Plain vs Choc Chip Medifast program Pancakes?

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I hope this feedback will help some of you newbies trying to decide what to order. I first tried the plain pancakes since I am a plain jane kind of girl. Uh, they are decidedly plain. I doctored them up with DaVinci SF Gingerbread syrup and pumpkin pie spices which helped..

I just received my first box of chocolate chip pancakes yesterday. I've already had three (legitimately LOL)!! The chocolate makes all the difference in the taste of these babies. My only complaint is that the chocolate chips are apparently friends and they like to congregate together. As a pancake, I had a plain pancake surrounding a little bunch of choc chips. That was ok, however, because when you get to the choc chip taste it's all worth it..

After making the pancake yesterday afternoon, I tried making it into a mug muffin in the evening. Worked great! I added the pancake packet into a BIG coffee mug, added about 4 TBSP of water and a pinch (1/8 tsp?) of baking powder (can not box). I nuked it for 1.15 like you do the brownie and it made a wonderful puffy muffin that popped right out of the mug. I made one again this morning for bfast. Again, the choc chips all congregate together at the bottom but it's still so, so worth it..

So, long story short (too late), I recommend the chocolate chip pancakes HIGHLY.


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Did not like the after taste at all after eating the Medifast choco chip pancakes..

But love the Medifast plain pancakes because you can add SF things to it to make it taste better and even a tsp of cocoa powder works too for a chocolate taste...

Comment #1

I like the choc chip better too but had 4 packs left of plain. So, I took the plain and made them into a muffin (just water and mix). I cut it in 1/2 and spread a thin layer of sugar free strawberry jelly on it (1 1/2 TBsp = 2.5 carbs) and it was very good. It reminded me of having toast with just jelly on it. I could see making my pancake really thin too and adding the strawberry jelly as a condiment...

Comment #2

I add 1 or 2 TBS SF Chocolate Syrup to both the Original and Chocolate Chip Pancake and make the microwave coffee mug muffin....helps my chocolate fix very much!!!.


Comment #3

I like them both but prefer the chocolate chip ones. These are on my monthly order every time now.

I just add 2 ozs water shake it up and let it sit for about 5 mins and pour into a ramkin then microwave for 1 min.....muffin!.

Sometimes I eat as is and sometimes I put a tad of walden farms syrup on them...

Comment #4

I cut my muffin in half, makes me feel like I am getting two muffins (haha)!.

A good spread that I make, I don't like plain cream cheese, I use 1 wedge original flavor Laughing Cow Lite cream cheese and mix in 1 tsp SF grape jelly (more if I want it sweeter)...spread that on top of both muffins!!! Mmmmmm!!..

Comment #5

Haven't tried the plain ones, but I have the chocolate chip ones. I too have an issue with them congregating together at the bottom of the shaker jar, and since I make 3 small pancakes out of them I end up with two plain and one with a ton of chocolate chips. I suggested to Medifast in the new product survey that they consider packaging the chocolate chips separately in the box so we can sprinkle them on the pancakes. In the mean time I've given serious thought to putting the packet thru a strainer (dry) then placing the chips where I want them.....

Comment #6

Going to make the plain pancake muffin this morning... the chocolate chip muffin maybe my favorite... But instead of pouring the sf gingerbread syrup ontop, I am going to put in into the mix and see how that goes. Also, I have been putting just a pinch of salt into the oatmeal muffins to balance the flavor alittle and to me, it makes a big difference. I may be having a all muffin day today.... =)..

Comment #7

If you are making pancakes after you shake them or stir them up instead of pouring them out into the pan use a spoon and then you can control where the choc chips go. I do this and it works every time!.

The Mug Muffin is my favorite! Not only do I love the taste and texture I love that it pops right out! Surprises me every time.....Maybe I am just easily entertained..


Comment #8

I know! I love to see that it pulled away from the sides.. the first time I sprayed butter pam in the bottom... added some flavor, but not needed......

Comment #9

My only complaint about the choc chip pancakes is that out of one box I've had two packets without any choc chips so far, and I'm not all the way through the box yet. Otherwise, quite tasty! Will try the muffins...

Comment #10

I prefer the plain. Had to laugh at the chips being friends...LOL..

Comment #11

Oh good. The recipe isn't big enough to "fill" my Belgian waffle maker and even with Pam I found them sticking, so pancake/waffles have been a jumbled mess on my plate. I have tried nuking them in a coffee mug (with some cinnamon and vanilla for flavor) and it just puffed up and over and out again, a big mess..

I'll order the chocolate chip ones with my next renewal...

Comment #12

You know, I tried the mug muffin and it puffed up out of the bowl and created a mess everywhere. Any tips? Am I doing something wrong? I did use a bowl instead of a mug.....

Comment #13

Can anyone tell me if they pop right out of the Ramekin bowls as well, or do you need to spray with Pam?..

Comment #14

You need a JUMBO mug to keep it from overflowing. Or a tall bowl..

They should pop right out of anything ceramic like the mug or ramekin. I would probably use Pam if I did it in a Tupperware though. Dunno..


Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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