photo software for mac?
I'm looking around for photo-editing software for a Mac and so far, have only found Aperture (too advanced for what I need, and too expensive) and Photoshop Elements 4. I remember years ago, in art school, we learned how to manipulate pictures in photoshop but obviously things have changed since then - no digital pictures to speak of, everything was scanned in..

Can anyone offer any information or suggestions on this? Thanks!!..

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After reading your query carefully, I'll recommend aperture. .

I've tried them all. Of course it comes down to what one is trying to accomplish and what feels natural, but I'm starting to conclude that all photo software sucks. Aperture for the most part just sucks less. But even it is limited in that it has no masking or layering or compositing or lens correction or real plug in support or..........

Have you tried iphoto?..

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I use the GIMP for pretty much everything, but I wouldn't say it's great, especially for non-gearheads. Both Photoshop and the GIMP have cluttered non-intuitive interfaces..

I have been watching the beta and release of a newer editor, called Pixelmator. Seems like a cross between the two, with a focus on simplification. It won't handle the high-end CMYK/16bpc work like Photoshop, but it looks good for the price..


[ e d @ h a l l e yc c ]

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Try PhotoLine. It handles 16 bit images, raw, and has a lot of features for the money. It costs 59 Euros (about 85 $US) but you can download a trial version:

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How active a photographer are you?.

Sounds funny but the I-Photo "adjust" tool is fairly simple to use, has color histograms, and I've used it a bunch lately to add a lot of "wow" to my pix..

But I'm a noobie. Am diddling with Picasa2, DXO (for Nikon D40/18-200vr combo) and Elements 4..


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There's always GraphicConverterIt converts between hundreds of file formats and also does some limited editing. It's great for cropping and some minor touchup. It has a good slide show. It's a $35 shareware..


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DSHarned wrote:.

There's always GraphicConverterIt converts between hundreds offile formats and also does some limited editing. It's great forcropping and some minor touchup. It has a good slide show. It's a$35 shareware..


It lost my link'm still learning this forum..


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RNW123 wrote:.

But I'm a noobie. Am diddling with Picasa2, DXO (for NikonD40/18-200vr combo) and Elements 4..


How are you using picasa on a mac? isn't it windows/linux only?.

If all your friends were named Cliff, would you jump off of them?..

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Sorry...I have Picasa2 on a Thinkpad. I can view it online from a Mac though..


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Just checked - I retract my last answer...Picasa2 is also on my Mac.  .



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I don't think the OP is talking about a plug in to upload to picasa. if I understand correctly, there is a picasa for windows/linux that works as an image browser/mini editor. you have that running on your mac in OSX? if so, how? cuz the google site doesn't show a mac version available.If all your friends were named Cliff, would you jump off of them?..

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Tony Sx wrote:.

The Gimp is free...................


Thanks, Tony,.

I tried to read the link..

It appears to be written in a foreign language; some sort of fusion between English & Computer Code..

Sorry - I know it's me, but I have no idea what they are talking about..

I use PSE4 all the time, but I have seen some good stuff done with GIMP, so I'd like to try it..

So, how would one actually go about getting free GIMP for Mac OSX, for those of us who never used a computer until we were 60+?.

:8^) -E.

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window..

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Rather than downloading 97 mb of gimp, trying to figure out what x11 is and making sure it's installed, and then discovering what it's like dealing with a very nonmac user interface, you might try this which is friendlier and based on gimp:.


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Or use gimpshop which is gimp with photoshop icons and flow-more or less..

Http:// all your friends were named Cliff, would you jump off of them?..

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You are correct - I edited them in IPhoto, then uploaded from Iphoto..

But the Picassa editing tools are not used, just the tool in Iphoto..


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Silvrshyanne wrote:.

I'm looking around for photo-editing software for a Mac and so far,have only found Aperture (too advanced for what I need, and tooexpensive) and Photoshop Elements 4..

There are also: iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop (full version), Adobe Lightroom, and the GIMP..

I'm not sure it makes sense to lump all of these together, because some seem more oriented towards organizing photos (iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom), while others seem more oriented towards editing (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, GIMP)..

IPhoto + Photoshop Elements is a nice combination, although I'm not certain of how compatible Photoshop Elements is with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)...

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These photo editing software search engines may help:.


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I personally use Aperture most of the time, and would recommend that over iPhoto..

It all depends on what you want to do with it though, maybe you should try them both out, iPhoto should be already on your Mac, and Aperture has a free 30 day evaluation version..

Two other programs I use are:.

-Nikon Capture NX, which also has a free 30 day evalutaion version on the Nikon support pages. It has a special way of color/exposure correction that you might want to give a try.

-Pixelmator, which is a pixel based editor like Photoshop, exclusively for Mac and only about 50-60$.It also has an evaluation version on

I think in order to decide, you should download some trial versions.It's the only way to find out what works for you.Love my D80 ..

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