Only Hungry in the Morning during Medifast?

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I was wondering if anyone else had this issue..

I have NEVER been in a routine of eating breakfast, highschool, college, never. But now I have to, so I have been. I'm not hungry when I first wake up, but I make myself have some oatmeal or a bar because I know I need to. Then, sometimes not even an hour later, I feel very, VERY intense hunger pains. I wait as long as I can to get to my 2.5/3 hour mark and then have my next meal. Again, shortly after, I'm very hungry..

This patter goes on for the first two or three meals of the day..

If I have my L&G for lunch, I'm fine the rest of the day/night. If I have my L&G for dinner, then the hunger pains stop after my third Medifast meal..

It's like my body is programmed to only feel hunger pains before 2PMish..

I don't understand..

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Weird! Have you tried drinking tea during the hungry times?..

Comment #1

I'd try shifting a bunch of your water-drinking to the am, the earlier the better..

Try drinking 500 ml water as soon as you get up, and another 500 with your first meal.

It will allow your body to start burning fat right away first thing, and may alleviate some or all of your morning hungries...

Comment #2

I've never been much of a tea drinker, which has always been a bummer because I'm a singer! Is tea supposed to help suppress hunger?.

I could try that. It's just hard for me to get anything down in the morning, food or drink. I'll have to suck it up though and chug a bottle on the way to work. I'll see what it does for me tomorrow...

Comment #3

I've found that tea helps me when I'm hungry. I think it just fills my belly better than water because it's hot. I'm MUCH more of a coffee drinker, however the milk, half and half, or flavoring that makes it yummy is off plan. I do use a little half and half in my coffee in the morning and count it as a condiment, but I can't drink lattes or more coffee throughout the day...

Comment #4

Never been a big coffee drinker either..

That's why I was excited when I found a way to make the Hot Cocoa into something I liked - I feel like a big girl when I have a mug of hot brown stuff in front of me in the morning, hahaa...

Comment #5

K let me know how it goes. I can just about promise you it will make a huge difference...

Comment #6

I find I can drink MORE water when it is bottled and at room temperature, than I can if it is in a cup. Although I LOVE really cold water I don't drink near as much and it sorta gives me a stomach ach. BUT room temp WOW I can reaal chug it down. I don't do tea or coffee either don't feel bad. I am going to try to 1000ml of water 1st thing in my day and see IF that helps. I am not losing very fast and it is frustrating. HOwever, I am losing inches, SO I really am losing FAT!!!!!..

Comment #7

I'm like you, I don't typically eat breakfast and as soon as I have my first Medifast meal I am hungry soon after.

I'm just trying to work through it now. Yesterday I did half my lean at lunch and the rest at dinner. Eat the protein made a huge difference...

Comment #8

I had to find a pattern that worked for me. Through the entire weight loss phase I had all 5 Medifast meals between 8-3 then L&G between 5 and 6 and nothing the rest of the night. My hungry time is during the day. Maybe the way I spaced my meals wasn't optimal but I usually ate two at a time every day. I felt satisfied and didn't get that hunger feeling and I was able to stick with the plan...

Comment #9

When I'm feeling especially hungry, I space my Medifast meals closer together...2 hours between the first few isn't unusual for me at all. I don't usually wake up hungry but could knaw my arm off if I don't eat within the first hour of waking. Typical days for me are spaced like this:.

6:45 Medifast meal.

9:00 Medifast meal.

11:00 Medifast meal or if I'm not too hungry, L&G meal around 11:30..

Comment #10

Sam my hunger is odd.

My biggest hunger time is between about 3:30am and 6:30am, and those hours specifically.

The rest of the day the hunger is calm. well, I get the normal hunger during the day, but the medifast meals/lean greens take care of that. Those specific morning hours are the hours that I want more sugar and more quantity. Thank goodness, usually, I am asleep during those morning hours, but when I am not, it is a bit harder. If awake during those hours, I try to eat a meal that is sweet to make it go away...

Comment #11

This happened to me only the first week while I fought off my carb addiction. Weirdly enough, I did not get hungry every hour before MF, just after, but thankfully, only that first week..

Once in awhile I might feel hungry soon after eating, but I attribute that mostly to boredom or my inner brat telling me I should graze...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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