One more question - D50 or D70
Alright gang, so far your responses have been woderful and I am about to buy my first DSLR today (hopefully). Anyone want to weight in on why I should buy a D50 over D70 or vice-versa? I became interested in the D70 because of the 28-200 lense (but I'm sure I can get the same lense for the D50), read the reviews and side by side, they look almost identical except for fps, size, lcd and media, but I wanted to check with those who are wiser before making a purchse,.


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Check out Thom's revue.


Chris Elliott.

*Nikon* D Eighty + Fifty - Other equipment in Profile.


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Digital cameras, like digital televisions, get better and cost less with every new model..

Are you saving enough money to justify anything so old?.


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I've been on the fence with the new/used argument. Right now I'm comparing used D50's with 2 lenses vs. the D40 with 2 lenses. I have taken the 40X off the table beause I really don't need the 10MP capability and price is definitel a factor. We have a good point and shoot, so the drivers for this are rapid shots, great close-ups and long zoom - all for my kids sports..

Right now I'm really between a used D50 with 2 lenses vs a used D40 with 2 lenses or a new D40 with 2 lenses. Based on price, it's really a race between the used D50 and the new D40 with a price differenence of about $150. My biggest hang-up seems to be that I like the lense that comes with the D50 because I get a bit more zoom than the D40 and it seems like the D50 gives me more lense choices in the future..

The D70 came up because it seemed to be very similar to the D50 without much of a price increase. I was also interested because the D80 is the D40's big brother and the D70 is the precursor to the D80, so I figured it was a better camera. However, based on my research - I'm kinda leaning towards the D50, but wanted to sanity check that lean..

Warranty and software are also factors that I'm considering heavily. My thought is that if I do buy a used camera, I will probably try to buy a warranty just to be safe. This is my first voyage into the wide world of DSLR, so I'm trying to make it a good one (thus all my questions)..


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Nikon embeds the number of shutter actuations in the exif data of each photo. You can read that with a program like the (free) Opanda Iexif..

You might want to see if you can get hold of a photo from the camera you are thinking of buying used to make sure it doesn't already have 20 or 30 thousand shutter actuations. The cameras you are looking at have been around for a number of years and shutters do fail,.

Stu - Camera User (see profile for gear)http://www.DigitalPhotoPeople.com


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Just bought a used d70 (19k actuations) in september as back up for my d70 for a wedding. got it with a two year mack warranty ($30 extra). my other d70 has 33k actuations after 3 years. I have not slowed down yet so the new (used) d70 will get up there in a year. but I have a back up if something happens in a middle of a shoot...

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The D70 is much betetr built than the entry-level D50. Should last longer and be more rugged. Controls nicer too although picture quality similar Exposure prob. better on D 70 too and you can update the D70 firmware to almost D70s level without charge.good luck!Jeff K..

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The newer kit lenses on the D40 are better.It's less of a risk ( warranty ) and the same sensor.It has better features in some ways..

The D50's only real advantage is that it has a built in motor for AF on some older lenses. Is that really something you need ? I think this is your defining question..

( and, cough, the K100D has the same sensor as the D40 and D50. Sorry - obliged to say it  ) ..


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Jeff Kerridge wrote:.

HiThe D70 is much betetr built than the entry-level D50. Should lastlonger and be more rugged..

What is your source for this comment? I can see no mention of any difference in build quality in any review I have read. Nor am I aware of anecdotal evidence about any weaknesses in the physical build of the D50..

On the contrary the D50 seems to me to be a classic. Sure the D70 has more features but the D50 edges it on IQ quality (maybe only because it is newer). There never has been a firmware update for the D50. It is one of the few cameras that any mfr seems to have got absolutely right from day one. That is becoming increasingly rare! Most other mfrs seems to use the paying public these days to beta test the first few thousand of it's new model. And Nikon certainly seems to be doing that with Capture NX!.

Chris Elliott.

*Nikon* D Eighty + Fifty - Other equipment in Profile.


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