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Whoa! They intend on buying their own island just so they can creat their own nation, in that nation there will be no copyright laws!

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Sealand kicks ass! I've seen TV broadcast from there. It's a great place.

Not sure about these pirates taking it over though. It won't be long until the RIAA start bombing them.

That was no joke! The RIAA are a law unto themselves, if they had bombs they'd use them. Maybe they'll convince the US military to do it for them. Illegal downloads could easily be mistaken for WMDs you know!..

Comment #1

Wow, I am shocked in a good way to this news. I think that is amazing statisics. How does this site make money?.


Comment #2

Yeah right!.

Wikipedia struggles for 10million and they want people to donate 50..

Comment #3

They will just end up like the gaming sites. The first time the hit the ground in the US, UK etc they'll be arrested..

Comment #4

Let them; and then with no copyright laws in place there, anyone can pirate their site as well! Ahahahaha...

Comment #5

Anyone hear of "Petoria" - as an avid family guy fan it really brings that word to mind...

Cant believe this came from wikipedia.....

Comment #6

Good question.

Specially with al the law suits in several countries.....

Comment #7

I wonder they will have the same fate as which was the biggest torrent tracker before PirateBay. But these guys seems smarter and they still survive. I'm sure they receive plenty of donations too.


Comment #8

Wow...people really underestimate copyright laws.

From what I gather, a copyright is independant of location. I could live in Thailand (for example) and violate a Microsoft copyright; it will STILL be considered violation...

Comment #9

Omg....I can't believe this. you think they will allow immigrants?..

Comment #10

You never know in this day and age. You might be suprised to see that they actually might. Lets hope they are legal...

Comment #11

Actually that is not true, if you lived in Thailand and pirated from Microsoft you would be doing it under the Thailand laws which is why it is so hard for the RIAA to stop international torrent websites. The thing that was wrong about SuprNova was the management, who was not willing to continue to fight the legal threats and just gave up. ThePirateBay who is owned by a person who is willing to do what ever is in his way to continue operations (counter-suing the swiss government, putting servers in many countries, accepting donations, etc). TPB will probably last for awhile, I am not saying I support that but I think the RIAA and MPAA are taking it too hard by suing 12 year old girls, trying to decrease artists earnings, etc..

This is one way for people now to stand up against a powerful force, and fight it. It is just not a legal way sadly.

Also regarding this article, this was set out to be a joke as TPB cannot afford or anything near close to a 1 billion dollar island. Little on the money it would cost to put up power, ISP, etc..

- Steve..

Comment #12

If it is the platform I am thinking of it is not independent from the UK. It used to be until changes in international law extended the distance of what is considered a countries sovereignty around it's shores.

The platform in question used to be (or possibly still is) a data center. They moved there to try and get around tax laws...

Comment #13


My recollection matches that of the Wikipedia article - that it hasn't been recognised as a country or principality by any country, meaning any claims could easily be challenged and those pirates could still be sued/shutdown/whatever, if it is deemed to still be part of Britain (which it most likely is)...

Comment #14

How do you fight something legally when there are billion dollar organizations like the RIAA and MPAA that tell the government what laws to pass? Plus the legal system is setup to require you to have money in order to fight. If you don't, then you find alternative methods.

I hope they change the name to Pirate's Bay, Sealand is pretty lame...

Comment #15

Will be waiting for that to see on TV lolz.

That will be really CRAZY news for me..

Comment #16

Surely if they hosted the servers on their own island they would have to get a network connection to the rest of the world...would the provider of that connection not be breaking the law by willingly allowing illegal content to be transferred through their network?..

Comment #17

They don't have the money to do this, the costs would be well over 4 billion. You got to remember there is NOTHING on that island, no power, not ISP, nothing.

Actually sites like these are not really illegal, that is why they are so hard to shut down. They simplely host trackers which tell the torrent app where to go to download the file. But actually the file is transferred from computer to computer. The tracker just receives info on things like amount done, computer stuff, etc..

- Steve..

Comment #18

What I find funny is...its just a steel bouey in the middle of the ocean. How will you get a datacenter on that?..

Comment #19

Actually you are wrong. The costs were estimated at 2billions and there is a data center in the "island" for a company called havenco (so obviously there is also power). All they would have to do is host the content there if it is considered a principality. According to the havenco website they are "offering the world's most secure managed servers in the world's only true free market environment" meaning they host anything and everything without restraints from the surrounding governments...

Comment #20

Sealand already has a datacenter on it.

There's more info about the owning company - here More info @

Comment #21

That is crazy!!! I wish I could buy my own island..

Comment #22

I give the platform no more than 10 years before it falls apart...

Comment #23

Its been intact for 60 years or so...

Anyways, a fiber line under such a large area (5 miles) will cost quite a lot of money.....

Comment #24

Intact? let me remind you it caught on fire summer 06..

Comment #25

It would be kool to have yor own island. you have bragging rights then that you own a island.


Comment #26

They have long way to go if it's true;.

I suppose this news is just kidding with people all over the world. This news just made pirate bay more famous than before...

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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