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Hi all,.

I am owning some tennis player domain names, e.g.

Can I develop this site using available information about Federer on the net, in order to get traffic to that site, and later I can put some shopping banners there for revenue? Does it violate any trademark, copyright...? Or I can only park it and hope one day that tennis player comes in and buy the domain back.

Thanks a lot.

(And no, I don't own

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Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

It depends if the tennis player's able to demonstrate trademark rights to his.

Own name, and maybe create a fuss over what you're planning to do...

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So... if I don't plan to do anything, just put a page there saying this domain is for sale... is it alright?..

Comment #2

Maybe. Again, it depends if the tennis player will make it an issue or not.

Why else did you register it anyway?..

Comment #3

I think I can make a profit of it, as that player will be in top ten very soon.

In another case, let say I register a general domain, e.g. and use it for my blog for example. Then a company comes up and say that that name is their company name and is trademarked. Should I lose that name in this case?.

Back to the tennis domain, if I use that domain for my blog, talkng about technology for example, or parking it, will I still risk to lose it?.

By the way, is it possible to trademark a name? and any cost involve in the trademark?.

I also have a trademark domain name, and now I wonder how to sell it.


Comment #4


In the future, you might want to steer clear of possible legal trouble by staying away from TM's and other people's names.

You might get away with it, but, then again, you might not.

In the long run, you'll do better to find some good generics.


Comment #5

No doubt. You might or might not get away with it as Ms Domainer said, but.

Be ready to face the results if you proceed and if that person finally makes it.

An issue.

One can "create" a trademark by using the word in commerce, or even names.

In this case. Michael Jordan, Ralph Lauren, and a gazillion others are doing so.

Even as we post.

Oh, and if you're U.S.-based, there's a cyberpiracy law somewhere that holds.

One civilly liable if you registered it intentionally to sell it to them direct. I am.

Rather too lazy to find it around here somewhere, though. (heh).

I'm sure you get the idea...

Comment #6

Dave Zan , thanks for your info.

Just another short question, let's say I'm not US based, then if there were an issue, then what's the consequence? Just lose that domain?.

And if he want to set up a trademark, is the process complicated and a lot of cost involved?..

Comment #7

Bare minimum is lose the domain name. Someone filed an Anti-cybersquatting.

Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) lawsuit and got a default monetary decision.

Against it's non-U.S. registrant, but some lawyers suggest it might be served.

If that person ever sets foot in the U.S. (I don't know up to how long...).

It's been said before, but trademarks arise from usage and not registration in.

Various countries like the U.S. and U.K. That tennis player might have if he is.

Using his name to make money like commercial endorsements, but he can file.

A registration and gain broader protection if he thinks the costs are worth it...

Comment #8


I also own a tennis player's domain name for over a year now- and registered it for about 2 years. I set up the site as a little fan club for my "almost pro" tennis star. I found his email address somewhere and told him about this fan club for him and told him I was googling some articles and putting the links for his fans on the site. He thanked me. I was motivated back then and did not buy the domain to resell it. I was a fan back then.

But now I am not much of a fan. He has disappointed me. Because I don't think he really cares. Ok so be it. I told him I don't want to do this site anymore and was going to sell it- but not necessarily to him- (hoping he would now offer something.) But he has not made any move, not even a paltry move.

He said he cannot afford to make on offer for the site. Recently there has not been much info on him lately. So the site sits with a for sale sign waiting for him to make a move.

Maybe you wanna buy it? (lol) I'll let you know what it is privately in a pm...

Comment #9


That's good to know.

I think it's better to buy some name that you know he will absolutely be in top 20, or 10 in the future. I'm interested in tennis, so I know about these things quite well.

The tennis player that you own, is he young? Is he still in Junior tennis or in Pro already. If he's in pro and let'say, deep in top 500, so he will not interested in purchasing your domain.

You said you sent him message, did he reply you?.

Does your site has traffic now? Does it has organic traffic (which come from Search Engine)?.

I set up my site recently, no organic traffic yet, but has about 10 unique per day...

Comment #10

Hi mitch, thanks for the info. I replied you..

Comment #11

I just realize that Roger Federer hasn't got his name trademarked. So if I own his name, there shouldn't be any problem, right?..

Comment #12

I'm in a similar situation, only in a different sport. Had bought DN couple of yrs ago. Thought of doing a fan site, but no time for it...

Comment #13

Make sure you place some where visible on the site "Unofficial Fan Site of (name)" do not copy information write your own. In the footer put "Images and TM are owned by the rightful owners. We have no Affiliation with (name). This is an UNOFFICIAL fan site of (name). If we are violating any TM or other Marks please contact (your email for the site)".

You can capitalize on this but be careful as some of the celebs and such hate it well their PR people do. Make sure you dont violate any terms from the companies that you are advertising on your site but making a fan site. You should be alright though...

Comment #14

In the United States it is not required that you register a trademark. A trademark can manifest itself with consistent legitimate use in commerce. It is STRONGLY advised that you do register any trademarks you have...but NEVER assume that because a mark has not been registered it is not subject to protection.

When it comes to famous people's names, such as it also happens to be your name, there is a strong presumption of "bad faith" on the part of the domain owner. While most celebrities either don't care about the name or just buy the name for a negotiated price (easier, less time consuming, less press)...those that have gone the legal route have usually won.

The best advice was given above...just avoid anything that could be a potential TM issue.



Comment #15

Why not develop it as a fan page as mentioned above? Don't see anything wrong with it unless the person is really such a %&$#@.

I have a couple of fan sites for music bands, check if you want Ian Gillan & Faith No More in my sig and I am full of adsense and affiliate links.....

Plan to do more in the future especially for bands (and other stuff) that I found joy in participating with.....

Comment #16

Then good for you and enjoy...and be ready if the other people finally decide.

To enforce their trademark rights, if any...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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