Pentax K10D - price & warranty questions

I'm a grad student, wanting to buy the Pentax K10D (my first SLR camera, but currently shoot in aperture priority mode on my Olympus C-700 with 10X optical zoom). Does anyone know or think if the prices will go down further (esp at B&H) after the holidays? I found it cheaper elsewhere, but prefer B&H's extended warranty. I also wondered what people recommend with the extended warranty - is it worth buying, and worth paying more for one that covers accidental damage & normal wear & tear? And if so, would you get the 3 or 5 yr warranty (3 yr is $118, 5 yr is $235)..

Thanks for your advice.


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I'm watching this thread too. I considered buying at the brick and mortar Wolf Camera store in town, even though it was higher priced to get their extended warranty. I dont know how I feel about warranties in general. I think i'm getting my K10D from BH as well. I need to look into their warranty too then, depending on how this thread goes!.

Thanks for posting the question Beth!'This is how I see it...'

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I was going to go with B&H's 5 yr warranty but now may go with 3 yr, because I hear pro photographer's often don't get extended warranty because any damage may happen in first year (with manufacturer warranty). However, B&H is supposed to cover accidental damage & wear & I don't know whether to go with 5 yr or 3 yr. Anyone have any input? And can anyone say if they think (I know you have no way of knowing for sure) if price of K10D will drop anymore in next few weeks or month, with the 20D coming out in Jan? Is it better to buy now, or better to wait a little longer?.


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Here's a look into my Stream of consciousness;.

I think I've decided not to purchase the warranty. Yes, BH Photo's warranty will cover "accidental" physical damage. I spoke w/ them today about it and they explained that "as long as the accident happens while you are shooting"......and of course, how would anybody really know? So, effectively, would be covered no matter what could happen..

But, I'm reasonably careful, and I'm not a pro photog out in the field every single day taking pictures for a living. If I had the camera in the field every day, I think the odds of something bad happening to it go up astronomically. I"ll be using the camera on weekends for fun and the occasional event..

This body can be bought for around 500 bucks and dropping, so if I weigh the cost vs the odds of needing to use the warranty, vs what it will cost in two years to replace it..I'm thinking I'm going to pass on the warranty..

I may be wrong in my though process, so if somebody has a comment, please chime in.....

Now, one thing that was tempting was at Wolf Camera. Supposedly, with their warranty, they will give you a new camera, no questions asked if it gets demolished. As long as you still have the piece w/ the serial number on it. The guy actually showed me a Panasonic Lumix superzoom that was run over. It was in a ziplock bag. He said that if the camera was not repairable, they would simply replace it.

The problem is Wolf's prices are so much higher for the K10d than BH or Beach Camera and the cost of the warranty is so much higher, that I decided not to take a chance on finding out if they stand behind the warranty or not..

I'm still not 100% sure, but I think I've convinced myself to take a calculated risk and forget about the extended warranty. Do whatever is best for you though!'This is how I see it...'

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Be careful of the places you find the K10D at a cheap price. There are too many rip-off camera dealers out there. Check before dealing with any reseller..

You can get the body for $ 619.00 at Buydug, that's pretty cheap As for warranty, consider getting the Samsung GX-10. It's the same camera and that one comes with a four year warranty from Samsung.My humble photo gallery:

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How is Samsung quality wise, and for customer service compared to Pentax? Is there any advantage in quality or service with Pentax vs Samsung?.

Thanks - and anyone have any experience with buydig & B&H and using extended warrantys? (do they follow through on warranty, particularly B&H's extended warranty that covers accidental damage & normal wear & tear?).


PS - compared B&H and buydig on reseller ratings...they have almost the same % of negative reviews over past 6 months (.02 something for B&H, and .03 something for buydig). (that's really 2% and 3%, the .02 was bfore multiplying by 100)..

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I did it! I placed the order for the K10d from Buydig! I got the Body and lens kit for 711.00 before 100 dollar rebate. You just cant beat that kind of deal!.

I cant wait to start posting in the Pentax SLR forum! I NEED that zoom lens right away?? hehe....'This is how I see it...'

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Well good for you! That is quite a deal. I have purchased from Buydig myself, as well as some coworkers, and our experiences are excellent. I've not used a Pentax DLSR but honestly, you can't buy a bad one these days. You've got a better-than-entry-level camera for an entry-level price. Now comes the part where you and your money will soon be parted - new lenses!My humble photo gallery:

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Did you buy an extended warranty? I'm debating where to buy mine and *when* to buy it. (by the way, I saw something in comments at resellerratings by someone from B&H, that they guarantee prices, if it drops, they'll refund, but don't see anything on their site about it - anyone know their policy?). Also...because buydig is in my home state, even though it's $40 cheaper than B&H, by the time I pay tax, it's about equal. (though without the 2 GB memory card, but I can live without it). How is B&H customer service compared to buydig?..

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My opinion of B&H is that they are the gold standard. I've received excellent service from a few resellers - Cameta Camera, Buydig, Adorama, Cord Camera, and B&H. There are legions of very satisfied B&H customers.My humble photo gallery:

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No...I decided against the warranty. Buydig's warranty is through Mack and it only extends the mfg warranty, so it wouldnt cover accidental damage. My personal belief is that if something is going to go wrong that would be covered under the mfg warranty, it'll happen in the first year. Murphy's law will prove me wrong from time to time, but I usually follow this rule and it's worked out OK so far. I'm going to take a calculated risk and self insure  If I drop it down a mountain, I'll come crawling back with my tail tucked between my legs. I'm SUPER STOKED about my new K10D!!!!! I cant wait to start snapping pics. I'm having it delivered to my office so I can rip the box open right away!'This is how I see it...'

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Thanks! I'm really excited. I keep reading all these rave reviews about the K10D and how it competes w/ DSLR's that are nearly twice as costly. Buydig seemed to be a fine group to deal with. I'm from Tx, so our demeanor is a little different due to the latitude/longitude difference  but they were pretty friendly, answered all my questions, gave me a SPECTACULAR deal and shipped it today! So, I'm a happy camper.'This is how I see it...'

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