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I have a problem with PayPal and personally I feel so angry by what they have done.

I just purchased a domain from domainsite, everything normal, and went to pay for some hosting, but something wasnt right, it wouldnt let me pay for the hosting. I checked my Paypal and noticed they had limited my account because of a Third Party logging into it.

I emailed them and asked them to remove the limitation, the reason they placed it on I belive is because I use my Paypal from work, and at home if I use Internet Explorer I have to use a proxy because Internet Explorer blocks some sites, dont ask me why, not even my ISP knows why.

Anyway, they replyed saying the only way they could lift the limitation was if they had some details faxed to them. I havnt got a fax machine and canno get access to one, and I would never send personal photocopys in the post.

What can I do?.

Personally, this paypal account is mine, it contains funds, which I cannot get out, so surley I have the right to tell them to remove the limitation. I havn't done nothing wrong, the issue is because they said someone has tryed to log into my account, but like I said the only way they could have come to that is because of the different IPs connecting to it.

What can I do? Fax and Post is not an option. They are messing up my business, I'm holding peole up because I owe them money all because paypal! So what they are saying basically, if I cannot provide proof, they will keep my money.


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You should NEVER use a proxy site to access your paypal account. They can EASILY steal your passwords...

Comment #1


Ive only used it once mate with a proxy, I opened Internet Explorer by accident, I always use firefox but this time I didnt.

What grounds do I stand on?..

Comment #2

Find your nearest library with a fax machine and send it out.

They might make you pay a buck or two... but I'm sure it's worth it...

Comment #3

This is why I said fax is impossible, my nearest library is 13 miles away, and it's that small I dont even think they have a fax machine, last time I went they didnt even have PCs...

Comment #4

Never use a proxy site...

But a proxy in a local network?? Is it possible to have problems with PayPal because of that? Scary!..

Comment #5

PayPal are pains! Only way your going to get your account fixed is by faxing that data off they wont have it any other way. If I had the money and something like that happened to my account I would see what I could do in small claims court...

Comment #6

Im shocked.

Before I knew about FireFox I had to use a proxy to get onto some sites, I dont know why Internet Explorer blocked them, but I wasnt banned because firefox allowed me on them, and it was only sites like: dnforum ect.

I dont use it no-more though. Thats what I'm thinking of doing. At the end of the day, it's my account, I havnt broke any rules, they froze it because they belived it was being a third part was accessing it.

Ive emailed them and told them, no1 is accessing it, I have changed my password to make sure, but I doubt they will have it.

I will settle this in a small claims court I think, it's there fault my money is being held up not mine, so they can refund me the money I have lost these past few days...

Comment #7

I suspect your computer is infected with spyware or adware that is preventing IE from accessing common sites. Malware usually targets IE since it is the most widely used browser...

Comment #8

It seems that everyone here has forgotten that paypal has limited the account to protect his funds. would you rather they err on the side of caution, or grant you easier accessibility to your account, as well as letting others into your account? and yes, don't use proxies..

Comment #9

You live in Birmingham which is basically the second biggest city in England, i'm sure theres a fax machine there..

Comment #10

A proxy is just like a key logger online...

Comment #11

Finding something in birmingham is a pain.. The small shops were never open on the Walsall road from perry barr to great barr.


Comment #12

You agree to their TOS when you sign up. They have a policy in place to prevent fraud. You should be thankful they do, or instead of having difficulty getting your money, you could have absolutely no money... You can goto any type of copy/office shop (kinkos, staples, office max), even your local mail office should have some kind of services available. Get a phone book and call places. Or if you have the information on your computer, there are online fax services as Polurnet pointed out.

But if you take them to court, because you fail to comply with policies you agreed to, you're going to get laughed out of court...

Comment #13

I tell you you have to fax them in the USA? If so I will do it for you. Just email me the scans....and I will print them out and fax them for you.

PM me if you want to do this and my email address...

Comment #14

I faxed two copy's off, with the info PayPal needed. Both from different locations, both to the correct number as I made sure it was right the second time and it was.

My account was limited with $150+ in it, both faxes after numerous phone calls they claimed they never received the faxes, I would have spent something like $20+ faxing and calling them up.

PayPal need a better system, why cant they just ask you for info such as your full bank/credit-card number etc.. To gain access to your account again...

Comment #15

Traffic on https is encrypted, so proxy to https should be safe - even if sniffed, someone would need extreme resources to decrypt it...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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