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I'm kind of a simple gal. I don't doctor too many of the Nutrisystem meals, just eat them as they are. But after going thru lots and lots and lots of posts of recipes to make the Nutrisystem entrees better, or making the veggies better... I want to cook! .

The PROBLEM, I really don't cook, don't have the time. But I'm gonna start, slowly, with some of the simpler recipes. And then advance to some of the more 'involved' recipes. Especially the veggie recipes. If I don't, I know that I will get burned out eating the same old salad and veggies every day.

I think it will be fun...I hope! Guess I will have to start my own Nutrisystem cookbook!!!!.

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I am waiting for food to arrive, somewhat glad I took the step, but also scared and apprehensive I will stay focused..

Comment #1

Still waiting too.. At least now it shows it shipped of course no telling how long it's going to take. My husband and I are both doing NS, so we haven't bought groceries this week. Needless to say we are starting to end up with some "interesting" meals. Can't wait for our food to get here!!.

Comment #2

Sandy, one nice thing is that you can cook with the Nutrisystem food but if you don't want to it is ready to go. I like that option..

Comment #3

The UPS tracking should say the scheduled delivery date. Hopefully you will get it soon!!! I got mine in 3 days as promised when I selected Express Shipping. Now Im on day 3 and cant wait for my slim in 6 dvds to arrive. Good Luck everyone!.

Comment #4

Good luck everyone. You should be able to track your delivery from the email you received telling you it was shipped. I am also new to the program, well 5 weeks in and have lost 16 lbs so far, weigh in is tomorrow. I am absolutely thrilled with the program, especially the fact that when I get home I don't have to worry about what to make, just go to the pantry and pick something out that can be ready in 2 minutes. Good luck to all!!!!!!!.

Comment #5

I haven't figured out this fascination with cooking. I live by myself so I don't enjoy cooking. The fact that the Nutrisystem food just needs to be nuked is a real plus. Nuke the Nutrisystem entree; throw a steamer bag of veggies in the microwave; go to the bathroom and when you come back, the delicious food is ready. No mess, no extra work!.

Comment #6

I customize most of my meals... but I rarely spend more than 15 minutes preparing.

A good non stick skillet, a microwave vegetable steamer, and frozen veggies can be your best friend. I also use the broiler on my oven for toasting things up..

Comment #7

Hey, I just joined and ordered my food. I have never done any of these diets before so I am excited but apprehensive too. Good luck!.

Comment #8

[quote=bkln;4774600]Hey, I just joined and ordered my food. I have never done any of these diets before so I am excited but apprehensive too. Good luck to you all. My journey has just begun..

Comment #9

I dump all the meals into either a bowl (after adding water as required) or a plate and mircrowave for twice as long as directions state. Especially the Mac & Cheese with Beef. After "cooking" in the package, I place on a plate and microwave for two minutes longer. Totally cooks the macaroni and is quite good.

Take your salad ingredients (sans lettuce) and stir fry (Pam) instead. Cook your dinner according to directions and add to the stir fry. Works with most things. I detest FF salad dressing, so use regular. Hasn't stopped my losing - works for me, maybe not for you.

I prefer fresh vegetables to frozen and use mostly in a salad, including raw broccoli and cauliflower. Also steam on the stove. There are a ton of recipes on the threads for cauliflower. Sometimes I throw it in a blender, faux mashed potatoes. Spray ICBINB has been a lifesaver for me. I used to slather veggies in butter - hardly notice any difference wih the spray..

I add a veggie to the meal, usually string beans, that I steam first and then microwave along with the meal. I used to prepare string beans with a knife, which seemed to take forever so I didn't make them often, but I purchased a pair of Kuhn Rikon scissors from QVC (K29148 - also check K17634 - better picture) mainly because they make quick work of that awful plastic packaging, but they are fabulous for preparing beans. I can now do them in a few minutes..

I'm not too fond of the tortillas so I bake them for about 5 minutes at 350 until crispy and then use as chips instead of rolling the dinner in them - add some salsa or a low fat pepper dip I get at Whole Foods that was suggested on another thead. I also do that with whole wheat small pitas - sometimes I'll do a snack of them with a few tblsp. of the dip.

When I get sick of salads, I do the stir fry, or vice versa. I also switch around - breakfast, dinner, then lunch and dessert bars. After a couple of weeks you'll find what is best for you. I start eating late and end late, 'cause my downfall is at night. Good luck! Nutrisystem is the best!.

Comment #10

NS sells a cookbook via a la carte (click on SHOP, then look under MIND AND BODY WELLNESS). Make one meal that you and your family or guests can share..


Comment #11

I don't cook either. I limit my additions to vegetables, laughing cow cheese, parmesan cheese and little bacon bits. (25cal). It's amazing how so little can change something..

Comment #12

Tracking on shipment has estimated delivery as NEXT Thursday! That's 11 days after I ordered it. I was really hoping it would come sooner than that so that we'd have more time to be on the plan before having to go to my in-laws for the weekend. That's going to be a hard trip.....the whole family is going to....are you ready for this??...........a fish fry!! AHHHHHH!.

Comment #13

I cannot believe how quickly my food arrived, since I live in Arizona. But they have a distribution center in Sparks, Nevada, so they may have more dc's in the US..

Comment #14

I think most of the entrees are just fine as is, but sometimes I get a wild hair, and since I love Iron Chef and Top Chef, I feel like creating something. I don't do it all the time...but tonight I made something so good. I just improved upon the Pasta Fagioli cause I like it anyway. I sauteed some onions and canned mushrooms (rinsed off) and chopped bottled garlic in a tsp of olive oil til the onions were pretty tender. Then opened the Pasta Fagioli, poured into the pan, added a splash or two of my new miracle condiment, balsamic vinegar, and cooked til hot. WOWit really punched up the flavor of the entree! Actually the balsamic vinegar works great with all the tomato-based dishes and it's so easy to just splash some in a pan!.

Comment #15

I received my first order today. I plan to take tomorrow to really read through everything, then hit the grocery store on Saturday. I've been "lurking" on the Discussion Boards for a couple of weeks trying to decide whether or not to try NS. There is so much information out there that it can be kind of overwhelming. What's 1 tip that you (anyone) can think of that will help me with picking the best options at the grocery store for my add-ins?!.

Comment #16

My go-tos for protein are: eggs, white meat turkey dogs, light string cheese, and sliced chicken lunch meat (boars head blazing buffalo is my fave) .

Fruits are just seasonal and I keep V8 at work in case I need a veggie in a pinch. I buy the prechopped onions, celery, peppers from the produce section and will stir fry in with entrees.. I also keep rotel and cilantro on hand for an easy add in..

Comment #17

I am just 4 weeks into the program and this is what I am doing.I have yogurt for my morning dairy/protein and add blueberries or strawberries to it. I get the light and it should be no more than 100 calories, no more than 3 grams of fat and at least 7 grams of protein. It also makes a nice snack for the afternoon. Then I add 1 oz. of low calorie string cheese, deli turkey or ham to my salads for another protein. This week I steamed some stir fry veggies and added them to my pasta meals for dinner and they were great. Good luck to you!.

Comment #18

I remember being so excited. And my 4th shipment will be her the end of next week and I will open it like a present just like the others. I'm down 20 and my hubby is down 26. In the beginning lots of vegetables but now I don't seem to need as much. Just get the board munchies or heavy social eating problems now. Diets are never easy they are changing the way you are but Nutrisystem makes it simple..

Comment #19

My food will be delivered FRiday.......... wooooooooooooo hooooooo, didn't take long at all, less then a week from ordering..........

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