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I tried to order medifast through big crumbs today. This is my first time and when I search for medifast on the big crumbs website, nothing comes up. Is anyone else having this problem. Do they no longer support medifast?..

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You're right! What the **ll?!!! I just looked yesterday, and the Medifast link was there. I am going to be beyond disappointed if Medifast isn't on big crumbs anymore, especially since I just started using it last month!!!!.

(Interesting side note, when I posted this message, I wrote "big crumbs" as one word, and it came up with all asterisks.)..

Comment #1

It would appear they no longer deal with medifast...

Comment #2

Yep. Here's a message that I found via another link to big crumbs: "Retailer is no longer participating in the program." Son of a..!!!!!..

Comment #3

A few months ago the same thing happened, their link disappeared for a couple weeks. Then it came back. Who knows? Check back in a few days...

Comment #4

I ordered with Big Crumbs last night...I guess I ordered just in time...

Comment #5

I ordered through Big Crumbs last month and waited the requisite 2 weeks for the transaction to post, but it never showed up. Does it typically take longer than that? Otherwise I am pretty sure I lost out on that 16%...

Comment #6

I remember when it happened before. Give it a couple of weeks and check again. Hopefully it will come back. If not, I may not be able to afford to stay on this! I will be thoroughly teed off.....

Comment #7

Oh well guess I shoulda ordered before end of month..

Comment #8

I ordered through them 3 weeks ago and never was credited? I was going to place a order this weekend, but looks like that is not happening. What a bummer...

Comment #9

I was credited for my last order but it will take a while to see if I get my rebate. I buy other things using them and always get the rebate..

I noticed they added some other diet programs which in my opinion are not as good as I have tried one of them..

I sent them an email hoping they bring the program back...

Comment #10

Omg! Seriously wth! I just referred a bunch of people to big crumbs telling them what an awesome deal it is. I have not received any of the money yet but it is showing that I have earned $49.xx so far! And as someone else mentioned earlier, I may not be able to afford this diet anymore without it. I have convinced my husband to let me keep ordering because I will be getting money back!!..

Comment #11

There are other places you can order from that give you rebates ... look on the boards. I have faith in Big Crumbs that they will see the light and bring Medifast back..

Send them emails that you want it back ... I did but I do not know if it will make a difference..

Comment #12

Is it still on EBates? They give you 10% at least. I am bummed..

Comment #13

I also use a different website and get 10% back. not sure we're allowed to mention them here, so if you want feel free to private message me here and i'll give you the site..

Comment #14

OMG I can't believe they did this again! Back in May they took out Medifast for a month or month & a half and again put it back in, so I guess even this should not be for long, i'll wait and check again in a month or so to see if it's back!..

Comment #15

Medifast dropped off BC once before right at the beginning of the month. A couple of weeks later they were back on. I'm sure it has to do with reciprocal contracts or some such nonsense...

Comment #16

OMG I can't believe they r doing this again! Back in May they took off Medifast for a month or so and put it back into their website, so lets hope even this is temporary.....also initially they had 18% cashback but pulled it down to 16%, lets hope there won't be any changes this time ones Medifast is back on.......

Comment #17

I don't know if the choice is made by Big Crumbs or by Medifast. I went to BC's Facebook page and posted something about MF. It just seems to me that it is most likely MF's choice whether to participate or not. Especially since BC asked for suggestions of retailers to add to the program on their Facebook page, and made a point of saying that some retailers simply refuse to participate. Who knows. I just hope they fix the problem soon.

It's just 10% back, though...

Comment #18

There could be another answer here....

If there are electronic links from website to website, there is a chance that link is broken and therefore Medifast isnt showing up on BC. Considering the server is a trainwreck with chat down, posts being duplicated, and abnormal delays, there could be something up with MF's end..

Or, perhaps they require monthly renewals (This started October 1st?) and Medifast went home for the weekend without giving BC the OK?.

I guess we'll see...

Comment #19

Those of you who may have used shopathome or ebates - did you like the site? Would you use it again? Looks like I'm going to need a replacement for a big crumbs. I'm also testing out a seller on ebay (so far, I've had good luck with medifast on ebay)..

Just looking for the cheapest way to do medifast. The more I save, the longer I can continue being a loser...

Comment #20

I got a response from Big Crumbs on my inquiry :.

We most definitely appreciate and value your feedback regarding Medifast Diet, definitely a favorite merchant among ********* members. However, after careful consideration, the decision was made to remove them from the site. There are no plans for it's return at this time..


Comment #21

RIP Big Crumbs, ok, that's over.

Where else do we order to use the coupons?..

Comment #22

Why? Whose decision was it? I posted something on the bulletin board hoping Medifast would respond, but nothing yet..

MF was still on last time I looked - same coupons but lower rebate amount. Still, that's about the only way I can afford to do this. If that one goes away, I may be SOL..

I hope Medifast is aware of this. I know I am not the only one in this position...

Comment #23

I'm assuming this has something to do with TSFL and the health coaches. If we can order cheaper through there, how can the health coaches compete? Often wondered about that. Well, it was nice while it lasted...

Comment #24

Abby09, I was thinking the same thing. Just didn't want to say it. I also don't want to be "forced" into signing up with a health coach to get discounts. I'm not the type of person who likes or wants or does well with someone watching over me. I work from home. My boss is the email.

I prefer it that way..

So, if TSFL is the only way it will be possible to get the food more cheaply, I am really going to have to think long and hard about that. I really liked that idea that there were different ways to do this and get discounts. Something for everyone. I really won't appreciate it if that is taken away. And if the only way I can get the food without supervision is to pay full price, I will be unable to afford it. I am already self-employed due to down-sizing and having to pay for my own health insurance.

I really hate the idea that I may be on my own with food before I'm ready...

Comment #25

Does anyone use Ebates regularly? Now that ********* now longer does Medifast I want to dump it all together for my other online shopping. I'd rather just use Ebates for Medifast and other shopping unless ********* offers better cash back in general. I'm a newbie to this whole scene so I'd love some advice!..

Comment #26

Wow, why did Medifast think that B I g c r you m b s is a cuss word and delete it out of my post??..

Comment #27

I used Big Crumbs for the first time on a Medifast order in July. It's become a major annoyance and hassle for me because they never gave me the credit for the purchase. I've spent over two months emailing back and forth with them, and they still claim that they are "investigating" it with Medifast, and that Medifast has 90 days to take care of it.

In a series of emails, Big Crumbs has requested that I email them my order info - which I had to copy and paste from my Medifast account because I never received an email confirmation. Then, they wanted to know what coupon code I used (it has to be from their site, and it was). Then, they again requested my email confirmation of my order from Medifast (which I never received), and then just last week they came up with a new one - they claimed that my purchase had to have been completed within one hour of my click through on the BC site! WTH? Under my Medifast account I can check my order, but it only has the date, not the time. When I called MF, I got nowhere, which is hard to believe because I'm sure it's in their system the exact time and date of my order.

Well, I ordered Medifast again last week and after I completed my order a screen popped up on Medifast with a confirmation that you can print out. Aha! When I saw that last week, I noticed that it has the date and time at the top of the confirmation page! I had totally forgotten about that. So, I looked through my paperwork and sure enough, I did print it out with my July order and I did in fact complete my order within the hour that BC says that I clicked through. So, I had to email them AGAIN, asking if they want me to fax it to them, and when they finally replied, they said just hold onto it for now, they're still waiting to hear from MF..

I am majorly P.O.'d at this point, having wasted so much time trying to resolve this. In the meantime, I made two other orders from other stores through BC and the credit shows up for those purchases. Hopefully, I'll receive payment from them. Interestingly, I made another Medifast order last week, and I still don't see a purchase credit on my account at MF, even though a purchase that I made a few days after that (at another store), already shows up..

I really, really hate being yanked around like this!..

Comment #28

I received a similar response to the one posted above:.

Thank you for contacting us..

We most definitely appreciate and value your feedback regarding Medifast Diet, definitely a favorite merchant among ********* members. However, after careful consideration, the decision was made to remove them from the site. There are no plans for it's return at this time..

We apologize for any inconvenience..



This really kind of sucks...I was already a bit disappointed when it went from 18% to 16% and now the most is 10% on other websites...not much else of a choice though...

Comment #29

Pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter.... Running on over to Ebates......

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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