Medifast recipe for Making Cauliflower Pizza Crust?

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Boring Part: .

I have read every single cauliflower crust thread on these boards, and the one thing that would have been awesome for me the first time I made it was a photo guide. I've taken a combination of a few recipes (credit to all who have shared!), tweaked it and how it's cooked, and below is the recipe I use. I hope you all enjoy this..

The photos are of me making a batch of 10 crusts. You can make it in any quantity - I like making ahead and freezing because it's not really any more work and saves on dishes (I am inherently both cheap and lazy)..

The basics of one crust are: .

1 cup shredded cauliflower (2/3 Green).

1 oz low fat ricotta with 2 - 3 g of fat/oz (1/8 Lean).

1 oz light mozzarella with 3 - 6 g of fat/oz (2/8 Lean).

1/4 cup Egg Beaters (1/8 Lean).

Seasonings to taste (count as condiments).

Spread out into a circle on sprayed parchment paper and bake at 425ish for 45 - 60 minutes (MUCH longer than I've seen in all other recipes... which all turned out kind of mushy for me... I like it crispier.).

The toppings I use are :.

1/4 cup tomato puree (cleared by nutrition support as a green, so this is the other 1/3 green).

2 oz light 3 cheese blend with 3 - 6 g of fat/oz (the other half of your lean).

The above recipe is one full L&G, which makes life soooo much easier for me. I happen to love the taste, but you can season or change anything as long as you add up the L&Gs/condiments.

OKAY KIDS! Put on your seatbelts, it's photo time!! .

First, I cut up a head of cauliflower - something I'd never done before (true story). If you've never done it before, let me give you some tips. Cauliflower is a messy MFing veggie (that's Medifasting Veggie... of course). Don't bother removing the leaves first - waste of time and creates a mess. Just cut that sucker into fourths with a big knife - once in half, then each half in half again.

Sorry, I didn't take any photos of this part, I forgot I wanted to do this tutorial and started later. Imagine a picture of me victorious with a knife, cutting up a head of cauliflower in under 2 minutes, versus the ridiculous messy 10 minutes it too before.

Weigh/measure the amount of cauliflower you want (1 cup of raw cauliflower = 100 grams), then wash it. Here's some cauliflower all portioned out - I actually cut this up smaller, it was my left over, but again - forgot to start taking pictures early. I had to fake it. As usual... *sigh* J/K!! But really, you don't need to cut it up into individual florets like you would for eating raw. Big chunks work great to shred.

I shred my cauliflower in my food processor using the shredding disc. Oh, you don't have a Food Processor? I'm sorry, I'll pray for you. Just kidding, but it does make the job incredibly easy. Others have discussed having luck shredding it up in a magic bullet or other strong blender, or you could also try shredding it using just one of those hand bell shredders. You'll probably hate life though.

It smells kind of funky, I think, when shredding - very strong and almost spicy to my nose. Don't let that turn you off, it doesn't taste at all like it smells during shredding. Here's what it looks like shredded (remember, this is for 10 crusts).

Next, I add the egg beaters (1/4 cup for one crust): .

(more to come...).

Comments (99)

Then I add the light ricotta (1 oz for one crust). Let's discuss ricotta. There are lots of options out there, and the Medifast meatless list says "part skim, 2-3 g of fat/oz". Well, at my grocery store, what is part skim is higher in fat. The low fat variety is what meets the Medifast criteria. So check the label, as always, boys and girls.

Don't worry about it just sitting their in glops on top of the pile o'cauliflower. It will blend in fine when you stir it. Next, I add the light mozzarella (1 oz for one crust). Again, watch the label - this mozzarella needs to be 3 - 6 grams of fat/oz to be an OP lean.

(more to come... stupid picture limit).

Comment #1

Now you've got a mountain of stuff. Stir it together. I just use a serving spoon - it doesn't take a ton of effort, the egg beaters seem to do a good job of meshing everything together. Make sure it is well stirred, especially if you're making a large batch, because you want the crusts to come out evenly. Once it's all stirred, it sort of looks like hash browns mixed in egg beaters to me. You'll be skeptical, it will seem a little runny and you'll be like "Kurz, this is never going to make a nice crust." Oh yes it will, my dearies.

You can add any condiments/seasonings you want at this point and stir them in. I like garlic powder. Other people recommend oregano, etc. You can also choose to add those to your sauce instead. Your call.

Here's where I think I needed pictures the most....

Now it's time to make it into crusts and bake it. I bake mine on a cookie sheet/jelly roll pan, lined with parchment paper (again, the lazy - much easier clean up), and sprayed lightly with cooking spray. I do think spraying helps it not stick. You'll be majorly P.O.'d if you go to all this effort and then there are bits of paper stuck on your crust. Nasty.

Now, it's time to make a pile of crust muck on your parchment paper. Here's a tip if you're making it in a large batch. Weigh the bowl you're mixing everything in EMPTY. Then, once you've got all your stuff in there (not the spoon though!), weigh the bowl again, and subtract the bowl weight. So you've got just the weight of your ingredients. Divide that number by how many crusts you are making - there is how much each pile needs to weigh! I then zero out the scale (with the bowl on it), and I go into the negatives to measure as I'm scooping out of the bowl.

The weight of one crust (uncooked) is right around 228 - 229 grams using the ingredients I use. Yours may vary slightly, but really, it should be very close. This should help you as you're trying to portion them out.


Comment #2

Okay, portion them out on the sheet into little piles. Leave room to spread them out! (See how it says -234 on the scale? that is one crust as I spooned it out.).

Now I just use the back of my spoon to spread them out. They really won't spread much during cooking (they'll actually shrink a bit), so you can get the crusts close together. I like them thinner because they get crispier, plus they are bigger then! I've toyed with the idea of just baking one whole sheet and cutting it into even pieces afterwards, but I like the crispy edges, so I don't do that.

Again, they'll be kind of runny, you'll be skeptical that these are going to bake into anything you can actually pick up off the pan... but it will. Trust The Kurz.


Comment #3

Now, here's how I specifically baked them. You will need to toy with your oven/times to get them how you like them.

I bake for 40 minutes straight at just below 425 without even looking at them, first. Then I take them out and flip them. When flipping them, make sure you get the spatula under all parts first, it can stick in areas and break/fold your crust, then you'll cry.

Then I put back in the oven (and actually switch racks, since I have two sheets going at a time) and bake for another 15 - 20. Once I take them out, they are just how I like them - a crispy edge! They do not taste burnt on the edges at all, just delicious..

I cool them on baking racks and then just toss them in a gallon ziploc bag in the freezer..

They freeze and reheat VERY well. I used to put waxed paper in between them so they wouldn't stick, but I didn't do it last time, and guess what? As long as you cool the crusts before freezing, they won't stick anyway. Waste of waxed paper and a hassle (again, the lazy).

To reheat and finalize cooking, I pop a frozen one back in the oven at 425ish on some parchment for 10 - 12 minutes. Then I take it out, add my tomato puree and cheese, and cook it for another 5 minutes to get the sauce and cheese hot and melty.

Pizza perfection. I hope this helps some new members or those who may be wary about the cauliflower crusts. It is so delicious, I would eat it even if I weren't on MF!.


Comment #4

{clinging to your ankle and sobbing tears of gratitude} I tried to make these just once and they did *NOT* come out well and I've never bothered to try to make them since. I am inspired by your posts and your pictures, and I will try to make these again!.

Thank you!!!!!.

Comment #5

Wow Kurz great job!.

I know how much work that was..

Now I have to try it with ricotta.

Comment #6

Me too me too! Thank you so much. My last comment about making them was "epic fail". Now I can do it properly. Yumm!.

Comment #7

I have avoided making these but now I will try them....Thanks!.

Comment #8

Thank you for this!! Your time spent is mucho appreciated!.

Comment #9

WOW Kurz - Thanks! I made my crusts very similar to the way nataliejo makes hers and they turned out just wonderful. I still have 4 in my freezer, but will definitely try your method with the ricotta when I make the next batch. I just love trying new recipes on here and credit them all to my success so far in staying 100% OP! How did you get photos to post along with your recipe? I've tried and haven't found a way. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated .

Thanks again,.


Started: 4/5/10.

WEEK 1: -7 lbs. (-1.9% body fat) .

WEEK 2: -4 lbs. (-2.1% body fat).

WEEK 3: -3 lbs. (-3.0 % body fat).

14 lbs. Gone Forever and best of all 7% body fat gone as well!.

Comment #10

What a great tutorial. I've never used ricotta in them before, but will try it that way next time. How big are the ones you make? When I make them they are just about the size of a normal size dinner plate. Also, I would suggest to everyone to use dried fennel in your crust. I think this give them such a great taste..

Comment #11

Kurz ~ love your sense of humor. TFS..

Comment #12

Kurz, you RAWK!!.

Comment #13

You are my hero ty ty I LOVE LOVE pizza!!!!!!.

Comment #14

Wow, what a great thing you've done here, with pictures and everything! Thank you! .

Great idea making the crusts in bulk...then there's always a L & G ready within a few mins..

Comment #15

Good suggestion on the fennel! These are about exactly the size of a dinner plate too (the usable area, not including the lip on the edge of a dinner plate).

IWannaBeSkinny - I am so glad you posted. I believe your recipe is the closest to the one I'm using and love. THANK YOU!.

Comment #16

WOW! Just reading this recipe before sounded disgusting, but seeing the pics makes it look really good. I may have to try it out, though I've never been a real pizza eater...I'd rather have just crust and cheese with no sauce and dip in in ranch. Yep, pure carbs, that was me!!! :-).

Comment #17

That looked so much better than the one I made. I have to try your recipe now.

Thank you so much for all that time and effort to show us this..

Comment #18

WOW!! What a blessing you are! Thanks girl..

Comment #19

Not only do I have a new recipe for cauliflower pizza, reading your instructions had me laughing out loud! Thank you so much!.

Comment #20

Thank you for doing all that work and posting the recipe with photos included. I have read about the cauliflower pizza and how good it with your recipe in hand, I will have to give it a try! .


Comment #21

Thanks so much for going through the effort with all the wonderful pics. I printed the instructions right off and have them on my fridge now. I am in the process of baking some crusts and had some leftover cauliflower so I'm trying your L&G loaded mashed "potatoes" soon.

I know this may sound like heresy, but have you or anyone tried reheating in the microwave and heating the sauce and cheese, too? I'm trying to do l&g for lunch which means i'm at work and nowhere near an oven.


Comment #22

I totally think that would work!! You cook them long enough during the first bake that they get plenty crispy, so I don't see why not! The cheese might not melt quite as nicely, but hey - it all tastes the same, right?.

Comment #23

I've been on Medifast for a month now.. and I've been hearing about the awesomness of Cauliflower Pizza.. but have been to scared to try making it. I'm book marking this thread so I can take the laptop into the kitchen this week to make it step by step..

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Comment #24

Awesome Kurz...!!! What is the cost for 10 crusts plus shipping? I would like to place an order please!! Also, I would like to be put on the monthly Automatic VIP to receive 10 crusts each month... LOL...doesn't hurt to ask!! haha!!.

Comment #25

Thanks for this! I was hoping you'd include a photo of a finished pizza - maybe next time you have one? I know what I'm doing now the next time I get a cauliflower in my CSA box!.

Comment #26

OMG - this is SOOOOOOOO great! Pictures say a thousand words - and I am FOR SURE a visual person! Thanks Kurz! You Rock!.

Comment #27

How very kind of you! Thank you!.

Comment #28

So as a follow up, I had the pizza microwaved - heated the crust for 20 seconds then added the sauce and cheese and heated for another minute or so (not sure, I waited until cheese was melty).

It was a little soggy at first, but wonderful. I put garlic powder in the dough mix and it smelled so good. I folded a piece and ate it like New York style pizza. I had to walk away mid-lunch and came back 15 minutes later and the crust had firmed up some. I'm thinking of buying dh one of those lean cuisine panini so I can steal the microwave crisper thing it comes with.

I can't wait to make one in the oven so I can have it REALLY crispy. When dh and I would order pizza we would get thin n crispy so this crust is perfect..

Comment #29

This looks delish! I'm confused though...are you on the maintenance plan? I don't see where we get cheese on this plan? I've done Medifast for 1 day so I need some guidance.....

Comment #30

Nope, I'm on 5&1. Some low and moderate fat cheeses are acceptable leans - they are on the meatless options list:

Hope this helps!.

Next time I make a finished pizza I'll take a picture, for the person that asked..

Comment #31

Kurz...I would love to see a picture of the pizza!.

Comment #32

Your writing was fun to read! Great "voice" comes through. I bow down to your awesomeness!.

Comment #33

Is there anything special about the tomato puree?? Or did you just stick some tomatoes in the blender?.

Comment #34

I use canned tomato puree that is just tomato paste and water (no additional spices or ingredients). Making my own tomato puree is a major hassle to me..

Comment #35

Wow, awesome job!! Thanks so much for this.. I just may try it!!.

Comment #36

So I made this last night and had your photos in mind for my step-by-step process. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I made 6 crusts and tried a teeny bite of the finished product and it tasted YUMMY. I gave my mom some too and she (not on MF) LOVED IT!!! I'm really excited to go home tonight and have PIZZA while I watch LOST. I think I may roast some eggplant and top it off for the topping. OMG! I've NEVER been so excited for my l&g as I am tonight! .

One thing I will say man, cauliflower is one MESSY veggie. But damn is it good!!.

Comment #37


Thank you so much for this tutorial I've been looking for a recipe and now I have one, with pictures! Love it!.

Comment #38

This is such a great post! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, Kurz!.

Comment #39


Time for an appendix to the photo narrative by Kurz. Here are the finished pizza pictures some folks requested.

Here's my bag o' crust. Nothing fancy, guys. It's even a store-brand baggie (Gotta be honest though, I think Ziploc is one of those areas worth splurging). The crusts curl a bit at the edge when frozen, but they flatten out when you reheat them.

I toss the crust on some parchment paper, stick it in the oven plain for about 10 minutes at 400. I don't preheat, because I'm hungry by the time I'm making this! So, if you do preheat, lower that time a bit.

OH, WHAT'S THAT? "Kurz, parchment paper is exxxxpennsive and Bitsy needs a Juicy Couture Trapper Keeper, I just don't have that kind of money laying around for parchment paper every night!" Settle down. Solution coming.


Listen up, folks. Parchment paper is the cure to all that ails you. It will do your laundry, fold it, AND put rockin' creases in the pant legs. It will walk your dog and pump up the tires on your bicycle in the spring. Seriously, get some. It will save you a ton of hassle during cooking.

If you have a GFS - Gordon Food Service near you, check it out for parchment paper in bulk. GFS is awesome!! I thought it was going to be ghetto and it's SO not, the staff rocks. I also buy big things of the sandwich slice pickles there - 5 of them are a Medifast snack! Pickle sandwich slices are like $3 for a jar of 20 at Trader Joe's - ROBBERY! THIEVES! This whole massive jar of them, the size of a fish tank, is like $6.99 at GFS. Go..

Sidenote, yes, my mother IS quite concerned that the only things in my refrigerator are pickles and booze. Ahhh, the life of a bachelorette.


Okay, while that crust is reheating in the oven, I measure out my tomato puree and cheese. These are little ramekin deals that came with my sets of dishes. At the time, I was like "Get serious, Corelle. What am I ever going to eat in these tiny little bowls?" Oh, but Corelle knew what I needed... these rock for measuring out small portions of things and making sure my L&G is accurate when cooking. Highly recommend getting some. They don't take up much room in the dishwasher either (Sister, PLEASE, Kurz doesn't do dishpan hands)..

Comment #40

Once the crust has reheated, I add my measured tomato puree...

Then the cheese. Minus a bite. I just can't resist, I mean, by this time it has been TWELVE WHOLE MINUTES that I'm waiting for dinner..

Back in the oven for five minutes to get hot and delicious. Take it out and marvel.

Here it is cut and on a regular/largish dinner plate, courtesy (PS, you wouldn't believe how many tries it just took me to spell courtesy correctly) of Corelle once again..

Comment #41

Okay, seriously, you need to start a blog. Your writing is hilarious!!.

Comment #42

I officially tried this tonight and I'm HOOKED!!! IT WAS SO DARN GOOD!!!! I can't stand it!! I could seriously eat this everyday for the rest of my life and be more than happy. Yes, I'm a foodie and that's why I'm here LOL but this is the best L&G meal I've had! THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!.

Comment #43

I made it last night (froze 3 & ate 1) & it was GREAT! Thanks for the photo tutorial Kurzwiel, you helped a kitchen spaz (ME) do it right! Yahooo! .

I did tweak a little so I could add some toppings besides cheese: I used about 1/2 less cheese topping & added 1/2 serving of turkey pepperoni, used 1/2 less sauce (1/8 c) & added yellow peppers & mushrooms.... DELICIOUS!.

ALSO, regarding the PARCHMENT PAPER... I totally forgot to buy any. So I just used my handy dandy foil and placed it dull side up, sprayed with PAM & had absolutely NO STICKAGE! Cheapness rocks..

Comment #44

I'm not a cauliflower fan but am tempted to try this after seeing the fabulous pictures and reading the witty commentary..

Comment #45

Your a life saver!!!!.

Comment #46

OMG! That. Looks. So. Good. I'm dying to try it, but only have enough cauliflower to make one! Maybe I'll just make my husband eat something else! Hmm... maybe a last minute run to the store? Nah! He can have PB & J! LOL!.

Comment #47

Wow..great thread.. bumping it up.. : ).

Comment #48

Kurz, you kick ***..

Comment #49

Awesome. You are too funny. Love this thread. I've made the crust before (but without ricotta and your instructions) and I too found that I needed to bake them for extra long- about what you had done- and the crust was actually still a bit soft for me at this point, but I was starving, and it tasted awesome soggy/soft and all. I actually made 2 and did reheat on in the microwave the next day (took it to a pizza party at my kids day care, to stay OP) it was soft, but still delicious! I actually like this better than regular pizza!.

Tomorrow I'm going to follow your instructions to the letter, because I love me a thin-n-crispy crust. DH and the kids will love it too! Thanks so much for taking the time to post all this!.

Comment #50

Made these crusts this weekend - the photos and step by step instructions were awesome and easy to follow. Everything worked well for me, except my oven seems to be a *tad* hotter so the crusts started burning a bit after only about 10 minutes, so I just turned it down to 400 degrees and it was fine..

I finally made a pizza tonight, and all I can say is, WOW! At first I was thinking "this can't be right, it tastes TOO good and there's no way this is OP!" I even went as far as to review the recipe again to make sure I did everything just right. It tasted like I was cheating eating all that yummy cheese. LOL! I absolutely love, love, love this L&G and plan on eating this multiple times a week.

Thank you so much for this tutorial!!!.

Comment #51

HUG from a newbie who has not yet started (waiting on UPS!). This will be a frequent meal for me without a doubt and your guide will make it simple..

Comment #52

I was so apprehensive about using califlower at all (I'm just such a broccoli type of girl) but after looking at your very very easy steps and photos...I'm gonna give this a whirl! Thank you!!!!!!.

Comment #53

Thanks so much for posting this/doing this! I am now going to go all over Brno and try to find these ingredients..

The sad part is, I am99% sure they dont have egg beaters. I even had a hard time finding shredded cheese. Ricotta? Who knows! I will have to translate all this into Czech and go to the store.

Shopping for me has been a NIGHTMARE here. My husband just put a box in the mail with Pam, salad dressing, tobasco, etc. Cost $50 bucks to mail it here! I brought dressing, but ran out fast. As well as tobasco. It should arrive in a few days-hopefully!.

If I cant find this stuff, hubby will be mailing me another package of PIZZA FIXINGS! .

Do you think I could use eggs? What are egg beaters anyway? I mean I know what they are, but what are they made of? I am going to research online....

I MISS PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!.

Comment #54

I had my first cauliflower pizza tonight. I have to say it was delicious! I didn't use the ricotta cheese in mine. I will have to try that next time. It definitely helped with my pizza cravings..

Comment #55

OMG... I have been craving pizza like CRAZY!!! I had my 18 yr. old cousin stay with me all last week, and everytime I took her out to eat (yes, I stayed OP with boring chicken and veggies).... she ordered some type of pizza deal. I have been craving it ever since.

I'm going to get cauliflower at the store tomorrow and make this delicious meal tomorrow night. I'm SOOOO looking forward to it. Thank you SO much!!!!.

Comment #56

Bump! Making it right now, or rather trying!.

Comment #57

I finally got a food processor yesterday and I plan on using this guide to make it this week! Thanks again, Kurz!.

Comment #58

This looks great and is very helpful - is there some way to save this to my page so I don't have to find it again? Thank you!.

Comment #59

I've made the instructions into a PDF so it can be printed and referenced while cooking. Hopefully it's attached to this post..

Comment #60

I made this over the weekend for me and my hubby. I've made it a few times now, but this is the first time he's been home to eat it with me.

He said, "Hmm, spaghetti pizza, I like it." He was referring to the sauce since he is used to that sweet stuff they put on pizza down at Papa John's.

I asked him how he liked the crust and he replied, "It's good, but I thought you weren't supposed to have bread on your diet!" When I told him that it was cauliflower he was surprised! So far this is the only cauliflower dish I've made that's fooled him..

Comment #61

We've followed this recipe several times now. The pizza's are amazing! We took some with us this weekend so we could stay OP for a holiday cookout, rather than eating burgers and dogs. We made a few extra for other people to sample and they were a big hit!.

I think I may switch over from Medifast to the "all cauliflower pizza diet". You could probably eat 4-5 of these and day and still lose weight. Maybe i'll try that in my T&M period. hehe.

Comment #62

God bless you girl! I made 6 of these and froze them yesterday. Now when I go home this week, my L&G meal is ready to go.

Very, very appreciated!.

Comment #63

This looks wonderful I am a newbie - only 3 weeks in - so here's a quick question: Can someone please let me know where cheese fits in with the L&G?. I love cheese and would like to incorporate it - what would I have to leave out? A fat serving?.

Thanks for the awesome post!!!.

Comment #64

Some types of cheese (low or moderate fat) are an acceptable part of your lean. Go to Success Tools and then Meatless options and it gives you all the details! .

Thank you SO MUCH to the person that posted them as a PDF! Awesome awesome!.

Comment #65

Thanks so much for steering me in the right direction - to think it was right under my nose all this time.

Comment #66

This is awesome!! Thanks so much for doing this..

Comment #67

Wow what a huge help your thread is. Thanks for doing this..

Comment #68

Kurz, this recipe rocks so much! So do you! I will make these pizzas for the rest of my life. I followed your instructions to a tee this evening and it was so easy. Even my thin and binge-eating fiance announced that these are a keeper (after scarfing down 2 while I savored my 1). I can't thank you enough for satisfying my pizza craving..

Comment #69

Awesome, I want to try this! I looked through a lot of the posts and forgive me if this has been asked but is one pizza as you make it one L&G meal, all aspects covered? Where does the tomato puree fall in? Should I buy a special kind?.

Comment #70

Ok sorry I just saw the lean and green break down. Doh. I'm so excited to try this!.

Comment #71

Made this last night and it was amazing. Thanks so much!!!.

Comment #72

Awesome post. Awesome pdf. Going to try this over the weekend.

You should blog then link!.

Comment #73

Thanks kurz, you have finally convinced me to try the cauliflower pizza, lol!! Can't wait to see how it tastes!.

Comment #74

Love this, great job! Haven't tried this recipe yet. Now I will. This is SO very helpful, thanks!.

Comment #75

Thanks for this detailed recipe! I made the crust today and they turned out exactly as pictured. I just needed to adjust my baking time down a little...were yours crispy all around? while mine look crispy, they're still soft....

I haven't tasted the actual "pizza" yet with sauce and cheese, saving that for later but excited. thanks for sharing!!.

Comment #76

Awesome PDF, thanks!.

Comment #77

God is going to bless you for this.

Thanks, Lin.

Comment #78

Just discovered by complete accident that it's not necessary to spray the parchment paper before laying on the dough. When I discovered my omission I was horrified while those suckers baked. Just pulled them out and flipped them with no problems! Might as well save yourself a couple calories and skip it....

Comment #79

This pizza is excellent! I made it for the first time tonight. Yesterday, I made the crusts. I ordered a food processor with TSFL points and shredding the cauliflour for 6 crusts took about 30 seconds!.

The tutorial with step by step directions was excellent, and while you labeled it the boring part, I was so excited to see exactly how to count it for the L&G because I am always worried if I make a recipe I will be going off plan somehow. Didn't have to worry about it with this recipe!.

Also, thanks to Oroborous who made the pdf file. I printed that out and had it next to me while cooking the crusts and making the pizza for dinner tonight..

When you log it into the My Plan, do you create your own entry under the Private Foods section? Or do you log each ingredient individually?.

Comment #80

For the Monte Bene sauce that I use, Nutrisystem says that 1/4c sauce = 1/2 green (versus your recipe that says 1/4c = 1/3 green). Any thoughts on how best to adjust your recipe to suit my sauce?.

Comment #81

Also - what is the healthy fat in this recipe?.

Comment #82

WOW! I have been craving pizza for a week and this is amazing! I added basil to the crust instead of garlic powder because I thought it would bother my stomach. I used an 1/8 of a cup of tomato puree added a little crushed red pepper, salt, pepper and for the other 1/8 of a cup of green put spinach on top. It was amazing! Thank you so much for the tutorial it was great!.

Comment #83

I'm glad to hear people are still enjoying this recipe! You could very likely drop your sauce down to equal 1/3 of total green, which... if I'm doing my math right... would be 1/3 cup sauce. I like a lot of sauce on my pizza, when I made it for my mom she commented that she'd like less sauce, so I bet if you just reduced it it would be fine. That's the easiest answer.

The other thing you could do is drop your cauliflower down when making the recipe, but I personally wouldn't. You'd have to do the math on that.

I don't use any. The largest proportion of the lean items in this recipe are ones that don't call for any healthy fat (cheeses). There is a small portion of egg beaters (1/8 lean) that would call for healthy fat, but I figure the other 7/8s outweigh that..

Comment #84

Just want to add in one more grateful voice: all hail, Kurz!!!! What a wonderful gift you've given so many of us. My dinner tonight was so pretty and so satisfying I nearly wept. I"m on my second 6 pack batch of crusts, and after the first batch I knew they were gonna be a part of my life forever and went out and got a mini cuisinart (at bed bath & beyond) which put it within my budget and really does the job on the cauliflower.

Thank you so much, Kurz (and a tip of the hat to you, too, Oroborous, for the handy PDF: I've mailed this recipe to my sister who can't eat wheat)..

Comment #85

I had this the other night and it rocked!!!! Thanks sooo much for the great directions!!!!!!.

Comment #86

I'm bumping this cuz it's that darn good!!!.

Comment #87

BUMP! Your welcome all!!! Thanks Kurz!!!.

Comment #88

Wow, thanks for posting that, but ill be the first to admit it, I'm to lazy to make that right now, but eventually I will and you made it look real easy!!.

Comment #89

Had this again tonight and it was fantastic as usual!.

I want to make it for my friend who is doing weight watchers. Is there anyone who has been on weight watchers who knows how many points this would be?.



Comment #90

Thank you so much for your post. I have a bag of frozen cauliflower I found in the freezer, would it work, or does it have to be fresh??.

Comment #91

Kim, I made it for my mom and I believe it was either 7 or 8 points with the cheese that I use. I'm leaning towards 7.

Thistime, I think you could use frozen cauliflower, you're just going to need to let it thaw a bit before shredding it. Don't let it thaw all the way though, thawed frozen cauliflower is much softer (and therefore harder to shred) than fresh. If you're using a food processor, you'd want to let it thaw just until you could pierce a piece with a fork so you don't jack up your processor..

Comment #92

Kurz and everyone, I am dying to try this pizza but don't have a food processor. The cheapest at Bed Bath & Beyond was the Mini Cuisinart at $39.99 and I hate to spend the $$ and then have yet one more appliance to clutter up my kitchen.

What else could I use to shred the cauliflower? I have a Magic Bullet and a regular blender. I also have a hand grater but it is not the box type, it is like this flat panel that you have to hold with one hand. Am I doomed to not being able to make pizza???? (please say no. lol).



Comment #93

Do you buy your Medifast food through Take Shape for Life?.

I used my TSFL points to "buy" a food processor. It is AMAZING. I did make it the first time with a grater and it was really a pain, but the food processor shredded it in instants and no grated knuckles for me....

Maybe you can borrow one from a friend? It's one of those things that many people have in the back of their cabinet, given as a wedding gift, but they never use it. ~Kim.

Comment #94

Thanks, Kim! No, I have been buying directly from Medifast so no points there. But I bet I could ask around and see if anyone has one I could borrow, brilliant idea!! I used to have a really good, pricey Cuisinart and after years of lack of use, I gave it away.

I'll see what I can come up with! Thanks again!.


Comment #95

I don't have a food processor either, has anyone tried the Magic Bullet like one post had asked previously? I want to make one crust first just to make sure I like it before I jump in with 10 at a time..

Comment #96

I received that Mini Cuisinart a few years ago from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who are both fantastic professional chefs. At first, I thought what the heck am I going to do with this, another thing collecting dust and taking up space on my kitchen counter? But, I have to say that I LOVE that thing! It takes up only a little space and I use it all the time, including for mincing garlic, onions, and chopping up fresh herbs.

It's at Amazon for $32.72 with free shipping:.


Comment #97

Amy!! Thank you so much for the link to the mini at, I buy from them all the time. But it also made me realize that the same thing at BBB for $39.99, after using one of the dozens of 20% off coupons I have, would be about $32 plus tax. Even though I am having to pay the tax, I would not have to wait for it to get here and could have my pizza that much sooner. I always forget about those coupons!! .

Soooooo I will decide soon and either go get one or order it thru amazon. I am glad to hear that you find many uses for it. My biggest objection was not so much the $ but having another appliance to babysit in my kitchen when I am getting ready to downsize in the next year or so.

What else can you do with the mini and how many pizza crusts can you make in it? I will only make one to test it out and see that I've got Kurz's procedure right (THANK YOU KURZ!!) but then if it's successful, how many can I make at a time in the mini? .

I do already have parchment paper though!!!.

Thanks again and Happy 4th of July!.


Comment #98

I am making the crust right now! I had to dig the food processor out and my nubby had to figure out how it locked to turn on!!! Just turned them over..

Thanks so much! I am amazed I Did this but your pictures inspired me to try it! .

You are awesome!! You are amazing!.

Comment #99

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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