People with less weight to lose on Medifast?

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Curious what people think about the topic....

I've tossed around the idea in my head for a bit now..

To clarify before we get started, I'm talking about more than just starting Medifast with 15 lbs to lose, I'm talking about everyone on program with little to lose, whether you're starting today or have been on plan for a year..


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I'll have to admit, I didn't go off plan at all when I had 60 lbs to lose, but by the time I had 10# to lose, and the loss had slowed, my motivation slowed too and I started going off plan in small ways.

Part of it was people at work telling me I should not lose anymore weight and feeling like I needed to hide the fact that I was still on the diet. Medifast was enough to handle, I didn't have the energy to deal with people's comments even though my Dr and I were okay with my original goal.

I admit, even though I am back on MF, I will probably not be as open about it, as I am really tired of justifying my choices. I just hope I can stay 100% on plan, without being obvious about it...

Comment #1

It's happened to me. I was on plan losing 50lbs and basically getting to goal. Then, when I looked and felt like a thin person, I forgot that I can't think or eat like one. So, I skipped the whole transition thing and slowly gained back 15lbs. It has been so much harder to hop back on and it's been an on and off thing. JMO but, I think when you are close to goal, and you look and feel great, you lose a little something that kept you on track while overweight.

But, I know others that had difficulty close to goal)..

Comment #2

I totally agree. I actually never really went off plan until I reached goal and now I am having a hard time in maintenance because I let myself slip ALOT. I am aware of it and do weigh myself often to catch it and get back on track then I get back to my goal weight and do it all over again...

Comment #3

I think when you are in the home stretch is seems like goal is so people think, well I'll go off plan a little and I'll just reach goal a week later than they originally planned. When you have a lot to lose, and the goal date is so far away, it's more motivating to stay on track (assuming you are like me and constantly re-do the math to see when you think you will hit goal! LOL!!)..

Comment #4

I guess it all depends on how one is "wired.".

Time number one on Medifast, I had 60 pounds to lose and I stuck to it because I'm extremely competitive and goal oriented...maybe too much so at times..

After 2 years, 2 months I found myself a little over 20 pounds above my goal weight, with most of it gained in the last three months or so (I had surgery). This time I'm again pretty stringent, even though I've had to travel quite a bit this time..

But then again, your idea of OP and mine may not align: For example, if I'm at a business lunch I may have a green salad without dressing, drink my "lunch" shake and then do a dinnertime L&G with less vegetables. I don't consider that OP, but there are some who may disagree, particularly if I'm not measuring my portions. All I know is that I continue to have 5 Medifast meals and still lose weight, and that's what's most important to me...

Comment #5

I'm certainly tempted to go off plan at this point. As of today. I am 0.6lbs from my third and final goal, and I'm actually depressed about it. (Crazy, I know!) But the fact is is that what I'm doing now works for me, and I don't want to change anything. The strictness of the 5&1 and now the 4&2 leave it so that I have very few decisions to make about what I eat. Starting transition in a couple of weeks or so brings more decisions.

But the longer that I take to get to goal, the longer I can push that off, hence why I thought today, "Hmmm, maybe I'll have an extra bar."..

Comment #6

Yes, this is happening to me. I've lost 100 pounds since January, but the last month has been difficult for me. I've been going off plan a lot on the weekends, only to get right back on Monday morning (like no one ever does that!) I think it's harder when you've lost a significant amount of weight to keep the same motivation. I have about 15 more that I would like to lose, I just tell myself, no big deal, it's not like that's an unhealthy amount of weight, who cares, enjoy the xxx food. I'm afraid of putting weight back on, so I've been debating about going on transition and maintaining for a while. See how my body reshapes itself with more exercise, etc.

I don't know, but it's frustrating! Maybe we should have a support group! People who are losing motivation!..

Comment #7

I can't speak from experience, cuz I'm still 34 pounds from goal..... and going strong staying 100% on program. BUT, I'm worried about "fudging" while trying to take off those last 10-15 pounds. The one thing in my favor is our upcoming vacation the end of Jan. 2011. I am determined to be at goal by the time we step on board that ship! I have my heart set on it! I really think my desire to get to goal for this "once in a lifetime" vacation is greater than any desire to taste something off plan.

SOOOOO....... to answer you're question I think it depends on your circumstances...

Comment #8

I hope that isn't true. I think most get to a point where they start getting tempted. It just depends on how strong you are and whether you can resist the temptation. I myself has been having a really tough time the past week and a half. I am about half way there and I definitely do NOT want to start cheating now. I keep telling myself that it is not worth it.

I'm sure it will be even more difficult with the holidays coming up. We ALL can do this!..

Comment #9

I think it might be true of some people but not everyone. I've not been off plan through 5&1, transition and in maintenance. I've learned what it takes to get what I want and I now know how to stay there once my goal is achieved. I have no motivation to go off plan and every motivation to stay on plan, no matter what that plan is...

Comment #10

Well, some people may have been perfect, but I for one am not. I'm doing this because I want to lose weight, not deny myself every food I love for the rest of my life. Sometimes to me it feels like that Freddy Krueger movie where the people have to stay up all night and then they can't take it anymore and they fall asleep. That's what this diet feels like for me. Or it's like trying to hold your breath for a long time, sometimes I just can't take it anymore. But, I get right back on plan when I need to and this works for me.

I count every minute between meals, I drink lots of water. I have been doing this for over a year. I have lost 50lbs. I am at a healthy weight, but I'm trying for my ultimate goal.

It is what it is, we are human. We make mistakes and we fail and we try again...

Comment #11

I have slipped off plan several times but I just get right back up. Most times when I have been off plan I haven't gone back to eating like I did before I just have something that's not listed on plan. I get back on plan because for me there will never be a go back to eating how I did before. I just can't. That type of eating is what got me to nearly 300 pounds. There are some things that I might never get to eat again since they are triggers for me and I am okay with that...

Comment #12

This must be human nature I guess? I think we lose or sense of urgency or just decide to settle for "good enough". It's all so silly too. I'm unhappy when I feel overweight so why wouldn't I do something to make me feel so much better? I think Medifast is awesome. NEVER have had such great results and I love the few choices I need to make...

Comment #13

I had 30 lbs to lose and stayed on until I lost 34. Went through transition and staying at the last transition stage. If I start to gain a few, I go back to the fist or second phase of transition...

Comment #14

First you have to define plan. The standard 5 and 1 plan is not a one size fits all. What is good for one person will not be right for another. What I mean is a person with higher lean mass will need more than someone with lower lean mass or else they will loss some lean mass which will reduce the amount of food you can eat later. Women's needs are about 300 to 700 cals less than a mans need because of lean weight. I have always had higher protein than what the standard plan states.

You should have some flexibility in your plan or you will set yourself up for failure at some point. Far too often I think folks get too caught up with the scale weight instead of with what the numbers are comprised of...

Comment #15

Everyone that diets loses lean mass. Its a virtual certainty. Our bodies dont selectively choose whether to burn fat or muscle. The catch is that heavier people have much more fat to choose from, so as a % we burn more fat in our weight loss, but muscle loss is irrefutable...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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