Photography and fun for beginners
Hi guys,.

We just have started a new photography club. Like all clubs we do the usual stuff: beginners course, workshops, etc...

Beside that we wanna do something different or more than a usual photo club. So my question: as a new member of a photo club what would you like to do in a club. the only two requirements are: it must have something to do with photgraphy and it must be fun. Let your imagine go and tell me..

Regards, Ed..

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A new club for beginners, wow that's great. Where can we find it?..

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Petitetot wrote:.

A new club for beginners, wow that's great. Where can we find it?.

Lol I'm thinking the same thing....

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Make thematic trips..

Go to a town and ask them to tell the story of the visit through photos. Or go to a hike and let them photograph what they like and then ask them why they chose a particular thing, why their colors are OK or are off and things like that.VictorBucuresti, Romania

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I know a lot of less expirienced people are looking for a good club to learn about camera's and photogaphy. Thats why we started the club. The company where I work (which has nothing to do with photography) liked the idea. So they made an agreement with us to sponsor the club. In return we have some rule we must deal with. One of the rule say's that we may only accept members who work for the company.

The reason why I posted the question is just to have some ideas to use in workshops and so one. The main goal is it must be fun and have something to do with photograpy..

Regards, Ed..

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Oh that's nice for the members of the company..

Can I cry? LOL..

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What about a Photograph Scavenger Hunt.Make a list of 25 items that are in your city, town, areathen one afternoon or evening when you all get togetherbreak off in groups of 2 or 3 and send every one out to seewho can get the most items photographed.then when you al come back share the photo and discussthe photos as to what make it a great photo and whatimprovements can be made. thus making it Fun and a learning expirence...

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A few ideas that may make your club more fun. Invite advanced amateurs and pro photographers, sculptors, any visual artist, musicians to talk about their specific areas, some will be boring and some will be fun..

As mentioned earlier provide assignments and although not stated make sure you have deadlines. Have some of the assignments judged by professionals. If you you're worried about harsh judges go to a school and ask an instructor to judge. If they have dealt with beginning artists they will kind and insightful..

Your assignments can go from easy to hard, for example, easy would be take a picture of someone you know, hard would be take one of someone you don't, harder would be take a picture of someone you don't know in a specific location, say the local pub. You can have teams, as one person is trying to entice a person to sit for a photograph another could be taking pictures of the interaction and then switch of course..

Assignments can be abstract, color, emotions, etc. If you want to have photos taken in the meeting you can set up difficult photo situations for example a white egg on white paper. Don't forget learning the camera when making assignments. You can choose apertures either by specifying one fstop or shoot the same subject with different apertures. Same could be done with shutter speed, ISO's etc..

If you're so inclined have 'funishment' you can have the loser of a competition be the model for the next competion. You can have the 'model' dress in drag, country bumpkin, Borat swimsuit, etc. Of course it depends on the fun level of your group..

You will probably have more ideas than meeting times so put the list to a vote then you can set up a calendar and you will have a few ideas to think about for next year..


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Go take a picture that matches the first letter of your first name..

Bob gets to choise between B for Bob and R for Rpbert, but Monica only gets M..

Bab can photograph a baby or a bull dog; MOnica can photograph a Monestary or a muffin..


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H guys.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Got a lot of usefull information here..

Thx, Ed..

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