Picking between two cameras
Hello everyone,I'm new to the forum and new to digital cameras..

My local shops here in Ireland stock two cameras in my price range, but I'm afraid I don't know enough to pick between them and would value some independent advice: Fuji F40-FD or Nikon S500.

Many thanks,39steps1..

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It will help you, and us, if you can identify some of the factors you're looking for in a camera, so it will deliver what you require..

For instance, is size and weight and issue? Are you likely to be taking more photos inside or in poor light, or outside in good light?.

What are you likely to be taking pictures of - fast moving subjects or landscapes etc..

The more needs you can define, the better, as you might find certain cameras rules themselves out of the equation..

Also have a look at the side-by-side camera comparison tool on this site - it's a good tool for getting a feel of the differences between models and might help identify a dealbreaking feature for you..

And, if available, take the time to read the detailed reviews of each camera on the site - again, it might highlight something which puts one above the other for you..

Cheers - BT..

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Thanks for the advice BT, I will read the side-by-side comparisons..

In general, camera size/weight are not issues for me, I want to go for a good brand..

I will be photographing mostly buildings and peopleexteriors/interiors, not really interested in landscapes/moving images/sound, etc.Best wishes...

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39steps1 wrote:.

Thanks for the advice BT, I will read the side-by-side comparisons.In general, camera size/weight are not issues for me, I want to gofor a good brand..

All manufacturers make good cameras...and bad cameras. There is no such thing as a "good brand", implying that everything they make is good..

Read the reviews on specific cameras. If dpr doesn't review one of your potential choices, try another site (there is a list of them in "Links")..

Charlie DavisNikon 5700 & Sony R1HomePage: http://www.1derful.infoBridge Blog:

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Had a quick squiz at the cams and to my relatively untrained eye, looks like there isn't much between them..

The Fuji will give you an extra megapixel - but as you'll probably have realised, that can often just be a marketing gimmick rather than a noticeable increase in image quality..

The Fuji sensor is renowned for it's performance in low light and is also responsive in terms of shooting spped and shutter lag (lack of it). I gave my brother an F30 for his birthday this year and he's been extremely impressed with it - especially for getting shots of fast moving ankle biters. I've heard rumours the Nikon isn't much to write home about above 400 ISO...perhaps lurk on the Nikon and Fuji forums and see what sample pics are up there at higher ISOs or if anyone is complaining about anything particular..

The Nikon has image stabilisation, while the F40 doesn't, which might be important to you. Bear in mind this will only help you take sharper shots of relatively static objects and things in lower light - it won't help you with moving subjects. Also bear in mind that if the Fuji's low light performance is better than the Nikon's, this might be better than IS..

The Nikon doesn't have face detection, but frankly, I don't think this is a dealbreaker - I assume YOU can recognise and focus on a face yourself!.

Last thing to consider is the cards they use. Fuji uses xD while the Nikon takes SD. SD is more likely to be compatible with other cameras, generic card readers, built in PC card readers etc - as well as with any camera you might upgrade to in a few years. However, cards are relatively cheap these days so many people don't believe you should get wound up about this..

Probably not helping the decision! Personally, I'd probably go for the Fuji - heard excellent things about them while the lack of buzz about the Nikon suggests it's an average camera. Added to this is the fact it's not been fully reviewed here - which while it might not mean anything sinister, usually suggests it's a camera which either doesn't excite Phil and the team or isn't up to much. However, I've never handled or shot with a Nikon compact (I'm a huge fan of their DSLRs and own a D70 though, so not brand bashing)- so take all my comments with a big pinch of seasoning..

Cheers - BT..

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I use a variety if Nikon DSLR cameras.

But when I needed a quality 'pocketable' camera I referred to the reviews on this site.

I bought a Fuji F31fdSee the review here:

I am totally amazed by the quality of the lens and especially by the image quality..

Sometimes - just for a laugh I tell people - Look at this picture - I took it with my Nikon D200. Then when I tell them it was taken with the F31fd - they just don't believe it.

Go have a look at one - and don't be put off by Magapixels.

Brian - also in IrelandCan upload an image if you want.....

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