign there yielded 74% CTR (2 click layout)... this is over 5000+ uniques..

4) Please realize that's stats are approximate until updated (delayed 2+ days) and sometimes the estimate drops by 75% - so do a small test and then wait to see results, if it works then scale it and rock it hard..


EDIT: Traffic from revisitors is SHIT, do not use it unless you are bumping alexa or generally inflating statistics OR you know what you're doing.....

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Hey tob, thx for the reply bud. Got some follow-up Qs here if you don't mind.

1. Are you using adwords to play arbi with parked domain? If so how do you manage to retain your QS?.

2. Where do you usually get your traffic, in terms of volume and quality?.

3. What do you recommend: 1 click or 2 click template?.

4. What's your recommendation regarding playing a narrow niche or rather general such as new york debt consolidation Vs debt consolidation.

Muchas gracias.

P.S. if you don't mind please give me case study example here and you can spam me with your ref link..

Comment #2

Since this part of the forum is semi-private, I will give you a huge tip: content network -> parked. I'm sure you can find something where the clicks are cheap (content) and bring in a big payout (parked). Content network is soooo under utilized... big potential here..

I, personally, couldn't figure out how to setup 1-click template, so I went with the 2-click... and just blown away by the... (just checked stats) 71% CTR over 8,775 uniques..

This will probably take some time to figure (thanks to parked's delayed stats) but what I would do is find a broad category you can get mad clicks from on content and then push it towards a not so broad high paying niche on parked... I think that makes sense, you really just have to do some testing..

In case you don't already have an account:


Comment #3

Yeah, I agree with adwords on CN you won't got QS problem.

I'll follow that ref link for sure, and +rep for ya.

Btw, I'm sharing with all what tob told me on PM. Hope you don't mind tob.

I think it's worth reading, and it's such a waste if it's just residing in my PM box.

================================================== =======.

ME: Tob, about accepted into

I heard it's kinda tricky. So I'm wondering if you could talk to your AM there and help me got accepted. I got 7 domains for parking already and just need 3 more - this 3 is for playing arbi..


It probably won't be a problem - just mention that you specialize in high traffic domains, and are only considering the mentioned names for's program. I has admitted with... appx. 15 domains and I only setup a few. Give it a go, and if you don't get in I'll talk to my rep..

Let me know how it goes..


Hey Tob,.

Yeah I'll give you update later. Thx for the follow up. Would just saying to them I want to play arbi with this, this, and this domain help?.



No - I would stick with the fact that your domains ARE high traffic... (even if they aren't). Arbi just poses a risk to them - if you use shit traffic then they get in trouble from their upstream provider: yahoo..

Good luck..

================================================== =======.

I hope everyone reading this will have a clue how to be accepted into and playing arbi nicely. Well, it does for me.

Thanks tob..

Comment #4

I've been messing with this sorta stuff and trying to come up with some theories that work VERY well with arbitraging via parked domains.

It's so easy. The only parking company that has ever complained or done anything about it is SEDO, but that's only from hearing about people who sent a ton of traffic from Asia, never had any of my domains or accounts be an issue..

I even sat there myself, clicking the links, trying to see how long it would take to get one of my accounts banned, and the only reason I stopped after 12 days, is because I ended up getting too bored and forgetting until I got my check from the company. Hahaha.

I also made it VERY obvious, by using a domain that had zero traffic on it. So it suddenly got loads of searches for the most expensive keywords on the block, totally unrelated to the niche of the domain too, and got loads of clicks on the advertiser's links too.

I think the total amount I made was nearly $50 a day. I also did the same test with proxies, to see if they would be picked up. No such luck... for them. I got paid from that one too. Same deal as the other one..

So although it's completely against their TOS and also 100% unethical, the fact that these parking page companies use giants like Google Adsense for Domains and Yahoo feeds, and they don't pickup on these things, just shows you how much damage you can do just so long as word doesn't get out like crazy.

Hint: Please don't blog about this and ruin it for everyone...

Comment #5

By the way, buying traffic from Revisitors is expensive compared to the other "real visitors" solutions out there. Just do some research, because there are tons of these places. And also, make sure you buy traffic from places like US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, etc.. but keep the hell away from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Use this traffic as "filler traffic" or "buffer traffic", meaning, it just gets page loads and traffic trickling in making it look a bit more natural.

But then again, there's no real reason for any of this except if security gets tight, which it doesn't look likely for a while now...

Comment #6

There definitely is potential here. Like I said before, I was BLOWN away by the shear clickiness of my traffic... all you need to do is find that perfect niche..

Anyway, Jon, do you have any suggestions for cheaper "real visitors" websites? I'm looking for high volume long term spends (US, CA, UK, AU...)...

Comment #7

Were you using Adsense for content network traffic on your parked domains specifically?.

Just do a search for "wholesale real visitors" or something like that. I used to have a list somewhere, but I'm not going to go and try to find it just now...

Comment #8

Well, I was pushing Adwords (Content Network - which is basically Adsense on publisher side) to my parked domains, yes..

Yeah, I didn't include the "wholesale" in my search, I found lots - but nothing uber uber cheap. Also, did find some of these cheap visitor deals on ebay...

Comment #9

UPDATE: Announcement.

Well that's a bummer. This is going to upset lots of people..


Comment #10

This sucks big time..

I have had some really profitable 2 weeks (hope you noticed in your commissions, tob )..

Fuck, seems to be over now..

Is there any way to redirect google traffic via some "distribution channel" so that it seems like normal web traffic?..

Comment #11

Well of course there are ways.. but I don't think they are long term solutions...

Comment #12

Well, they say search engine traffic qualifies..

I assume, that this would not include a local google site search? like if you would make it look like all traffic came from a google site search that was submitted at your site?.

Any other hints how to cloak ppc traffic?..

Comment #13

How about the part that says that not even traffic from links are allowed?.

Too bad if you buy a preowned domain with backlinks...

Comment #14

Well.. if anyone cares.. we are pretty close to scoring our suped up YSM feed. It's on the same level as Verisign's.

I know for a fact that Yahoo! doesn't give a flying fuck about arbi.. hell, I know of some of the biggest domain arbitragers out there that have their traffic being at least 12% bots or invalids, and they still get credit!.

It's all about who you know, and who you blow...

Comment #15

Are you interested in farming it out for a cut?..

Comment #16


How are you guys going to be using the Yahoo Feed?.

Everyone Else,.

If you want to Arbitrage use HitFarm...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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