One Dead Nikon D70
My D70, bought in april 2004 has died. Searching through archived forums I came across the Blinking Green Light of Death (BGLOD) which describes the symptoms exactly. Nikon (UK) currently have the camera in for examination and want to charge me 400 dollars to replace "Digital Board". I hang my head in shame that I don't even know what a digital board is :o) Can anyone advise me where I stand on this - is it too late to reference the Nikon Advisory notice? Should I bother having it repaired - cut my losses and go for another? Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Why not chance your arm as they say and try and use the advisory note. All they can say is no..

Your definitely out of service contract?.

Make a choice of repair or buy new after your reply..

If you need a new one why not the D80. Your lens will work with that so buy body only..


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I would definately by the D80 if you choose to buy a new camera. I would definately write Nikon also... It Cant Hurt..

In my opinion, repairing it will open you to possible new problems, as with most major services, and usually problems unrelated to whats being fixed can occur and may not be covered under the service warranty. If for whatever reason you get your D70 repaired, be sure to understand how long nikon will guarantee their work..

Buying a NEW DSLR with come with a 1 year Warranty... and even open the opportunity for buying an expanded, or extended plan too..

Hope my 2 cents helps!~ The Real dj Tru ~.

'Image quality is not the product of the machine, but of the person who directs the machine.' - Ansel A...

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Interesting how many images your camera produced? Did you do many long exposure shots, or burst photography in continuous shoting mode?.

Digital Board sounds like "Mother board/processor in PC"..

Interesting that it gave up before shutter mechanism..

Any errors prior final breackdown?.


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Many thanks for the responses so far - all very helpful. The camera is out of warranty and thus I will try the advisory notice route with them when they open again for business tomorrow..

In answer to Stan_P's questions, believe it or not the camera had barely been used and only in automatic function. Shortly after buying the camera there was a bit of a family tradgedy and life as we know it had stopped for over three years :o(.

Only in the last few months was it out of it's box again. symptoms in it's death throes were massive over-exposure of shots (in auto mode) and finally the blinking green light and none-operation despite new battery, memory card etc..

I've emailed the repairer to ask exactly what they mean by digital board as indeed, it sounded like some processor. I was seeking advice to be fore-armed when I get to speak to them tomorrow - so at least I sounded as if I knew what I was speaking about !!! Thanks guys....

Stan_P wrote:.

Interesting how many images your camera produced? Did you do manylong exposure shots, or burst photography in continuous shoting mode?.

Digital Board sounds like "Mother board/processor in PC"..

Interesting that it gave up before shutter mechanism..

Any errors prior final breackdown?.


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Nikon will repair the camera for free. The BGLOD is a known problem. Make sure you are dealing with Nikon direct..



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This is a known fault and they have been fixing cameras at no charge..

You can post this at the Nikon D70/80 forum as well for advise from those who have had the repair even way out of warranty.A picture is the expression of an impression.If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?Ernst Haas..

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Ok, again, many thanks for helpful responses. I've been in touch with Nikon support and becasue my camera is at a "recommended" repairer rather than their head office they can't discuss the fault with the technician directly. So I have to act as go between..

Meanwhile I had an email from the repairer this morning stating:.

"We know of the problem posted on the website  unfortunately this is not the problem you have with your camera, the circuit board we are replacing is located at the base of your camera and the notice is for a repair to the top cover section of your camera  so the fault you have on your camera and the website notice are unrelated".

I'm really confused by this as the symptoms my camera had were exactly as stated in BGLOD. But if they say it is un-related, then shuold I pay up the 400 dollars for this repair?.

Grateful for any suggestions about what I should do next - anyone??..

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Now they've stated it is a different malfunction you'd need to think up a logical reason to get the camera back from your repairer and send it to Nikon, and that risks opening a real can of worms. Neither will want to be contradicted..

Check out the going price for a good condition D70 body of the same age as yours on Ebay and see if it is economic to repair it and then sell it on. That way you might get something towards a new D80. Otherwise cut your losses and get the D80 body anyway..

John.Please visit me at:

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Thanks John, I've checked out Ebay and D70 body-only going for around 200 which is the cost of the repair. So guess I will have to cut my losses.Bit jaded now about going for another Nikon so will have to mull it over......

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Don't get turned off of Nikon because of that camera issue also don't presume that the camera repair shop you're dealing with diagnosed the problem accurately. Given the prices of current Nikon DSLRs, it doesn't make sense to pay to repair yours, but if Nikon UK gave you a second opinion that it WAS really BGLOD, you could get that camera back in working order..

'Nice pen, bet you write good stories with it.'..

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Don't toss Nikon out just because of this; every manufacturer will have their problems. At a similar level there is the Canon 40D which has the benefit of live preview LCD, but don't you feel happy enough with your Nikon lenses - the real investment in a system?.

John.Please visit me at:

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