GoDaddy review : Recommend I pick GoDaddy?? One of my .mobi domain is TM by a Bank in the USA

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I have a domain name which is trade marked by a bank in the USA under banking related services.I am using my domain for chatting,sms,friendship and ringtones I safe?are they going to grab my name?..

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Banks have, well, a lot of money. So if you are infringing on their property, then they will come after you. With that said, I'm sure which bank it is will make a difference. If you registered and made the site you are talking about, I think you'd have a better chance of keeping the name than if you registered or Best of luck!..

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Similar issue different type of business, Had a 4letter, which abbrivated was some company down south, they mailed me with all the legal blah, in the end they never were successful at "taking" the domain from me due to the fact that it had been up for more than a year and developed with no intentions on ever crossing paths with anything to do with what this business deals/sells with. Id suggest just carry on with what plans you may have...

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Thank you for your advice.The domain is the name of services the Bank offers.I even discovered that another bank uses the same to communicate with customers...

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If it's a bank's TM, they will come after you (Just check the long, long list of bankofamerica and wachovia and other UDRP's).

First, because they feel that their business is tied to their identity, as very little else truly distinguishes them from the competition. Secondly, because it's good public policy to not let the consumer be fooled into thinking a site/domain legitimately belongs to their financial institution.


Comment #4

Just develop it and do not accept any offers or give any offers to sell the domain.

You need to make sure that you never give a company an excuse to take away one of your domains.

- Luke..

Comment #5

Good advice. I had a pile of my "generic" names parked with my registrar,,, doing nothing,, and I get a threatening letter from a company that shares one of the names. I have a right to the name, but the registrar's parking page had a BUNCH of links to competitors of the guys complaining. THAT was an issue I could live without. They contended that I was "adversely affecting their brand". All of my domains are now pointed at my soon to be site,,,, over a thousand hits a day because of it, and no content,,, yet...

Comment #6

Edward - is the domain just a portal? if so, tn you are not using the domain adn have not established rights to it. So if challenged, this will be brought out.

Pasha -You do not have the right to a domain if it contains a TM that you do not own or have the authority to use use. Additionally, if you were contacted about a parked domain and the links were competing or offered The TM services, then it does not matter what you do from this point forward, you hve used it in bad faith and I bet there are screenshots showing the actual use of he domain (IE- showing of bad faith)...

Comment #7

One could argue that the registrant has no control of what ads appear on a default registrar parking page... I don't think it shows bad faith on the registrants part, because he didn't do it. Its just a default setting when you register a domain and usually the actual registrar is the one making money from the ads. Who knows...

Comment #8

One could show that you have extensive knowledge of the internet and are well versed in the ways of using adsense, PPC, et al and know well enough the domain is being used in bad faith. It would also be said that you chose to use the domain that way and created unfair competition against the TM holder......

Comment #9

I dont know, it seems to me that the whole point of UDRPs and the like is so a company has a venue for resolution when someone is trying to profit off of their TM. If the registrant isn't profiting in any way, I don't see how bad faith can be established. I've registered domains in the past and just let them sit on the default parking setting until I figure out what I want to do with them. This is especially true if I plan to develop it, because there probably isn't any natural traffic which would make it worth the effort of changing the NS and then adding it to my Sedo account. Going on the premise the domain is generic, I just don't see how merely registering the name and leaving it in it's default settings constitutes bad faith.

Either way, it doesn't really matter if your right or wrong, you may still be called to defend it in the end and may have to pay greatly to do so...

Comment #10

Banks are particularly wary now of sites that could potentially fool their customers into phishing, pharming, and ID theft tactics. By developing or customizing parking pages to be something totally different than what they do or look like could go a long way to protecting yourself from them worrying about you as a threat...

Comment #11

I had to pack at sedo under cellphones for sale but I am now developing it into a mobile social network and free email services...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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