When does one stop losing weight on Medifast?

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I'm just finishing my 4th week of Medifast and it seems like I started hitting a plateau with weightloss last week. Isnt that too soon? I guess it means I'm doing something wrong. I'm getting my 5 medifast meals every day, I'm sticking to the guidelines of <35g fat, 80-100g carbs, >100 protein and 800-1000 per day (although I did have a couple days of just over 1000 cals) and I'm just not losing like I was..

I'm guessing stress could be a factor, and my husband and I have been talking about moving so I need to get a lot of work done on our house to sell it, and just this past Sunday I sprained my ankle so now I cant get around like I was. It just seems like since I'm following the plan as closely as I can, I should still be losing pretty consistently, at least 2lbs per week. Right? Am I just weighing myself too often (once per day)? I have several days where the scale just wont budge and then I'll have a day with a half pound loss and then more days with no movement and then a pound lost. I know I'm losing inches since I'm taking measurements, it's just hard to be happy when I used to see a half pound down or more each day and now I have so many days with little to no movement on the scale. I only lost 0.2lbs in the past two days, so that's 1/5 of a pound in 2 days! .

I know I just found out yesterday that I wasn't counting my low fat cheese properly in the lean catagory (I thought I could eat more than I am really allowed) but I am still so low in calories that I would have expected the loss to still happen. I'm just concerned that my body is getting used to this low calorie diet and now I wont be able to lose. Are my concerns unfounded? Maybe I just need some cheerleaders..

NOTE: I started eating better for the 3 weeks before Medifast too... so I have been able to lose a little over 25 lbs in 7 weeks. Thats really good, right? I try myself to be happy with it, it's just hard with the stubborn scale..

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A plateau is defined as two or more weeks with no weightloss at all. You're not even close. You just need to stay out of the plan's way and let it work. Your body is not getting used to 800 calories a day after a couple of weeks; it's just not happening..

Your losses have been fine, what is screwed up is your head. Some people can weigh daily, accept the fluctuations and move on. Some people can't. If the daily fluctuations, and the fact that your body won't lose in a linear way, is going to give you doubts about your plan, then you really need to think to going to weighing once a week.

One of the best bits of advice I've read here is to not overthink the plan. It's hard when you're used to obsessing over weight issues, but it's really important..

Good luck!.

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Stick with it!.

As you can see from my sig, in my 2nd month I slowed loosing a lot. the last couple of weeks however have been good..

I've been thinking a lot about the "getting used to it" concept recently, but so far, my body seems to give up the lbs now and then! .

I highly recommend weighing all your food with a digital scale (or any scale)..

As for weighing everyday- i'm a daily weigher. BUT, I only "count" the weight of my official day. the other days I think of as more of a guideline that can be "in flux." I weigh every day to make myself accountable for what I eat. if I have over eaten, or eaten something off plan, then I dread the scale, but I force myself to do it anyway. if I have been good, it is exciting to step on the scale. in those cases, if it has gone up or stayed the same, it is still "ok" because it's "in flux" till official day. just how I manage!.

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Good tips. Thanks! I don't think I can stop weighing everyday.. but I can stop writing it down as often! I already skip writing it down if it shows a slight increase, I can sum those up as random fluctuations. I guess since I'm still losing at all I'm ok. Its hard because my husband (who has NEVER been overweight) thinks that I'm doing something wrong since I'm not losing as fast as I was. He's trying, in his own way, to be supportive but it's discouraging.

Surely there is a way to stop obsessing!.

I do weigh my food whenever possible, it has really helped keep my calorie counts accurate. I think the only things that I know I leave off of my journal are my sugar free drink mixes, which in reality probably add as much as 30 calories or 12 carbs per day depending on which one I use. Seems like one of them is 5 calories "per serving" which is 2 servings per stick, and the other is 0 calories but 2 carbs per serving. I think I usually have 3 sticks in a day but it helps me get LOTS of water. 3 full bottles of my favorite bottle is 32oz each or 96oz in a day if I finish all of them. I suppose that amount of calories and carbs is nothing to sneeze at...

I guess I just figured I'd still be within the acceptable range, but being toward the high end I may be affecting my loss..

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You need to log EVERYTHING!!! Depending on the meals and veggies you eat, 12 carbs a day could put you over the allowed daily carbs and potentially keep you out of ketosis. If I were you, I would lose the drink mixed for a couple of weeks and see if that makes a difference. You are much better off just drinking plain water. I know it seems tough, but after a while, you may find yourself actually craving it..

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I concur. I would limit your water flavorings. I love them too..

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Your husband is going to loose faster because he is a man. We dont all loose at the same speed and men have fast metabolisms than is women. Tell him to leave you alone and stop discouraging you..

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Stay op you will see yourself lose weight!.

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Okay, chill out you are doing great!! Do you realize your average weight loss is 3.57 pounds per week? That is so totally awesome! I weight my self daily, but nothing counts until my recorded weigh in on Friday morning. If weighing yourself daily is driving you crazy, give it a rest. Trust yourself and your body to do what it has already been doing..

Keep logging and tweaking and you will get there!.

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